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Chap. 5: Morning

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Meet some of the X-Men

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As morning came, Toru awoke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping at her viciously, her ears ringing in pain. She sat up and glared at it evilly, her head throbbing. She put her feet to the floor and sat on the edge of her bed, looking over to where her sister slept. She stood up and yawned as she walked over to her and moved the covers from place, expecting to see her sister, but instead, she saw nothing but a note tapped to the pillow. She picked it up and read it to her self:

"Down stairs in the Kitchen, meet me there!"
Toru set it back down and looked in the mirror hanging on the door and ignored the messy reflection staring back at her and walked down the hall.

"Now, which ways the Kitchen?"
She thought to her self and started wondering around when she suddenly saw the entrance to the building.

She went down a long flight of stairs, but took her time since she was still dead tiered. After making it down she looked to both sides of the wall. Each one had two doors, besides the entrance. She turned to her left and went through the first door she saw and opened it, thus, the kitchen.

But she didn't plan on every body being in there all at once. She looked around to see Kitty typing on her lap top, Mr. Logan reading his news paper and drinking coffee next to a window, the Professor talking to Mayumi, and some of the others that saved her life the other night. There was the red head, shade boy, and the long white haired girl that controlled the whether along with some blond girl dancing to music.

"Ah, Toru. You're finally up."
The Professor smiled kindly as Mayumi smiled at her too. She stayed extremely quite, looking around as the red head smiled at her and the blond running into her.

"Whoa, ha-ha. Oops, sorry. You must be the famous Toru everybody seams to be talking about. I'm Tabitha, but you can call me Boom Boom!"

She said, for some reason, over exited as she took off her head phones and turned them off.

"Hey Toru, would you like some Lunch?"
Asked the girl with red hair smiling.

Toru asked, sort of spacing.

"You where asleep all morning, but we let you sleep in anyway considering the day you had yesterday."
The girl said smiling.

"My name is Jene by the way; it's nice to have you here. I think you'll like it here, the mansion is a really fun place to live in." She said smiling as she made Lunch for everybody.

"Actually, I don't think were staying."
She said as she sat down next to Mayumi who let out a long sigh.

"Aw, that's too bad; your sister seams to like it here." She said as she looked over at Mayumi who smiled happily, the boy with shades sitting next to Jean.

"And this is Scott."
She said pointing to him.

"Hi, nice to meet you."
He said smiling.

"And I'm Aurora, but you can call me Storm."
She said standing up and walking behind the professor, lying her hands on his shoulders.

She said as Mayumi began to talk.

"Toru, you missed all the fun! It was amazing!"
She said excitedly.

She asked tiredly, her mind still every where.

"Yeah, Logan went to go pick up Storm and the others, and when they got back Kurt thought me how to play Mutant Ball! It was so much fun! You have to try it some time!"
She said excitedly.

She said, still a little confused.

"Yeah, the blue fuzzy elf, remember? He went poof poof!"
Toru looked at her a little dumbfounded.

"Poof Poof...?"
She said raising an eye brow.

"Kurt has the abilities to transport one place to another with in fifty mile radiuses. And when he does there's smoke, so Mayumi calls it, ~Poof~."
The professor explained and began drinking his coffee.

She said, feeling sort of dumb.

"Come on Toru, I want you to meet the others!"
Mayumi said jumping up and grabbing Toru's hand, pulling her out of the kitchen, halfway dragging her down the hall.

"So do you think we can change her mind?"
Jene asked as she came up to the professor who stared at the door.

"I sure hope so Jene..."
He said as the screen faded into black.
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