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How I Long

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it's cute and mushy and sad.

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The night of the party. A clear night. A cool night. I had gotten a dress that was just above my knee and a soft pink as a shell. I put two small brades in my hair and tie them in the back. I clicked in my pearl earrings and put blush on. Eye linner and eye shadow followed.

I begin to brush Hermiones hair. Then, a snap. "Ugh. Hermione?" I look down at the brush.


"The brush broke..."

"Damn it! Not another one!" She pryed the broken top out of her hair and gets a new one from the night stand beside her bed. She brushes it her self and gets it done.

"Now that thats over, lets go to the guys." I nod and we move twords the door.

The boys were in tuxes and looked okay. Harry looked amazing. Ron, not so much. But to Hermione, hes the best looking boy there. I can tell be the way shes looking at him. Like how I looked at Draco

Okay it's all set. I'll crash during the middle. Right? Or should I just ask her to come out side so no one will see. Hmmm. That would go smoother and I wouldn't have to get cought. I like that one better. I shall do that!

The partys going well. Harrys being perfect, everyone is happy, and Ron is cracking jokes. They're funny for once. Hermiones On his arm having a great time. I think if how the party is supose to go. I think about how shes hiding and Dumbledore sends his message through Snape.

"Harry Potter, I have a message from Dumbledore." Snape came. Right on que.

"What is it?" He asked quickly. Snape pursed his lips and motioned his finure to follow him. Harry left. Next I was taped on the sholder.

It was Luna. How I love her. I have a friend like her back home. She even as the ratish earrings. "Flitwick would like to see you, Abby. You look very pretty by the way." She smiles softly.

"Thank you Luna. You look pretty too." she wore a green dress that came down to her ankle and had the weirdest neackline. But still very pretty.

"Thank you. Right in the hall then." She point twords the door. I thank her again, why so many time I do not know, and moved to it.

Out there I see no one. I walk out into the hall and still no one.

I watch her come out of the party. The light from it burns. It's too bright. She walks right past me looking for Flitwick. Sadly, hes not here.

Nows Your chance! Go!

I sneack up behind her and twist her around. She looks at me with shock for mere seconds, then starts to struggle. I make my grip slightly tighter and she eventally came to a stop. I look at her. Then, I kiss her. For a moment she did nothing. After that one moment, she started to kiss back. Our hearts beatting. I have missed her so much. Just the feel of her skin gave me energy. The look in her eye said she missed me too and now her actions say it. I can feel her fingures in my hair. How I long for her.

WHen he style changed, I knew it was over. She was abled to pull away. More like hop three feet from me. She looked at me with angry eye. I felt her slap me. I heard her heels leaving. All I could do was touch my cheek and know that her warm hand touched it.
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