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For most people my age, going to the mall with your little brother and his best friend would seem like a drag, but I am the farthest thing from normal, and the two are crazy but a shit load of fun. For an hour I walked behind Frank and Mikey as they raced in and out of stores, gathering just what they needed for their zombie costumes.

When they had finished, Mikey slowing sneaked off to a video game store, and Frank and I slowly made our decent to Victoria’s Secret, once I had promised to buy him cigarettes.

“Gentlemen, may I help you?” The woman behind the service desk asked us as we walked in, narrowing her eyes at us. Well, I suppose we do look suspicious.

“Not really. I need to buy some new bras, that’s all.” I told her, and she gave me a disapproving look.

“Sir, I don’t take kindly to jokes around here, don’t make me get my manager.”

“Listen Lady.” Frank stepped closer to the desk. “My friend Gerard, needs and would like to buy some bras, if that is not evident by his figure, so if you feel the need, please, I’m begging you, go get your manger!”

The woman walked to the back of the store and I just grinned at him.

“That was…….borderline badass.” I told him.

“Thank you Gerard.” He smiled as a younger woman, in her mid twenties walked over to us.

“Hello,” she gave us a small smile. “You will have excuse her.” She glanced back to where the older woman was standing in the back of the store. “It’s quite alright, we do have some transgender customers who come in.”

“Well, I was kinda born like this, not a choice.” I muttered, I wanted to run the fuck out this place, if it wasn’t for the pain my back was giving me, and the need to solve the problem, I just may have.

“Well, I don’t judge sir, do you know your size and measurements?”

“I….I’m not sure…I well-”

“His bras are way too small for him.” Frank blurted out, I wanted to choke him and thank him at the same time.

She nodded, pulling out a little rope measure and handing it to me. “The dressing rooms are in the back. There is a poster in there that will tell you how to measure yourself, then calculate it.”


“Well?” Frank raised his eyebrows in question as I stepped out of the dressing room, after measuring myself.

“40 triple D.” I muttered.

“Reasonable.” He said, pulling me by the hand and dropping the tape measure off at the front desk. “Now, lets find you something…..well, you will need push up bras for sure, no more sports bra shit.” he muttered, dragging me through the store, since when was he a bra expert? In no time he had three over his shoulder, and lead me back to the dressing room, urging me to try them on. I looked at them once I had stepped into the room. One was purely black, the other black with white lace, and the third blood red and violet.

Taking all the little courage I had, I tugged off my sports bra and put on the red and violet bra and nearly gasped in the mirror, it gave me much more shape, not to mention cleavage. I bit my lip as I felt the income of tears. I didn’t want to look like this, I was a …….I’m not even a man or woman, I’m both for fucks sake!

“Gerard?” Frank knocked on the door. “Gerard, are you okay?”

He didn’t give me time to respond, he cracked open the door and slid into the little changing room, locking the door behind himself. I saw him look at me through the mirror, he could truly see me-for the most part now. Tears oozed from eyes.

“Oh, Gerard, don’t cry.” He said softly, and pulled me down to sit next to him on the little bench. “Gerard.” He hooked a finger under my chin forcing me to look up at him. He gently wiped away my tears with his thumbs. “Why are you crying?”

“Because….fuck Frank you have eyes, I’m not supposed to look like this!”

He shook his head. “Yes Gerard, you are meant to be this way, rather you believe it or not.”

“I’m fucking hideous.” I told him.

“Gerard,” He looked deep into my eyes, our noses were practically touching. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you that your beautiful?”

“No.” I whispered, they never told me because I’m not.

“Well, Gerard, you are.” He put his warm hands on my bare shoulders. “Inside and out, and I wouldn’t have you any other way.” he got up and pulled me with him, turning me to face the mirror. “All your life people have told you that you shouldn’t look this way Gerard, but you know what, fuck them. This is the way you are, so embrace it, this is you.”

I stared into the mirror, my hair was slightly messy, I wore black jeans, vans, and I had this bra on, which in fact did look much better then sports bras, and my back was feeling better just by wearing it.

“Beautiful.” he told me. “Now stay there, ill get you a couple more!” and he dashed out of the dressing room.


It was three o’clock when we got home, after stopping to grab some pizza, the boys went to Mikey’s room to assemble their costumes, when the doorbell rang.

“Ray!” I practically shouted before pulling my best friend into the house, I haven’t seen him since I left two months ago.

“Gee!” he laughed giving me a one armed hug. “How are you…..and the girls?” he pointed at my chest.

I laughed. “Can’t complain.” I said. Ray completely accepted me, and I loved the guy like a brother. “So what’s up?”

“Well,” he said. “I can’t stay for long, but there is gonna be a huge party tonight at Matt’s house, you coming?”

“Fuck yeah!” I grinned, “When?”

“Just show up at about seven, it doesn’t end until the last person leaves.”

“Cool.” I said.

Rays phone rang, he pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. “Dude, I gotta make a run to the liquor store, see you tonight?”

3 hours later……………..

“Boys!” Mom was saying. “Come, I want pictures before you leave my house!”

Two zombie boys raced into the dinning room, I had to say, they looked good, and I did their make up. They posed for mom a few times then she looked at me.

“Aww, Mom no please?” I begged.

“Gerard, get in there and pose with them and stand up straight!” she said flatly. So I stood in-between them, and took a few pictures, and then the boys were off.

“So, Mikey told me you and Frank went bra shopping today.” mom said in the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, so? It’s not a big deal, Frank actually helped.”

Mom just smiled. “See, it’s about time you start doing things like that for yourself. Frank and I won’t always be there to take you-”

“Mom!” I said frustrated. “I can handle myself, it’s the fucking public society that shuns people like me, if it wasn’t for assholes like the majority of the world is, then I would be fine! And Frank….he’s actually the first person besides Mikey to even begin to understand me!” and I went down to my room.

I remembered what Frank had said, that I was this way on purpose and I should embrace it, so for the first time in my life, that’s just what I did. I picked out my tightest skinny jeans and got them on, with a pair of converse, I put on the black bra with white lace, and I put on a snug fitting Misfits shirt that showed off my upper curves. I went to the bathroom and brushed my hair, applied a little concealer and eyeliner, and then some cologne. Taking one last look in the mirror, and I grabbed my wallet and set out for the party.

Hope you all liked it?
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