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Chapter 6

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Two-Bit lunged at Ponyboy, laughing, scrambling over Sodapop, and knocked Pony on to Steve.
The pair fell to the ground, laughing and wrestling. Steve lifted his feet and propped them on Pony's now empty seat. Soda moved over in to Two-Bit's seat, torn between watching the movie that had started and watching the two boys play fighting.

Ponyboy and Two-Bit were now rolling around in the aisle as others in the seats were now watching them. They kept rolling until Ponyboy was pinned under Two-Bit. He grabbed a hold of a boy's popcorn container.

"Hey that's my popcorn!" The boy yelled but was ignored.

Two-Bit grinned down at Pony and dumped the whole container over his head and, then started shoving popcorn down his shirt.

“Face it Pony, you’ve lost.” Two-Bit said, smirking at Ponyboy as he squirmed under him.

"Soda help out!" He yelled. Sodapop got up and ran towards them only to get tripped by Steve. He stumbled forward and landed face first in a girls lap. The girl screamed as Soda quickly lifted his head up, his face now bright red with embarrassment.

“Sorry.” He said before pouncing on Steve and dragging him to the floor.

Only a few seconds later a bright light interrupted the fight.

The boys looked up to see an old grey haired man holding a flashlight.

"I’m afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave.”

They were taken to stand in the foyer while the manager ranted at them about their immature behavior.

Steve stood looking at the ground, wishing to would open up and swallow him. Two-Bit was trying to stifle a snigger, the manager looked like he was ready to explode at any minute. Ponyboy was fiddling with a loose tread on his jacket.

The manager stopped ranting and rubbed his temples. “I have had enough of you kids causing trouble in my theater.”

Two ushers escorted the group out of the building. “Well that was fun!” Ponyboy groaned looking in Two-Bit’s direction.

“Hey, it’s not my fault!”

“So what are we going to do now?” Soda asked.

“Well I’m not spending the rest of the evening bumming around the streets, that’s for sure.” Steve huffed leaning back against the movie theater wall.

“We could go to Dairy Queen and cause trouble there.” Two-Bit offered.
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