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Chap. 3: Professor X

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Meet Professor X.

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After an hour of flying with Kitty and Logan, Mayumi and Toru finally arrived at the institute and got off around 12:000 or 12:30, yawning and stretching their arms into the air. They couldn't believe that they went a whole three days without sleep, food, or a shower, and survived against the killers of Mutants. They where covered in dirt and mud from running away from the men in black and was completely worn out. The first thing the two of them though was,

"I am so goanna take a shower, pig out, and crash!"
The two of them fallowed Logan into a room with a fire place, desk, and paintings to see a man in a wheel chair come in from another room as Well.

"Ah, Logan. I see your back, was there any difficulties finding them?"
He asked as he roll chaired behind his desk.

"We got shot at a couple of times, was fallowed by another jet, and Storm, Scott, Jean, and Kurt wont be here until Tomorrow. They're staying at a hotel."
He said quickly as the bald man in the wheel chair smiled and put his hands on the desk.

"I see, but no one knows where we live, right?
He asked as Logan nodded.

"Good, now if you please Logan, I would like to speak to the girls alone for a minute."
He said as the two of them walked forward and sat down in chairs in front of his desk.

"Fine with me bub, I'll be waiting in the hall."
He said as he left and closed the door.

Mayumi and Toru looked at each other and back to the man in the wheel chair. He could tell they where a bit scared, Mayumi was terrified and Toru was just plain suspicious.

"Hello Ladies, my name is Charles Xavier, and this is my institute for gifted youngsters, like your selves. People with a special gene we call The X Gene, come here to learn how to control their powers and keep them in their grasp. I think you'll like your stay."

He said with a smile as Toru stood up, Mayumi looking at her.

"Actually we're leaving in the morning, we don't want to get in any bodies way."
She said turning around and walking to the door.

"Huh, Toru, wait for me!"
Her sister called out, fallowing her out the door.

"Toru, please wait."
The man said as she stopped and turned around.

She said staring him in the eye.

"I understand that you just want to be normal again, that you're scared and don't know who to trust. But you can trust me; you can trust all of us. We're here to help."
He said as Toru turned back around and began walking away.

"If you back out there on your own, the MK will find you."
He said as Toru stopped, but not turning around.

"The MK?"
She asked a little confused as Mayumi looked at the Professor.

"The Mutant Killers."
He said as Toru looked over at her sister.

"If you stay here, we'll keep you and your sister safe. No one can hurt you out side these walls. It'll be like your home again, happy."
He said as Toru closed her eyes.

"It might feel like home on the inside, but on the outside, it will never be home."
She said as she walked through the door, Mayumi fallowing her.
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