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The Only Hope for Me is...

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When 15-year-old Frank Iero is trying to escape his abusive, alcoholic mother, is Gee his only hope for a somewhat normal life?

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Frank's POV-
   "YOU WORTHLESS FAGGOT!" my mother roared as she slapped me across the face, knocking me to the floor. She chucked the half-empty bottle of booze at me. It collided with my back, causing my slashes to burn with the sear of alcohol. I cried out in pain and used the handle of my room to pull myself up.
My mother's screams continued even after I had shut and locked my bedroom door. 

   I sighed, my breath catching as I winced in pain. Just a normal day in the life of me, Frank Iero. My mom obviously did not appreciate my homosexuality.

   I wanted to go clean the alcohol out of my cuts, but reaching the bathroom would mean going back within [\her\] line of fire. So I did the most reasonable thing- packed my favorite bag with a change of clothes and my school stuff, grabbed Pansy, my guitar, and climbed out the window into the rain.

   I moaned in relief. The cooling rain felt like the mercy of God as it rinsed away the blood, alcohol, and tears. I stood still until the rain had washed away the worst of the pain and then pulled on my black hoodie over my ruined T-shirt and tender back. I glanced at the house and started my lonely trek towards the park.

Gerard's POV-
   "Mikey, I'll be back in awhile. Let Mom know where I am if she asks!" I called to my brother as I pulled on my sweatshirt. 

   "You're gonna walk in the rain? What about helping me unpack?" Mikey shouted back, a hint of pleading in his voice.

   "I'll help you when I get back! I want to check out that comic book store before it closes. Anyway, I'm waterproof!" With that, I jogged out the door.

   It was dark out. The street lamp had burned out, and I could barely see where I was going. Before I knew it, I had collided face-first with a kid carrying a guitar case.

   "Oh, dude, I'm sorry!" I apologized as I helped the boy to his feet. He was soaking wet and shaking from the cold. "Are you okay?"

   "Y-yeah," he stammered, taking a step back. His hair was plastered to his face, making his pale skin stand out even more against the dark night.

   "Where're you going?" I inquired, looking him up and down. He looked as if I'd scared the crap out if him.

   "I-I-I..." he muttered, his eyes wide. "I don't know. I had to get away. My mom-" he cut off and broke down into sobs.

   "Come on, let me get you inside, out of the rain. Then you can explain," I told him, wrapping my arm gently around his shoulders and leading him into the house.

Frank's POV- 
   He was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. His jet-black hair framed his perfect hazel-green eyes as he looked at me worriedly. He practically carried me up to the bathroom in his spacious, warm home.

   When we reached the top floor, he took Pansy and my bag and helped me out of my clothes and into the hot water. He gasped as he saw the wounds and scars that littered my back.

   "Oh my god! What happened to you?" he breathed as he gently sponged my back with the water. It stung, but it was a good, clean pain. As he washed away the last of the blood, I told him about all the awful things that she did to me, how she used to beat me and starve me as well.

   When I was finished with my tale, the boy handed me a towel and helped me out of the tub. He handed me a spare pair of boxers and shorts and sat behind me on the toilet as he treated my cuts with antiseptic ointment. The whole time, I was extremely aware of how close to me he sat and how soft his hands were.

   [\Stop it!\] I chastised myself. [\He's straight! You don't want to freak him out!\]

   The boy's hands faltered on my back.

   "What's wrong?" I asked gently, wishing that he would continue.

   "Why... why would she do this to you?" he whispered, his hands lightly tracing my scars. 

   "Um, she... I... she hates... I'm gay," I blurted out, flinching away from him. I stood up to leave but strong, smooth, gentle hands gripped my shoulders, turning me around to face him. I looked down at my feet.

   "Look. At. Me." the boy's velvety voice commanded. I obeyed, and got my first really good look at him.

