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It's not easy being the leader

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dir En Grey, nor do I have any affiliation with them. I'm just a fan who puts them in random situations and calls it art. I hope I have done accurate depictions of each members unique personality. As they are a Japanese band there will be sparse Japanese dialogue, if anyone requires clarification. Message me and I'll be glad to help. - Tokai

Chapter 2

Kaoru rolled over in his bed. Raking his fingers through his hair he squinted at the sun rising outside his window. Rubbing his eyes he glanced at his bedroom door. The light in the living room was still on. This meant one of two things: A) Die and Toshiya were still up or B) they had gotten so fucked up they passed out. Feeling it against his better judgment to go out there immediately, he rose from his bed and opened the door next to the television.

Entering the small bathroom he turned on the shower. After a minute of allowing it to get hot he stripped down and stepped under the water. Still not completely awake he idly washed his hair and after forcing himself to accept the fact that he couldn’t stay in there all day he shut off the water and wrapped a towel around his hips. He dressed quickly and ran a lazy comb through his hair.

He headed into the living room and was surprised to find neither Die nor Toshiya, but upon further investigation of the couch he discovered Kyo asleep and in a rather awkward position. The small vocalist lay with his head next to the arm of the couch with one hand resting just above it, the opposite arm hung off the edge of the cushion. His left leg stretched out in front of him while the right leg was draped over the top of the couch. Kaoru tried to stifle a laugh; sometimes he couldn’t believe the ease with which Kyo could fall asleep and in the oddest of places.

Shuffling into the kitchen he was greeted by Miyu, Shinya’s beloved Chihuahua, who had slipped from her masters room for a drink of water. He gave her a ‘good morning’ pet and scooted her out the door. After a quick breakfast of noodles and fish he decided to rouse the rest of the band. They had preliminary sound check to do this morning and as “Leader” he supposed it was up to him to make sure they got to it on time. But he wasn’t looking forward to Kyo’s wrath upon being awaken from his slumber, previous times had resulted in occasional bouts of violence, honestly he considered himself lucky he didn’t bruise easily.

“Toshiya-San, is your mic alright?”

“Hai! But my amp needs to be a little louder!” Kaoru stood back at the sound booth, he spoke with the tech for a few minutes about some changes that needed to be made and watched a quick preview of the lights to give them his ‘okay’ before he was called to the stage. He did a quick sound check and spoke to Die while Shinya tested his drums. A roadie walked up to the guitarists,

“Excuse me, have you seen Kyo-San? We need him to check his microphone.” Kaoru handed his guitar to the roadie and looked back to Daisuke.

“He’s probably in the green room. I’ll get him.” He walked downstairs and through the main corridor, poking his head into the green room. “Kyo, they need you to check your mic.”

“Hai.” He sighed and put out his cigarette. Kao watched him leave before taking his place on the couch.

He laid down and shut his eyes. The night hadn’t brought much sleep, mostly thanks to Daisuke and Toshiya, but he savored what little time he did get. Though he wished for more his racing mind wouldn’t allow him that courtesy. His rest was disturbed by the sound of the green room door. Opening one eye lazily he saw Toshiya place his sunglasses on the table and sit on the couch adjacent to his own.

“Tired again, huh?” Kao let out a small grunt of confirmation, Toshiya just smiled. “You’ve been like that a lot lately. Daijoobu?”

“I’ll be fine Totchi. It’s probably just a lack of sleep. I’m up half the night listening to you two dumbasses in the other room.” The bassist simply nodded, obviously unable to disagree with his friend’s comment. “So did Daisuke share last night or did he leave you to jack off?” Toshiya let out a short laugh at the unexpected question.

“Eh, he left me.”

“Even though you won?”

“Hai, Shinya was pretty worn out anyway.” Kao smirked.

“I noticed he can’t walk straight today. Lucky he’s a drummer.” Totchi laughed and gave him a questioning look.

“What about you? It’s been a while since you were with anyone. How do you do it? How do you go without it so easily?” Kaoru shrugged.

“I put my work before my pleasure. It’s that simple.” Totchi nodded and as he did Kao was thankful the bassist couldn’t see through his lie. I wish it was as simple as I make it sound. He thought. It had been at least six months since he had been with anyone on a physical level and even longer since he’d been in a relationship…



“Nothing. You just seem really distracted lately.”

“I am… I have a lot on my mind. You know, the usual: new album, tour, that kind of stuff. Just don’t know how to deal with it.”

“We’ll think of something.”
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