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Slug Club

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Another slug club dinner. They're so boring. God the only fun part is wen Trey starts to throw food. Next he's being kicked out which will be funny when he shows up the next time. He's a git but is nice to some. Not me though. But it's whatever.

"So Abby, when did you learn you were the Griffindor heir." I snap back into the coversation. I was sleeping in an unatractive way with one lip up on my palm and the other hanging. "Heh- what?"

"When did you find out you were the Griffindor heir?" He repeated.

"Last year..." My voice traild off.

"And?" He asked.

"That's it I guess..."

"Okay, Helena...." And I blacked out for the rest. There all so dull. They're boring me to death.


My eyes open slowly and sleepishly. A wall sat in front of me. The stone was giving off cold air to my face. It refreshed my as it sank inside my pours. I lie there for a momen then try to rise.

I could possibly. I fell heavily to the ground with not even a second of lift. A group of Slytherin girls walk past a laugh at me. The bitches. One looked back as if she would think about helping but she didn't even stop. I just blow it off.

I start to crawl twords a near by bench. Maybe a little rest will help.....
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