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Schuldig gives a warning to Hirofumi over dark inclinations towards Tot and Nagi.Disturbing themes in this one.

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Title: Days of the Black Scream
Author: Sybil Rowan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Schuldig gives a warning to Hirofumi over dark inclinations towards Tot and Nagi.
Author’s Notes: This one implies Hirofumi is a sick pervert. Sorry, he struck me as a sick, sick molester of young people. Nothing too graphic, but his thoughts could be disturbing to some, so please keep that in mind before you read.
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.
Beta Reader: My awesome husband WingedPanther73!
Word Count =
October 14, 2010 (11:50am)

hopscotch \HOP-skoch\, verb:
1. To journey quickly and directly from one usually far place to another.
1. A children's game in which a player tosses or kicks an object into one of several numbered sections of a diagram marked on the ground.
1. To move or pass through something, as a geographical area or a field of endeavor, making many brief stops.

Hirofumi leaned over the railing of the atrium so he could watch the girl skipping gleefully around the lobby of his father's building. This is one was off limits to him because she was one of Masafumi's girls. She was dressed in a school uniform with that rabbit clutched in her hand.

When Masafumi had first brought her around to his cabin with the other women for a weekend get-away, she instinctively kept away from him. No matter how hard he tried to get her attention since then, she refused to look his way. She was hopelessly devoted to Masafumi. It only made his desire for her worse each passing day she avoided him, hiding behind Masafumi or those other women.

But now his emotions skipped between anger and desire as she spun around and threw her arms around that schoolboy from the freak show his father kept around. He hated that boy too, but he admitted he could be a delightful morsel to hunt. How could she look at that boy? He couldn't protect her, or cherish her, like him. Jealousy flared hot in his chest.

Then an idea came. He'd take the schoolboy freak out to his cabin, tonight, and hunt him down. He'd hide the body and then... Nanami would be his when she was sobbing over her schoolboy. But Masafumi wouldn't allow it. In spite of his older brother, he was going to do it. He had to have her. Soon.

A bright flash of red caught his eye. Another one from his father's freak show pets appeared beside the teenagers. He threw his arms over their shoulders and flashed a smile up at Hirofumi. A sense of dread washed over his lust.

Words echoed in his head. :If you touch either of these children, you'll die very painfully. We freaks know how to inflict levels of pain you haven't even dreamed of.:

With that, the German freak guided the object of Hirofumi's lust out of the atrium with the schoolboy trailing behind. His emotions jumped to fear and panic as he ran towards the elevator.

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