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Chap. 4: Dissensions

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Thinking of what to do.

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After Logan took them to their room and left, Mayumi came out of the bathroom with a towel rapped tightly around her body, her long brown hair soaked with water as she stared at her older sister who was sitting down at a vanity table, brushing her hair.

Toru stopped and sighed, sitting her brush on the glass table, and looking at her sister. "We can't stay here Mayumi."
She said as she stood up and walked over to her bed that was next to the window.

"Would it be so bad if we just stayed here for a little while...? I mean, we hadn't had a decent place to stay in for days. And it's not like they would ever hurt us or anything." She said as she walked over to her sister and put her hands behind her back.

"You don't know that Mayumi."
She said and took off her locket and set it down on a small, round, table that was between each others bed.

"But that professor guy didn't seam like he would hurt a fly, and they did save out life, we oh them."
She said walking over to her sister's bed, sitting next to her and taking her locket off as well.

"They might have saved us, but we oh them nothing, besides, I'm just being careful."
She said as she stood back up, walking over to the many fridge lying on a table and brought out two soda's, tossing one over to her little sister and walked back, sitting down again.

"I know but, can't we just stay here for a couple of days, three days tops."
She asked cutely, giving her sister the puppy dog face that usually won her over as Toru sighed and smiled.

"I'll think about it... Now get dressed so we can go to bed, okay..."
She said as Mayumi jumped up with a smile, letting out a high, "yes!" and giggled.

After ten minutes of brushing hair, putting on cloths, and getting ready for the next day to come, Mayumi and Toru turned off the lights and laid down, and with in a couple of hours Mayumi was finally asleep, all but Toru, who stayed awake, just staring up at the ceiling as she sighed and stood up, walking out and onto the balcony.

She leaned over on the white hedges and looked up to the moon as she brushed her hair back with her long pail fingers and looked down, her bangs falling over her deep green eyes.

A small, quiet, voice called her name as she turned around and saw her sister; she smiled at her and walked back in.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up."
She said as Mayumi walked over to her.

"No, its fine, there's allot to think about, so I don't blame you for catching some fresh air."
She said as she curled back into her bed as Toru curled back into hers.

"What do you think Mom and Dad are thinking about right now?"
Mayumi asked, lying on her side as she looked at her sister, her sister looking back at her.

"I don't know."
She said and rolled back over, facing the wall, not wanting to think about them.

"Maybe their thinking of us, like how we're thinking of them."
She said smiling at the thought of seeing her parents again.

"They called the police on us Mayumi, they think were monsters."
She said, her eyes wide open.

"Yeah but, maybe they feel guilty about it and are looking for us."
She said, hoping, praying.

"I highly dought that Mayumi."
She said and rolled back over, staring into her sisters eyes.

"Yet again, maybe they are, maybe they really do feel guilty."
She said, keeping her sisters hopes high.

"Good night Toru..." - "Good night Mayumi..."
And with that, they where asleep.
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