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Chapter 2

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Ponyboy walked into the kitchen and got a glass of chocolate milk and just stood there, drinking it while watching the clock. Suddenly, there was a bang on the front door and a husky voice yelled out;

"Ponyboy Curtis! You owe me money! Open this damn door up or I'll break it down!"

Pony rolled his eyes.

"Keith Matthews, quit foolin' around 'less you wanna personally meet my fist!" Pony called out recognizing Two-Bit's voice.

Two-Bit threw open the door, walked into the house and let the door swing shut behind him with a loud thud.

"Ain't nobody around here calls me by that name and gets away with it!" Two-Bit scowled.

Pony grinned amusedly.

"Oh really? And just what exactly are you plannin' to do about it?" He asked menacingly.

Two-Bit then lunged at Ponyboy and grabbed him in a headlock.

"Nobody calls me by that name!"

Twisting out of his grip, Pony then took what was left of his milk and threw it right into Two-Bit's face. He then started laughing at the look of shock Two-Bit's face now displayed.

Two-Bit picked up a nearby towel and wiped his face before glaring at the younger greaser.

"Now you're dead."

He then tackled Ponyboy to the floor and the two of them started wrestling.
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