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The party was huge, loud and obnoxious, Matt’s house was packed. People were talking, laughing, dancing, and drinking, but this was always how Matt’s parties went. I grabbed a beer and went into a less crowded room, and sat down on the edge of a lumpy couch, waiting to see anyone I knew.

“Hey Sweet stuff.” A man’s voice said next to me. I looked over to see a somewhat attractive man, with chin length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, smiling at me.

“Um, hello.” I said nervously, not wanting to be impolite.

“I don’t see you at many parties.” He said, taking a drink of his beer.

“I don’t go to many.” I admitted.

His hand moved to my knee, I gave a little jump. “Oh, but Sweetie you should.” Hr finished off his beer. “Sit tight, I’ll be right back.” he said, leaving then coming back with another big, I took a swig of mine. “Your so pretty.” he said to me.

“Thank you.” I said quietly, he thought I was pretty or was he just drunk? His hand slipped into mine. “Can we go to a less crowded room, where I can get to know you better?”

So I followed the an up the stairs and into a bedroom. But when he closed the door, I was pushed up against the wall, and his lips crashed over mine, he tasted like an ashtray and beer, shoving his tongue into my mouth, fear coursed through my body, I panicked and pushed him away.

“Stop, I don’t want this!” I said quickly.

He grinned. “What’s wrong Sweetheart, you don’t want this?” He leaned in and kissed me again, his hands flew up my shirt and he squeezed my breasts through my new bra, I gasped and pushed him away, but he was stronger.

“Now, now, that’s not nice!” He growled, slamming me up against the wall so my head hit it. His hands were on me again, touching and grabbing, I pushed him away but the collar of my shirt tore some, he stumbled back, but this only angered him more, I saw the anger in his eyes, then his fist collided with my face, pain spread everyone. “You little fucking slut!” He growled. “You do not do that!: he yanked open my belt buckle and pushed my pants down.

“Stop it!” I practically screamed, before he ripped down my boxers, the look of disgust on his face was almost unreal.

“You sick fucking bastard!” He punched me in the ribs, I sunk to the floor and he kicked me in the stomach, then the head. Then I watched as he left the bedroom, leaving the door wide open as he stumbled out of it.

Minutes later, my pants were back on, my face was bloody due to a bloody nose, pain coursed through my body, my shirt was ripped half way down the front, and I was leaving the party, stiffly walking home, as tears poured down my cheeks.

No one is ever going to want me. The one time I try to look nice, I almost get raped, when the guy saw I had a penis, he stopped. I was a fucking disgrace, horrible, disgusting, Why I am I even living? If I died, no one would miss me.

Rain began pouring down in sheets’ but I welcomed it, if I got sick, I ran the possibility of dying, and that was just fine with me. When I made it home, I was sore and soaked.

“Gerard, what happened to you?” Mikey nearly shouted, running up to me once I had gotten into the door.

“Leave me alone Mikey, please.” I begged, going down to my room.

“Gerard, tell me what happened, where you mugged?”

“No Michael!” I spat. “I was not fucking mugged, but if you want, go blame this one your best fucking friend Frank, for lying to me!” I growled and went down to my room, slamming the door and collapsing on my bathroom floor. I hugged my wet knees to my aching wet body.

Heard my door open, I must not have locked it, but before I could get up to close the bathroom door, Frank stepped in. “Gerard?” he dropped to his knees next to me. “Oh, fuck, we need to get you cleaned up!” he hastily got up and got a moist wash cloth.

“No!” I said when he tried to clean the blood off my face. “If you hadn’t lied this would have never have happened!”

“Gerard! I never lied to you!”

“Yes you fucking did! You told me I was beautiful, that I should accept my self and be myself, well, the one night I go out, looking……….different, and I almost got fucking raped!” I said, tears falling down my cheeks again.

I felt arms go around me, they were warm and secure, his hand began stroking my back, he eased my head onto his shoulder.

“Gerard,” he said while I cried softly, feeling so vulnerable, I never let people see me cry. “I’m so fucking sorry this happened, but it’s no ones fault but except the asshole who did this to you, what did he do?”

I pulled away from Frank and wiped my eyes, I was now shivering in my wet clothes. “He was being so nice, asked my to come upstairs where it wasn’t so crowded, he closed the bedroom door, started kissing me and I didn’t want him to. He got mine, he grabbed… breasts, it hurt, I pushed him away, he punched me and then kept grabbing and kissing me, I struggled but got hit again, he got my pants down and when he saw I had a penis, he beat me and left the room.” more tears leaked down my cheeks.

“Fucking bastard!” Frank hissed, and began cleaning my face, it stung. “Come on,” he tugged on my arm to get me up. “You need to get out of these wet clothes.” he muttered, pulling my ripped shirt off me, I shivered, I was now left in my bra, Frank’s eyes widened.

“He did this to you?” Frank asked, pointing at my chest, I looked down to see red claw marks on the top of my breasts, I touched one of the red marks, it hurt.

“Just wait!” Frank said digging in the medicine cabinet, finding some antibiotic ointment. He put some on his fingers, and gently guided the ointment over the cuts, I had never allowed anyone to touch me like this, but it wasn’t sexual, it was gentle and kind. “That better?” he asked washing his hands in the sink.

“Yeah, thank you.” I said, still shivering.

“Your freezing.” He said, “Take a shower and warm up, I’ll be upstairs.”
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