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Chapter 7

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The four boys looked at each other before Sodapop’s stomach growled.

“My stomach thinks that’s a good idea.

Steve rolled his eyes as the group moved ahead. Pony smiled. He was having the most fun he had had since Johnny and Dally died. When they finally arrived, Pony stopped and looked back at them all before going in.

“Everyone please try to act normal.”

“Yeah.” Soda agreed as he looked back at Two-Bit.

When they walked in and got a seat at a booth, a waitress came to take their order. Soda got some fries and Ponyboy got a chocolate milkshake. Everything was going smoothly so far, but it wasn’t long before Two-Bit started causing trouble.

He started out by hitting on the girl behind the counter and trying to get free food, then he somehow managed to squirt tomato sauce all over the table.

"Bright move." Steve complained.

Two-Bit looked at Steve and squirt him with tomato sauce.

Steve grabbed the mustard and squirted it at Two-Bit. Soda spontaneously whisked Pony's milkshake away and threw it over the other three.

Ponyboy ducked as the contents of the milkshake came at him, unfortunately Steve and Two-Bit weren’t as lucky as it splashed on the shirts.

Soda began to laugh, but Pony glared at him for wasting his drink so he picked up the mustard bottle and squirted it on Soda’s jeans, leaving a yellow stain, then squirted him right between the eyes.

Pony busted out laughing when Soda started at him in shock.

Meanwhile Steve kept trying to separate himself from Two-Bit, but everything he tried to get up, Two-Bit grabbed his ankle and pulled him back down and continued trying to spray him with the tomato sauce.

Fed up, Steve grabbed a plastic knife and mayonnaise of the counter.

“Alright, if this is how you want to play…”

Steve dripped the plastic knife in mayonnaise and bent forward towards Two-Bit. He spread the mayo down one side of his face. Two-Bit let out a very un-manly squeak.

Since they were the only ones there, the employees behind the counter only watched in amusement, not even bothering to break it up.

“Pony help out!” Two-Bit shouted, trying to get out of Steve’s headlock.

Ponyboy rolled his eyes and got out of his seat.

“Oh no you don’t!” Soda shouted and jumped up, tackling Ponyboy to the ground.
Steve continued spraying Two-Bit with the mustard bottle until it was empty.

By then Two-Bit’s shirt, and hair were covered with the yellow goop.

Steve then threw the empty bottle at Two-Bit’s head, that bounced off wonderfully.

“God damn it!” He yelled. “That hurt!”

“Good,” Steve grinned.

“It really hurt!”

“I’m glad.”

Steve’s eyes then widened when Two-Bit grabbed the chocolate sauce off one of the tables and launched himself at Steve.

Steve tried to get up and run, but he tripped over Sodapop and Ponyboy were having there own wrestling match on the floor, covering each other in god knows what.

Two-Bit sat on Steve’s waist, pinning him to the floor and starting pouring the chocolate sauce over his face. Steve growled and cussed up at Two-Bit as he began running his hands over his face, spreading it everywhere and running his fingers through his hair.

“What the hell is going on here!”

All four of them stopped to see an angry middle aged man jump up over the counter.

“Why aren’t any of you doing anything about this?” He said, referring to the employees. The four of them assumed he was the manager and they got to their feet.

“What have you got to say about this?”

They all started talking at once, blaming each other.

“Well, you know what? You all are going to clean this place spotless!” The manager then turned to get mops for them all.

As soon as the manager turned and began walking towards the back, Sodapop, Ponyboy, Two-Bit, and Steve all ran for their lives, running out the front door as fast as possible.

"Hey, come back here!" They overheard the manager yell but they kept running.

They didn't stop until they reached the vacant lot.
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