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Chap. 2: Being fallowed

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Being fallowed

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Mayumi sat down in a smooth, black, leather chair as Toru sat on the floor next to her, the man in the front flying forward, staying focused as Kitty went in the back and grabbed her lab top, opening it as she sat back down.

"So like, what are your powers?"
She asked as Mayumi and Toru looked at each other and back to the girl with a shrugged.

"We know what we do; we just don't know how to explain it."
Mayumi said, fiddling with her locket.

"Hey, that's a cool locket, where'd you get it!"
She asked staring at it in wonder.

"Toru and I both have one. We got it when we where kids when we went on Vay-K in Padre Island."
Mayumi said with a smile and then looking over at Logan, the man driving the jet.

"What?" He asked rudely. "Oh, Nothing..." She said, turning her head away from him quickly and began playing with her sisters hair. He let out a small growl as Toru looked up at him with a look and a growl as well, which he didn't like, but pretended it never happened, considering the week her and her sister had.

"When we get their I'll take you to go see the professor and show you to your rooms. After that you can do as you please, just make sure you leave me alone." He said as Toru and Mayumi looked at each other and back to him.

Mayumi asked a little confused.

"Yeah! The professor is like, the one who runs the institute and helps us all control our powers! And I bet more than anything he can like, tell you what your powers are too!" Kitty said happily and again, over excitedly, a sudden shock going through Mayumi.

"Something's coming!"
She said as Toru looked up at her.

"I can feel it too, and it's moving fast!"
She said as Logan looked in his side view mirrors to see if anyone was fallowing them, and nothing, he couldn't even since them.

"I don't see anything. Besides, if anything was fallowing us I think I would know."
He said as Toru closed her eyes.

"They're here, right above us, hiding in the clouds, and by the looks of it, they're packing some serious ammo."
She said as she tried to stand back up but gasped in pain and back to the floor.

"I'm not done healing you yet! You have to stay steel!"
Mayumi said sitting on the ground next to her sister, holding her down for a minute.

"How many are in the jet?"
He asked as Mayumi closed her eyes.

"Twelve." She said as they approached a large mountain, Logan letting out an angry snarl. "Guess we'll just have to try to lose'em" He said as the jet made a loud noise.

"Logan, I have an idea, ram us into that mouton right there!" kitty said, standing up and walking over to him, a smile crossing his face.

"Sounds like a plan." He said as Toru and Mayumi looked at each other in horror.

"You're going to ram us into the mountain!" Toru said as Logan let out a small laugh and kitty placing her hands on the controls and closed her eyes tightly, staying focused when she suddenly fazed through the mountains and fell to the floor in exhaustion.

"Did we lose them?"
Kitty asked on the ground and between heavy breaths, exhausted from phasing the whole jet through a mountain the size of six twin towers.

Mayumi closed her eyes and opened them again. "Yeah, we lost them."
She said and closed her eyes again, slowly falling to sleep.

"Mr. Logan, how long until we get the mansion, I think my sister is still hurt."
She said worriedly.

"About an hour, but don't worry. I think she'll be fine."
He said as the radio came back on.

"Hey Logan, its Rogue, are yaw there?"
A Tennessee voice said through the radio, a woman's voice.

"Hey Rouge, what's up?"
He said, flying through the dark clouds and over the sea.

"I just got a call from Storm. They said they fought off those creeps and that they scampered away like a bunch of puppies. But they're goanna have to stay at an apartment for the night. They also asked me to ask you, if any jets have been followen you, trying to find out where the institute is or somethen."

He clicked the red button and began to speak.

"We had one jet fallow us, but that was pretty much it, no others, right?"
He asked Mayumi who nodded a yes and slowly fell to sleep.
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