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Chapter 5

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Once the four boys had gotten popcorn they walked in and taken their seats, Ponyboy started to shovel the popcorn into his mouth.

“Geez Pony, don’t forget to breath!” Sodapop rolled his eyes

“Save some for the main feature.” Two-Bit added, then started to fiddle with his coat. "Who wants a drink?" And with that, Two-Bit pulled several bottles of beer from his coat and started to pass them down the line.

“I can’t believe you snuck those in here,” Steve said while taking his, trying to keep his voice down.

“Oh come on, I do it all the time. The ushers are too stupid to notice.” Two-Bit responded while handing one to Ponyboy.

"Don't give my little brother a beer!" Soda said, trying to grab the bottle out of Ponyboy's hand.

"Oh come on, don't be a spoil sport," Pony groaned, trying to hold on to it.

Sodapop pulled the bottle out of Ponyboy's hands.


He then thrusted the bottle back at Two-Bit. Just then there was the sound of a bottle hitting the floor and rolling away.

“Damn! My beer!” Two-Bit growled.

“That will go all the way to the front bro, you’d better go and catch it.” Smirked Steve.

Two-Bit stood up and pushed past Pony and Soda, then he trudged down to the screen. After fumbling around in the dark for a while he came upon what he was looking for.

“Got it!” He yelled holding up the bottle for all to see.

Ponyboy shook his head and sank lower in his seat. Two-Bit pushed back past the others and sat down.

“You’d better not open that.” Steve announced. “It will spray everywhere.”

“Thank you Steve, I do live in the real world!”

At that moment Ponyboy exploded into fits of laughter. Two-Bit glared at him, an evil thought passed through his mind, reflecting in his evil smile. He carefully uncapped the bottle using his teeth, placing his thumb over the top he pointed it in Pony’s direction and gave it a little shake.

“Aaahhggg!” Ponyboy squealed as he bent forward to protect his popcorn.

“Two-Bit!" Soda growled, “You’re getting me!”

“Collateral damage! I can’t help it if civilians get caught in the crossfire.” Two-Bit sniggered; he bent forward to look at the now sodden Pony.

“How’s that for payback, horse boy?”

“Horse Boy?”

Ponyboy jumped up from his seat and made a grab for the beer. “You’re a dead man, Keith!”

“I told you not to call me that!” Two-Bit pulled the beer out of Soda's reach and also stood up. "Only my mother calls me Keith!" Two-Bit emptied the rest of the beer from the bottle on to Pony's head.

Pony shook his head, trying to shake the beer off as it ran down his face, in to his eyes and mouth and dripped off his nose and chin. He wiped a sleeveless arm across his face and stared at Two-Bit.

“Alright, how does ‘Jackass’ sound to you?”

Steve started laughing but Soda frowned with disapproval of his little brother’s laungage.

Ponyboy then reached a hand back and snatched the bottle Steve was drinking from.

"Hey!" Steve protested, but didn't follow through on any actions as he saw what the younger greaser was doing.

Pony grabbed hold of Two-Bit by the top of his jeans and emptied the contents of the bottle down Two-Bit's pants.

Two-Bit stood in shock as he watched a huge dark patch forming across the front of his jeans. He slowly looked up at Pony who was smirking at him.
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