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Chap. 22: School?

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School what?

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Mayumi laid awake in her small white bed as her dark brown eyes stared up at the ceiling as she thought of her new best friend, Leppy, who was also her new room mate.

"Everybody cared about Leppy before they even knew her, just like how they all loved me when I first arrived. And they still do. But why? What did I do to disserve there love?" Mayumi fell asleep with that thought burned in her mind, darkness taking over as she fell into a deep sleep.

Many hours latter, Mayumi opened her eyes to have a bright light shining in her face. She sat up and looked out of the window to see the sun shining brightly.

"Morning." Leppy said as she came in from the bathroom, brushing her long, blond, pink high lighted hair.

"Hey. You look great! I almost didn't recognize you without blood and mud all over you." Mayumi said playfully as she stood up and stretched her arms in the air.

"Hehe... Thanx. I'm getting ready for school!" She said with a large smile as Mayumi raised an eye brow.

"School?" Mayumi haven't gone to school ever since she ran away from home.

"Yeah! Can you believe it! Were both going, I was just about to wake you up, but I think the sun already did that for me. Hehe." She said with a happy voice. Mayumi couldn't help but stare at her blankly.

"I wonder what its going to be like!" Leppy said out loud, Mayumi taking a good look at her cloths.

Today Leppy wore a small pink top that showed a little bit of belly and one of the sleeves hanging down from her shoulders. She also wore a pair of blue jean pants with a whole in one of the knees. And finally, pink shoes and bracelets. It was a mixture of preppy and tomboy. She was absolutely beautiful, which made Mayumi very jealous.

"I don't think I want to go..." Mayumi said as she fell back and landed on her bed.

"What!" Leppy stated out in surprise. "How couldn't you want to not go? Being the new girl is the best! Everybody knows who you are and on the first couple of days, the teachers let you do whatever you want." Leppy explained as Mayumi laughed.

"Hahaha. Well, I guess I can try it. But you have to sit with me at lunch. Cause I REALLY hate being alone." She said as Leppy squealed in delight.

"Yes! I would LOVE to sit next to you! EAK! Were going to have so much fun!" Leppy couldn't help but jump up and down as she grabbed Mayumi's hand and forced her up.

"Come on! I know exactly what you should where!" Leppy said as she grabbed Mayumi's arm and forced her up, pulling her into the closet.

5 Minutes later

"Come on Mayumi, you look cute." Leppy said as she stood outside of the mansion with Scott, Jean, and Kurt, all of them leaning against Scotts awesome car.

"No. I look silly." Mayumi said as Leppy rolled her eyes.

"You look hot, now come on. I want to see you!" Leppy pleased as she heard mayumi groan.

"Fine, but nobody laugh!" Mayumi demanded as everybody nodded and said there 'Sures' and 'Okays.

Everybody waited as Mayumi slowly walked out, all eyes widening and jaws dropping. "I told you I would look stupid..." She said as every body remained speechless.

"You look... CUTE!" Leppy said as Mayumi's eyes widened. That's exactly what she told her sister when they put on there first costumes here. Mayumi looked down at her cloths and sighed.

She wore a small red top with the sleeves hanging down her shoulders, a pair of solid black skinny jeans, and red shoes. She loved the cloths, but that's not what she hated. Her hair was put up in a messy pony tail, a red belt that hung down hrt waist, and red bracelets. Yeah, she was pretty hot, she just hated that she looked like a model/super star. When she dressed up like this ever body mistake her as some super famous star she never even heard of. Some times she even had little kids ask for her autograph and picture.

Mayumi walked down the steps as Kurts jaw hung open. "Mayumi, you look... HOT! I mean! You look... uhhh..." He stumbled over his words as Mayumi put a finger on his lips.

"I know. I look hot." She smiled as he blushed, his fur not able to hide it since he was in his Human form.

"I got to admit, I never thought that you could look like Kieko Ketigawa." Jean said as Mayumi glaired. That's her name... Kieko Ketigawa. Some famous model.

"Ugh. Thanx, I think..." Everybody laughed at Mayumi's moan.

"I tink ze professor put some of our classes togezer. So you wouldn't be completely lost." Kurt said as Mayumi laughed.

"Remind me thank him latter." She said as she got into the car, Kurt on her Left and Leppy on her right, Scott and Jean in the front, Scott driving of course.

"So... Mayumi..." Kurt began. "I vause just vondering... If you vould like to go to ze movies latter. You know... With... Me." He stumbled. Mayumi's eyes widened.

'Oh no I haven't told Kurt that I used him yet... he still thinks were going out..." Mayumi stared athim blankly, her jaw hanging open in surprise and disbelief...

"Uh... Kurt. I need to tell you something." She said as he smiled.

"Yah?" He asked, hoping that he was about to get a complement.

"I need to tell you that I... AH!" Everybody was pushed forward as Scott slammed on the breaks. Everybody looked in front of the car to see a teenage girl standing infront of them. her eyes wide and her skin pail. She gasped and ran for it, hugging her boyfriend.

"Oh my gosh! Is she okay?" Leppy asked as everybody else remained silent.

"She's fine." Jean said as she made it clear that she just got done reading the girls mind.

The car began moving again and everybody already forgot about the little accident, laughing and playing again. Mayumi looked at Kurt and smiled.

'You know... He is pretty cute... I guess it wouldn't be that bad being his girl friend. I think I might actually enjoy it.' Mayumi thought as Kurt smiled back, the group finally reaching the school.
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