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Chapter 9

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It wasn't too long before the manager appeared with a few employees that struggled to separate the brawling groups.

"Just what is going on here?" The manager demanded.

"We were bowling and these guys decided to come over and insult us." Pony lied.

Again, Soda, Steve and Two-Bit stared at Pony in disbelief, then they all agreed with him in unison.

"That's a load of crap!" One of the socs piped up. "We were here first!"

"Yeah? Then why are our names on the scoreboard?" Two-Bit asked.

Everyone glanced up at the scoreboard, and sure enough, their names were up there. Soda and Steve then showed the manager their driver’s licenses, confirming their names.

"All right, then that settles it then. You guys are out of here," The manger said to the group of socs.

"What? You're kicking us out over these pieces of street trash? I'm telling you we paid for this!" One of the socs yelled.

"You can either leave calmly or I'll call security," the manager said.

The socs all looked at each other.

"Fine," one grumbled in disgust and made his way to the exit. The others followed suit.

"I'm sorry about this, the next time you come here, the game is on us," the manger said and then walked away.

"Did you hear that?" Two-Bit said and grinned at the others.

"Yeah, we finally didn't get kicked out of a place." Steve responded.

"How did you do that?" Pony asked.

"I entered our names when they weren't looking," Two-Bit grinned.

"You know, usually I think of you as a jackass Two-Bit, but I have to admit that was brilliant." Steve said.

"I have my moments."

For the first game, Soda and Pony went up against Two-Bit and Steve and beat them easily, Ponyboy knocking down all the pins every time he bowled.
When the game ended, Soda looked over at the clock on the wall.

"It's getting late guys, I think Pony and I should be getting home."

"Oh, come on. One more and Steve got to get a chance to get even." Two-Bit said.
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