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Chapter 11

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Once outside, Pony, Steve, Soda and Two-Bit burst into fits of laughter.

"I don't think we'll ever be allowed to hang out any where in this town again." Soda laughed.

"Oh well, this town's boring anyway." Two-Bit said.

"Yeah." Soda sighed. "We really better get home now, Ponyboy." Soda said as he looked up in to the sky and saw that it was dark.

After saying their goodbyes to Two-Bit and Steve, Sodapop and Ponyboy made their way back home.

“I had a lot of fun tonight Soda,” Ponyboy said.

“I’m glad little buddy, just don’t tell Darry we pretty much got kicked out of everyplace in town.”

“I won’t.”

As soon as the two brothers reached their house and walked in the front door, Darry jumped up from the recliner when Soda and Pony entered the house.

“Where the heck have you two been?” He asked, trying not to loose his temper.

“Relax, Darry. It’s just a little past ten. I was with Pony all night,” Soda explained.

“Oh, that makes me feel better.”

Darry then looked closer at the two of them. Soda had a long, bright yellow stain on his jeans and Ponyboy black shirt had, what looked like white powder on it. He walked closer and sniffed.

“Have you two been drinking?” He asked, shocked.

“Oh no,” Pony said to himself.

Soda looked over at Pony and then remembered.

“No, we didn’t have anything to drink, it’s well…kind of a long story.”

“I’m listening,” Darry responded.

Soda sighed.

“Well, we went to the movies with Two-Bit and Steve and we started messing around, Two-Bit ended up poring beer on us.”

“And then we had a little bit of a food fight at Dairy Queen,” Pony spoke up.

“And we ended the night with a game of bowling,” Soda finished.

“Let me guess…You got kicked out of every place,” Darry said.

“No…we didn’t get kicked out of Dairy Queen…we ran out.”

Darry shook his head and sighed.

“What am I going to go with you? You know the social worker would love a reason to try to take you guys away and you do this? Why can’t you guys behave?”

Pony looked down at the floor for a second and then looked back up and couldn’t help notice that Darry looked a little left out. He frowned, Pony wished Darry could have come with them.

“Just get to bed, both of you,” Darry finally said, not in the mood to continue.

After Soda and Pony change for bed and layed down on the mattress, pulling the covers over themselves, Pony turned to Soda.


“For what?”

“For making us stay out all night. If we had come home earlier, we could have changed and Darry would have never known.”

“Don’t worry about kiddo. I liked seeing yon tonight, you’ve had it rough in the past you needed a night like this.”

”Thanks Soda.”

Pony then looked at the door.

“Darry just doesn’t like people having fun!” He then yelled.

“I heard that!” Darry yelled back.
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