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Chap.23: Day 1

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Day 1

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Mayumi got out of the car and stared at her new school, her jaw dropping in surprise. She thought that this place would suck, but now that she actually got a good look at it, she thought it was beautiful. There was soft grass, tree's, and of course, the clicks. There was the Poplars, the Geeks, and what looked like, a gang over in the corner, surrounding a pick nick table. Mayumi looked at the group, one of the boys eye's landing on her as a smile crossed his face. With that, she couldn't help but feel that something was about to happen, something bad.

"Who are they?" Mayumi asked as Jean, Scott, and Kurt looked at the group her finger was pointing at.

"Trouble." Scott said as Jean put a hand on her shoulder.

"Their The Brother Hood, and their also mutants, like us. But it would be best if you just stayed clear of them." Jean suggested as Mayumi just stared at them.

"Why are they trouble? If they're like us, shouldn't they be our friends?" Leppy asked as Scott and Jean just smiled.

"Not exactly. You see, they have different beliefs than us. They want to expose mutants to the world, but we don't." Leppy and Mayumi thought about her words.

"Well... Would it be so bad if the world did know about us?" Leppy asked as Mayumi just listened.

"Maybe, maybe not. The best thing to do is let the world take its course." Jean said softly, Leppy smiling with happiness, like always.

"So your saying their trouble because they have different beliefs than us?" Mayumi stated as she glared at her so called friends.

"No.. Its not that, they just like to cause trouble." Jean said as Mayumi just turned away from her, staring at the group again.

"What about her?" Mayumi asked, Jean and Scott fallowing her gaze to see an unfamiliar face in the group.

"Is that Wanda?" Scott asked as Jean shook her head.

"I don't think so Scott." She said as the girl laughed with the group.

She was mysteriously beautiful and had really dark jet black hair, pale skin, and icy blue eye's that sent a chill up Mayumi's spine. She had a solid black tank top, black skin tight jeans made of leather, and black high heal boots. (THIS CHARACTOR BELONGS TO: Cloudy-TheNightMareQueen.) Mayumi got a close look at her and saw that she was Chinese, maybe Japanese. She looked as if she where a vampire or an assassin out to kill somebody, and Mayumi didn't like that.

"Jean, I need you to read her mind." Mayumi asked as jean gave a questioning look.

"Why?" She asked as Mayumi kept staring at the Japanese or Chinese girl.

"I need to know her name, I think she might pose a threat to us." Mayumi explained as Jean sighed. Jean gave the woman a look to see if she was a threat or not, yet nothing. She tried again, and still she couldn't find away into the girls mind.

"Jean?" Scott said her name with a questioning tone.

"I... can't read her mind..." Jean as Mayumi just went on thinking.

"Kurt?" Mayumi said as he came to her side, a confused look on his face.

"Yah?" He asked as Mayumi still kept looking at the girl, trying to figure her out.

"I need you to poof me in that ally over there, I need to know what their talking about." Kurt frowned as he looked around.

"I cant, there's too many people around to witness." Kurt sighed as Mayumi just smiled at him.

"Sorry, I don't know why I'm so paranoid about this. I guess I should just enjoy my first day, huh?" She said with an innocent look as Kurt smiled, relieved that she's not mad.

"Yay! I'm so glad your going to try and have some fun here!" Leppy said as she wrapped her arms around Mayumi's neck, giving her a tight hug and warm smile. "Thank you so much!" She said as Mayumi let out a small laugh.

"Hehe. Your welcome." She said to Leppy as Kurt looked at her shyly.

'She's so amazing...' He thought, amazed that he got such an amazing girlfriend like her. Not so long latter, the bell rang and all the student where already headed to there classes.

"Hey guys, like, wait up!" Kitty called, running toward them. "Like, sorry. I got caught up with some friends, you know." She apologized, her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

'Come on Leppy, you and I have like, first period together." Kitty said as she grabbed Leppy and pulled her to their class, Scott and Jean walking with them which left Mayumi and Kurt alone.

"So, I guess I'm valking you to class since ve have first period togezer..." He said with a faint smile as Mayumi kept her happy and all out smile across her face.

Mayumi and Kurt began to walk through the crowed of students and into the office to get her new text books, Kurt talking to the women at the desk as Mayumi looked at all the bad kids waiting to get yelled at by the principle. Once finished there they got back into the hall which was already empty since all the students where already in there classes.

"So... Mayumi, have you thought about the movie for tonight?" Kurt asked, hoping that she didn't forget their date.

"Yeah, I cant wait to go!" She said as he smiled.

"Really? I mean, yeah... Me too. So, what do you want to see?" He asked with a smile as Mayumi thought for a minute.

"Hmm... Something romantic." She said as he began to get butterflies, his girlfriend grabbing his arms and hugging it as they walked.

"Vell.. Here ve our, theater. But don't vory, ve have an awesome teacher." He said as he opened the door for her, all eyes looking at Kurt then to Mayumi.

"Why, hello there." The teacher said as Mayumi smiled at his remark.

"Hi." Mayumi said kindly as Kurt stood next to her.

"Kurt, would you like to introduce us to your friend?" The teacher asked as everybody all smiled largely.

'Finally, a new student...' They all thought as Kurt smiled.

"Sure. Dis is Mayumi, she's new here." He said as Mayumi's eyes landed on one of the boys in the group. He was the boy in the gang that smiled at her earlier. He had messy brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.

"Well, its nice to have such a beautiful student join our class." The teacher said as he shook her hand. "I'm Mr. Powel, but you can call me Pall, all my student do." He said as with a welcoming and very warm smile. "Sit where ever you like." He said as she fallowed Kurt to his seat.

Once they sat down the teacher began to teach his lesson. "Today class," He began, "We will be doing the famous act of Romeo and Juliet." This got Mayumi instantly interested as she paid close attention to the teacher.

"Now, first we need the main characters, Romeo and Juliet. Mayumi, since you're new, would you like to try and be Juliet?" He asked as Mayumi's eyes widened, a strange feeling arising inside of her, a feeling she didn't like... Stage fright...

"Umm... O-Ok..." She as she walked up in front of the class, taking the script in his hand.

"Now, who would like to be Romeo?" He asked, every male hand raising into the air, which made Kurt feel a little sad since one of them would have to kiss her.

"Uh... Mr. Powel..." Mayumi stuttered. "Since I'm new, can I do this with Kurt, since I know him?" She asked as he nodded.

"Sure thing kiddo. Come on up here Kurt!" Kurts eyes widened. Great... Now he's going to have to kiss her!
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