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Chap. 9: Fighters

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Crash! As Mayumi slid against the dirt, she rolled up against a wall and sat back up, her hand to her head as she looked up at her opponent, the sentinel.

"Why did I ever agree to this?" She thought as she stood back up and began running again. "Come on Mayumi, I have to think. I cant keep running like this forever." She thought as she quickly dash-turned a corner and continued running.

"Jean said I should use my powers as much as possible, and I would... if I knew what they where!" Mayumi thought and began to feel her lungs fill up with hot air.

"Well, I'm not going to find out just standing here. Its about time I kick things up a notch." Mayumi said as she quickly turned around with dust floating around her feet, her hands in the air as the earth began to shake, a giant bolder about to fall off its edge and onto the sentinel.

"Come on, just a little further..." She thought aloud and focused as much as possible. "Hya!" She yelled as she swung her hands to the floor, the bolder finally falling on and around the sentinel.

"I did it... I did it! I DID IT! Yes! Yes! I did it! I did it! Yeah!" She hollered as she jumped up and down in glee. "Take that metal for brains!" She yelled at the sentinel covered in rocks and boulders when the earth began to suddenly shake.

"Whoa..." She said, losing balance as the sentinel emerged from his grave. "Aw... Come on... That's so unfair!" She complained and looked around.

"Sigh... Alright, lets try this again." She said and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and letting it out, when suddenly she snapped them back open and pushed her hands forward, making huge gashes in the ground and toward the sentinel, a huge mouton rising from under the sentinel, wind blowing fiercely.

The mouton crushed the sentinel as it was going up, and after a couple of seconds, he was already fifty nine feet in the air. "Try coming down from that, jerk." She said childishly.

(Who know Mayumi was that strong, and a fighter!)


As Toru looked up at the completely crazed blond chick and lava created power girl, she began to think of a way to win the battle as fast as possible so she could find Mayumi and get to the tower in time to pass the test, when suddenly the wind began to blow like crazy.

"Whoa, what the heck was that?" Tabitha asked as every body turned their heads toward the direction of witch the wind was blowing, and saw a huge mountain rising from the ground, a smile crossing Toru's face.

"Well, I guess Mayumi doesn't need my help." She said and turned her head back to Tabitha and Amara. "Guess I was worried for nothing, but still, I should hurry along and finish you two off while I'm still entertained." She said with an attitude, Amara and Tabitha both looking at her angrily.

"Alright, its on!" Tabitha said as she threw at least 20 bombs at Toru and Amara was throwing as much Lava balls as possible, Toru easily dodge-rolling, cart-willing, and back flipping each one with out much thought.

As Toru landed neatly on her feat she she jumped back in the air and suddenly vanished into thin air. "Whoa, where'd she go?" Amara asked, both of them looking around in shock.

"Wow, you two are slow." She said as Amara and Tabitha both turned around and saw Toru right behind them. "Your a teleported!" Amara said, as if she had her all figured out.

"Not even close." She said and disappeared again, now appearing behind Tabitha and attacking her while she wasn't looking, Tabitha sliding against the floor, Amara attacking her on the side but was too slow, Toru was already behind her and in no time, Amara was next to her best friend, Tabitha.

"Man, how did you get so fast?" Tabitha asked as Toru smiled grimly. "I'm not, you two are slow. Now try keeping up wil ya, I'm getting board." She said rudely.

Tabitha and Amara both stood back up as Tabitha swung a surprise bomb at Toru. "Wha- Crap!" She said and back flipped into the air and suddenly disappeared once more, Tabitha quickly turning around.

"Gotha!" She said as she threw a bomb at Toru's face, but she blocked it with her arms. "Ah!" She yelled as her feet slid against the floor.

"So that's how you did it. Its not a power, its a Ninjutsu move." Amara said smartly, Toru smiling. "Hm. I guess I underestimated the both of you, your better than I thought. But still, I will win."

She said as she straitened up. "Not if we have anything to say about." Tabitha said as her hands filled up with bombs.

"Pretty light-show, but mines better." She said as her eyes and hands began to glow a bright blue when suddenly lightning appeared around her, or so what she thought was lightning.

Toru put her hand in front of her as a beam of light suddenly burst out and hit Amara and Tabitha, the both of them flying into a hard rocky wall and falling to their knees, looking up at Toru with hatred.


As Mayumi looked up at her creation she smiled. "Earth. I should have known. I never done those things before, I only moved pebbles. And by the size of my mouton, I'm sure Toru see's it, so knows where I am."

She said and turned back around, not recognizing her location. "Oopps.. Guess I ran further than I thought." She said as she stepped forward and fell to her to her knees.

"Man, I am so tiered..." She said and fell back wards, her legs tingling, witch was the only feeling, the wrest was pretty much numb.

"I wonder how far I ran." She thought as she sat back up, looking down at her legs. She sighed and put her hands on her legs, her hands glowing as it quickly faded.

"No... I used up all my power and energy fighting the sentinel." She said sadly, looking forward to see the long distance she ran. "Sigh..." She said and began walking forward, her arms dangling.

9minutes latter

As Mayumi walked down the hard, rocky lands of dirt and heat, she suddenly felt a strange, yet familiar, presence from behind her. "Toru!" She said as she quickly turned around and saw nothing but land and rock.

"..." Mayumi raised an eye brow, still sensing the presence, but nothing was there. "Hm... I guess I was wrong..." She said and turned back around, bumping into somebody just a couple of feet taller than her self, the presence suddenly changing.
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