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Jacob's POV

“Jacob... Jacob, please wake up...?” I heard Nikki's voice. It sounded like it was coming from right beside me. I opened my eyes slowly and smiled when I saw her face.

She sighed, “I thought you were dead...”

I smiled and sat up, “I thought you were dead there for a while, too.”

She laughed, “I guess we're even.”

I nodded, “I guess.” I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her as close to my body as possible, “I promise I won't let anything happen to you ever again.”

“I love you so much...” She whispered.

I nodded, “I love you, too. So much...”

She smiled and I pressed my lips to hers softly. When I pulled away she sighed, “Too bad we'll be here forever...”

I shook my head, “No we won't. I'll figure out how to get out of here.”

She shook her head, “There is no way... The only ways to get out is through the door and through the window.” She sighed, “The door is always locked from the outside and the window is set to an alarm...”

I smiled and pointed to the window, “But it's still open.”

She looked up at the window and gasped, “He forgot to close it...” She turned back and looked at me, smiling.

I stood up and smiled, “If the window is still open that means, either he turned the alarm off, thinking he closed the window, or it's still going off...”

I looked at Nikki and she was listening intently for something. She shook her head and smiled, “I don't hear anything. I think he turned it off...”

I nodded, “See, we are going to get out of here.” I helped her stand up and I pressed my lips to hers once again.

I started looking around the room, “Is there anything in here that we could use to break the window?”

She shrugged, “I don't know. Probably.”

I nodded and continued looking around the room. It only took me a few seconds to spot it, a broken water pipe. I picked it up and turned to Nikki, “We're getting out of here and we're going to go home.”

She smiled and walked over to me. She pressed her lips to mine. When I tried to pull away she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her away from me, “Nikki... Now isn't a good time.”

She blushed, “I know... It's just been a really long time...”

I laughed, “Just wait until we get out of here. Then we can do whatever for as long as you want.”

She smiled and pressed her lips to mine once again. She smiled wider, “Let's get out of here.”
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