   His hair was wet from the rain, and it hung almost to his shoulders. His lips were pale and smooth and, to my surprise, he was smiling. His beautiful eyes twinkled playfully as he calmly told me, "Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of."
  I looked down again, and he lifted my chin so that his eyes met mine.

   "I'm gay too."

Gerard's POV-
   The boy's eyes widened in disbelief as he looked for any sign that I could be lying. 

   "Now sit down," I told him firmly, "and let me finish bandaging these battle-scars." He did as he was told, and I sat behind him on the toilet, placing gauze and medical tape on his cuts, which had finally stopped bleeding. I leaned back and took one last look at my handiwork. Satisfied, I patted the boy's hip and stood up. 

   He turned to me and smiled apologetically.

   "Thank you so much... Um..."

   "Gerard," I told him, washing the antiseptic off my hands. "And you are...?"

   "Frank. Frank Iero. By the way, do you have an extra towel? I need to dry Pansy off."


   Frank blushed. "My guitar."

   I smiled, making Frank blush harder. 

   "Yeah, here." I handed him the towel, along with a clean black T-shirt. He took them appreciatively and immediately buried his face in the soft fabric of the shirt.

   "It smells so good," he mumbled as he yanked the shirt on over his head.

   I laughed. "It just came out of the dryer," I explained as he once again blushed scarlet.

   "Oh," he said, looking down at the shirt. It was much too long for him, but there's only so much I could do.

   "Pansy's in my bedroom. Come on, I'll show you."

Frank's POV-
   I followed Gerard out of the bathroom and down a long hallway that was lit with a warm glow. I reveled in the feeling of the soft carpet under my feet.

   We stopped at a door that was covered with paintings and posters of bands. [\Anthrax, Black Veiled Brides, Nickelback...\] 

   Gerard silently opened the door, and I gasped as I took in the view.

   A king-sized bed was in the corner, covered with a feather comforter and loaded with pillows. A desk strewn with art supplies and comics occupied one corner, while a long couch and a television sat along the far wall. Pansy was resting gently in a beanbag chair that was big enough for two people.

   I carefully picked up Pansy's case and wiped it down with the towel, making sure it was totally dry. Finally, I pulled Pansy out and made sure she was unharmed. Gerard, who I had almost forgotten about, whistled from behind me.

   I looked up, my heart skipping a beat when I saw Gerard sprawled across the couch. 

   "You love her like life itself," he stated, nodding in Pansy's direction.

   "She was my dad's..." I explained, stroking her neck. "She's all I've got of him. My mom burned all his pictures when she was in one of her moods." I steeled myself, and asked what had been bagging at my mind all night. "Hey, Gerard? Can I stay here tonight? I don't want to go back there when she's like this, and I-"

   "Whoa, Frankie!" Gerard cut me off, rising to his feet and closing the distance between us. My breath caught in my throat when he put his hand on my thigh and said, "I wouldn't have let you go back there if you tried! At least not tonight. Of course you can stay here! Now when was the last time you had a decent meal?"

   "Um..." I mumbled, trying to remember when I'd eaten last. 

   "Come on," he demanded, pulling me to my feet.
After I had eaten the most wonderful meal that I had ever had and Gerard had introduced me to his mom and his totally hot brother, Mikey, we headed up to bed. I was thoroughly exhausted and full for the first time in Lord knows when.

   Gerard and I stripped down to our boxers, and I climbed into bed. I felt like  I was floating on a cloud.

   As Gerard went to lie down on the sofa, I blurted out, "Gerard, will you come up here and sleep with me?" I flinched, mentally slapping myself. However, to my surprise, Gerard climbed into bed next to me.

   "Goodnight, Gerard," I whispered, curling up into a ball. I felt a gentle hand stroke my face.



   "Call me Gee."

   I giggled, and snuggled in close to Gee. I laid my head on his bare chest and breathed in his wonderful scent.

   "Goodnight, Frankie," his seductive voice cooed as he lightly massaged my scarred wrist, lulling me into a peaceful slumber. 
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