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Lovley Quiet

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It happend aain. But this time was worse. I woke up on the 7th floor again. I was sweating and yet still freezing cold. I had a dream that the darkmark was gone and I had Abby back. She's been my life since fourth year and I can't bare losing her. But I don't think she really cares at this point. After our kiss... She was so cold. I can't help if someone else is in her heart.

I go back to the party. My minds a daze. I just need my friends.

I spot Harry. He's talking to Luna. I go over.

"Oh hello Abby. Did you get to Flitwick?" She ask as I walk closer to her.

"Yeah. He jus wanted to tell me that I was doing well and he was proud of me." I'm such a pathetical liar. I really need to stop.... Even though I said that in 8th grade too.

"How great. And watch out for flurs. They're all over tonight." She looks up and starts to follow god knows what.

"So what did Snape tell you?" I ask Harry.

"Dumbledores on a holiday. I wonder why. I'll have to ask Mr. Weasley. And do you want to tell him about Draco or should I?" The sound oof his name makes me shudder. After it I feel sickly and cold.

"I-I don't know. I really don't feel like telling any one else. I only told Hermione and talked about it to you guys. Hermione told Ron then Ron told Ginny so then it tends too spread. I just want it to all end. It sounds horble but I want 7th year to come. I want it so badly." I sound like i'm going to cry. God. I hate this year.

"Why? Why does that sound horible? It's just another year. You should be wanting for the year after." Harry said. Shit. I forgot he didn't know.

"Nevermind.Just, have a good time tonight. I don't feel very well." I leave him there and go to my dorm. It's bliss the quiet you know. No emotions...
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