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Chapter 12

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The next morning, Ponyboy crept out of bed, practically dragging himself to the bathroom. Everything felt like it took so much effort, from washing his face and greasing his hair to getting dressed.

"Ponyboy?" Soda groaned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes "Why you up so early?" he asked groggily as he sat up.

"It's 9:30 Soda, its not that early."

"9:30? What's today?" Soda asked.

"It's Saturday, why?"

"Good I can sleep in then, don't have work 'til 10:00." Soda said before collapsing back down onto the bed. "Wake me up when Steve's here."

Ponyboy sighed and walked out of the bedroom to the kitchen. There, he saw a note on the table and picked it up to see that it was written by Darry.

Soda, or, Pony,

Pick up milk, bread, sugar, flour, and chocolate milk from store.

I won't be home until late tonight, heat up the leftovers in the fridge when

you get hungry.

Thanks, Darry.

Ponyboy then put the note down and open the fridge to take out the chocolate cake.

"Helllll-oooo!" A voice called. Two-Bit had arrived and popped his head in the door.

"In here!" Pony called "Don't slam the-!"


"Door." Ponyboy grumbled.

"Too late." Two-Bit chuckled, walking into the kitchen. "Hey buddy." He greeted as he walked over and helped himself to a piece of cake.

"Two-Bit, use a plate, you're gettin' crumbs all over the table." Ponyboy said, putting a plate down on the table in front of the greaser.

"Fine." Two-Bit said with a mouth full of cake. As he got a plate the door slammed again, indecating another arrive. Pony stuck his head out of the kitchen to see Steve walk into the living room and sit down on the recliner, picking up a magazine.

"Hey Pony, wake your brother up." He said.


Ponyboy walked into the bedroom and shook his brother's shoulder.

"Soda, get up, Steve's here"

"Five more minutes." Soda groaned, putting the pillow over his head.

"No." Pony chuckled. Finding it funny that his second eldest brother was acting like a seven year old. Not giving up in his attempts, he shook his brother again.

"Four more minutes?" Soda asked, still not moving from his spot.

"No." Ponyboy sighed, shaking his brother harder, now with both hands.

"Three more minutes?"

"Soda, you told me ta wake you up when Steve was here, and he is, so get up." Ponyboy said as he shook his brother harder.

"… Two more minutes?" Soda begged.

"Soda!" Pony exclaimed "C'mon Sodapop, ya gotta get up." Pony said as he shook his brother again.

"No I don't." he mumbled as he stuffed his face deeper into the mattress.


Ponyboy then went to walk out the door, then looked back at Soda on the bed and quickly ran over, jumping on him.

"What the-" Soda began, but then began laughing as Ponyboy started tickling him. "Pony...what the heck are you doing?"

"Payback for all the times you woke me up like this."

"That was differnt." Soda laughed as Ponyboy ran his fingers up and down his sides and into his ribs.

"How so?"

"I'm your older brother!"

Ignoring him, Ponyboy continued tickling Sodapop down his neck, under his shirt, and in his hair.

Hearing the laughter, Steve walked into the room and rolled his eyes when he saw the two of them.

"If you two girls are finished, we've got to get going pretty soon." He said before turning around and heading back to the living room. It was all the distraction Soda needed to grab Pony's shirt and rolling him onto his back so that he was on top.

Soda grinned evilly before putting his hands at Pony's sides and began tickling. Pony started laughing and tried to fight him off but Soda grabbed his hands and knelt on them and continued his attack.

High-pitched laughter once again filled the room as Pony descended into hysterics.

"See what happens when you mess with your older brother?" Soda asked, moving his hands down Pony's stomach, under his arms, around his neck, never letting up for a second.

"Soda!" Steve yelled again.

Soda finally stopped and gave Pony a playful scowl.

"You're lucky I have to go to work now."

And with that, Soda gave Ponyboy a playful slap on the forehead before getting up and heading to the bathroom to change.
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