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coffee rush

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in starbucks... what could possibly go wrong?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-10-15 - Updated: 2010-10-15 - 247 words

We sat down and drank our coffee.
“So boyfriend are we?” he asked.
“Well I don’t know,” I said looking down at my coffee.
“Okay but I just want us to get to know each other,” he said.
“Well what do you want to know?” I asked.
“I don’t know tell me anything you want,” he answered.
“Well, my parents divorced, but my mom was already in a high paying job, but that means more time away from home, my dad, re-married and moved to France. I play guitar and was in a band, but might be going into another one with some old friends, I have never been in a relationship as you know but have slept with girls, but I wish you was my first,” I said.
He held my hand.
“I was your first last night in that way… but you was my first to ever sleep with someone,” he said.
I gently stroked his cheek.
“I love you, I really have never felt this way about anyone before,” I said.
“I love you too,” he said smiling softly.
I looked over his shoulder to see a girl, a girl I knew, well slept with a few months ago at a friends party but was a old friend of mine. She looked at me.
“Frank?” she asked.
She stood up, and then it hit me… she was pregnant.

A/N: You love my little cliff hangers, prepare for more till then comments!
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