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Greek Uppercut

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This is basically where the last chapter left off. Greek uppercut means butt sex.

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"What the fuck?" Kenny yelled looking at the whip.
"Oh, yes," Eric said.
"HELP!!!!" Kenny screamed desperatly as he was being pushed on to Eric's bed and hand cuffed to the bed post.
"What did Kyle tell you at lunch?" Cartman asked persistantly.
Kenny screamed and Eric pulled off Kenny's pants then slowly unzipped his jacket. "OH, GOD!!!!" he screamed. The next thing he knew his shirt was ripped open and he felt sharp stinging in his chest, he looked down his whole upper body was bright red and looked like his skin was about to catch fire from the glowing burn.
"Just tell me, Kenny." Kenny couldn't help but regret being so loyal and wanting sex so bad, still he took his punishment even if it hurt like hell. Kenny kept his face up trying to avoid looking at his chest and yet finding it difficult to keep his eyes closed while being hit so sharply until he was hit so hard he knew he had to be bleeding and the blood hit his face from the intensity of the whip. As he looked down Eric began to laugh a little. Eric got sick pleasures from this. Then he began to frown as he noticed even after all that Kenny was to good of a friend to rat out Stan and Kyle. That's when Kenny got really scared because, that's when Eric unbuttoned his own pants. Kenny's shreaks where now louder than ever, the fact that Cartman hadn't thought of gaging him now brought him hope and joy, mabey if he could yell loud enough someone, anyone might hear him. "I'M BEING RAPED!!!!" Kenny yelled this wasn't entirely true but it was about to be.
Kenny and Eric both breathed heavily as the door knocked "Hon," came the soft voice of Cartman's crack whore mother. Eric buttoned up his pants and opened th door closing it behind him quickly as possable so she wouldn't see anything suspicious. "Eric what were you doing in there?" she asked.
"Uh...." Eric thought of the most convincin lie possable, "studying for a math test with Kyenny."
"Well, it's getting late, I'm sure Kenny's parent's are worried about him."
"Moooom Kenny's parents are alchohalic retards who don't care about hiiiiim." In the end for the first time in a long time he listened to his mother, though that may have been because now it would be less enjoyable for him. What ever the reason may have been when he walked it to his room he unlocked Kenny's hand cuffs. Kenny zipped up his jacket and pulled up his pants and tried to look like his best friend hadn't tried to rape him. No words were said after that for a while.
"Uh.... Kyenny sorry about that," Cartman began, "it's really no big deal it's just like if I sag taged you or-or butt raped you-"
"Butt raped me!?!?"
"No, I didn't mean to say that what I meant to say was tea-bagged you."
Kenny grabbed his backpack and left Eric sitting and feeling very akward. As he walked home in the snow he unzipped his jacket just to see how bad the marks really were, blood was still trickling down in little drops that painted the other wise pure white snow. He sat in the snow, the cold felt good after being so paniced. He took his jacket off and made it comfartable to lay on, he knew he wasn't ready to go home hust yet, that much was certain other wise he would be home by now. You would never see anything as peaceful as him even after all he had been through that day, just to see such a sweet boy half-sleeping and you could tell that he was confused and tired. He was so tired it only took about a minuate for him to fall asleep out in the snow. Kenny had a wonderful dream just like he deserved to, a dream of a brighter day, a dream of this hellish winter finally ending, a dream of all the suffering to disappear, a dream of the world's best orgy. Seeing as how Kenny was bisexual and had known (and owned up to it) since he was 10 it was a dream of Wendy, Bebe, Craig and those guys, Ike (even though Ike was 8 and Kenny was 13), Kyle, Stan, Red, Powder, Butters, and frighteningly enough Cartman. Those weren't the only ones just the ones that stood out the most to Kenny. Then Cartman ruined the happiest booty call ever. Kenny laughed at this just because it was like Eric to do something like that. Then Kenny realized he couldn't make any noise when everyone ignored when he yelled to shove a soda can up Bebe's vagina. He started to panic and couldn't wake up even though he knew it was only a dream.
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