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Love and Heart.

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It's Decemeber now. The snow falls, the cold really sinks in, and dark comes almost 24 hours. Beautiful. It's the day of the Quidditch match where Ron was given "Liqid luck" and won the game. We're at the after party now. He's just been let down from every ones sholders.

He turns to Hermione. They kiss. I don't know what happend but I broke down and left. I ran down through a coridor. I sit on the last step.

"Abby? You down here?" Harry. Hes here to recreat this scean.

"Is this how it feels?" I look a him with watery eyes when he sits next to me. I latch onto his arm and cry into his shirt.

"Is this how what feels?" He asks simply.

"How it feels to love some one and not be able to have them?" He looks at me. "I mean Ginny. I see the way you look at her. Your one of my best friends. I know you." I cry harder.

"It feels like this." He wispers. My heart broke a little bit more. My eyes washed the color out of his sirt but he didn't care. Harry was a good friend. He knew just what to say and how to say it. If I hadn't of met him, I don't know what I would do.

_________________________________The library day__________________________________________

"Hey, I was thinking," Harry began "Since we can't go to the party with whom we really want maybe we could go together. As friendds"

"Yeah. Love to. Better than going with James." I say.

"Will you stop that?" I'm stunned. "He's a good guy and all he wants is you. Now i'm not saying rush into anything. Take your time. Just give him a chance. He'll be twice the boy friend Draco ever was." He looks at me then just walks away. Leaving me in the middle of the library. To sit and to stare and to think.

"YOU JUST GOT TOLD!" Trey leaps out of no where and starts to dance around me. I block him out with out even wanting to. I just keep thinking a staring into space. I want to cry. I refrain. Not now. Not in front of every body. Not in front of my self. With my heart already running on the ground below me, I don't feel like crying right here. Right now.


"Yeah did you hear? Slughorns throwing a party and only his members are invited. They're aloud one gest. I hope one of the guys asks me! I want to go so badly!" I hear a group of Hufflepuffs giggle.

I'm feeling well today so I go over there to speak.

"Hello girls. Do any of you know who Abby Sharp is going with?" I ask the one who said it. She was a blonde and looked at me in disgust.

"Uh, Harry Potter I think." A shiver is sent down me. "And please for every ones sake, take a shower loser" They all laugh at me and walk away.

My heart sinks. Harry? Her best friend Harry? No! She wouldn't. She-she cares too much. Right? Are they lying to me? I make a plan. The night of the party I'll show up and let some one catch me and drag me to slughorn. Hopfuly Abby will see me and I can talk to her then. I only hope she wont make a scene. I just. I just want to talk to her. Maybe hold her hand. Whatever comes first.

I stand out side and watch the sky. Snow looks as if it came out of no where. Not a care in the world where it lands. It doesn't like to be the same, the snow. Each are diffrent. Even one a year ago would never look the same as one now. Non will seem as sweet as a year ago either.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

It was James. He had on his black jacket and his amazing smile. Hands in pockets, he walks over to me.

"Yes. Gorgeous." I smile at him. We are face to face. I never relized how tall he was. He's about a head taller than me.

"It's not the only thing out here that's gorgeous." He looks me. I don't know which eye to look at. The green or the blue. They both capture me.

I allow my self to blush. It makes no diffrence in the cold but i'm sure he spots it. He takes me by the waist. My hands pressed ageinst his chest. His head leans down to kiss me. I lift my head to let him. Allowing my self to be taken. Loved by some one other than Draco.

"No!" I burst. My head goes into his chest and I begin to cry again. "I can't do this. I just can't do this!" I gasp into the night where only us can hear.

"What? Why?" He asks in a gentle voice. No demand. No reason. Just wanting to know.

"I still love him." I wisper.

"What?" asks the same voice.

"I still love him!" My arms went from his chest to his forearm. I grasp it with all I have.

I think he relized something then. He relized he would never have me. Just as a friend.
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