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Chapter 8

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"Well...this has been a fun night," Steve muttered sarcastically while trying to catch his breath.

Pony didn't say anything, but this was the most fun he's had in a while.

"So what now? Do we just go back to our house?" Sodapop asked.

"Hell no man! The night is still young!" Two-Bit grinned.

"Two-Bit, in case you haven't noticed we're running out of places to hang out!"

"There's still The Dingo, and the bowling alley," Pony spoke up, not wanting the fun to end.

"Alright...but first we need to get this crap off. I'm not walking into anyplace looking like this," Steve said, his face and hair covered in chocolate sause.

The four of them walked to the fountain and began washing their faces and hair, getting all the stuff that was left over from their food fight out.

Ponyboy looked around nervously as the others were still cleaning themselves. This was were Johnny had to kill Bob Sheldon.

"Alright we ready to go?" Two-Bit's voice cut into Pony's thoughts.

"Now where?" Steve asked.

They had already been kicked out of the Nightly Double and Dairy Queen, so they began walking in direction of the bowling alley.

"How are we going to pay? I don't have any money left." Pony asked, ruining the mood.

"I guess you don't get to play then!" Steve teased.

"Who said anything about paying?" Two-Bit asked.

"Cheap bum." Pony muttered.

They entered the bowling alley and waited near a lane where a group of neatly dressed socs were playing.

After watching for a few moments, they approached the lane.

Steve picked up a bowling ball and pushed a soc out of the way, throwing the ball down the lane towards the skittles.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" The soc protested.

"Bowling. What do you think I'm doing?" Steve replied, picking up another ball.

Soda pushed past the soc and stared at him as he passed. Two-Bit sat on one of the seats next to a soc. Pony was a little nervous but sat next to Two-Bit.

"Get off our lane." A second soc spoke up.

"Your lane?" Steve asked. He glanced around the floor. "I don't see your name written on it."

"We paid for the use of this lane." The second soc said. "By the looks of you, you guys couldn’t afford to pay for your own lane.”

“Hey, watch your mouth.” Soda warned.

The socs looked between themselves.

"If you don't leave we'll have to call the manager." The first soc said.

"I'm real scared now." Steve laughed.

"Why don't you be nice little boys and run home to your parents." Soda waved a hand at them.

"Why don't you go home to your parents?" One of the socs said. "Oh, wait, I forgot... You haven't got any!"

Out of no where, Ponyboy leapt up and smacked the soc in the face, bloodying his nose. Soda, Steve and Two-Bit stared at Pony in disbelief, then began fighting with a soc each.
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