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Chapter 2

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Sunday. Frankie's still staying with the Ways. Time to (finally) unpack Mikey's room! :)

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Thanks for all the reviews on the story, guys. I may not be able to update for awhile after this because of some... Issues at the school that I go to. I'm sorry.

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Gerard's POV-
   I woke up to the sound of Frank's steady, peaceful breathing. He was still lying beside me, snuggled up against my chest. A small smile played upon his lips as he mumbled incoherently in his sleep.

   I gently brushed a small lock of hair out of his face and pulled him into a hug. His eyes flickered open and Frankie yawned, giving me a sleepy smile.

   "Good morning, Frankie," I whispered, lightly running my hand down his bandaged back.

   "Good morning, Gee," he mumbled back, giving me a dazzling smile and slipping his hand into mine. My heart soared.

   We lay there comfortably in that position, fingers and eyes locked, for a few moments before someone knocked on the door.
   "Gee, are you getting up? You gotta help me finish unpacking my room! We can't go to school tomorrow if we don't have our stuff!" Mikey's voice called through the door.
   "I'll be out in a minute!" I called back, still smiling at Frankie. He laughed and took his hand out of mine. "I guess that's our cue," I whispered, still stroking his back. Frank smiled wider, his teeth shining brightly.

   "I guess," he whispered, kissing my bare chest. I shivered and disentangled myself from him. We stood and dressed and, after rummaging through his bag for his gloves, Frank followed me to Mikey's room.

Frank's POV-
   It hadn't been a dream. It was all real. And Gerard was even sexier with his shirt [\off\] if possible.

   I followed him to Mikey's room while tugging on my fingerless skeleton gloves. If I thought my room was a mess, I had nothing on Mikey.

   Mikey's room was strewn with boxes of random junk, from posters and CDs to underwear. Mikey was shirtless, hanging up a beautiful bass guitar. Gerard cleared his throat and Mikey spun around, a pleased look on his face. I blushed. Mikey was almost as hot as Gee.

   "So you're finally going to help me, huh?" Mikey asked Gee, his glasses slipping down his nose. "Oh, hi Frank. I forgot you were here! You dont have to help if you don't want to," Mikey said, his hands on his hips.

   "It's the least I could do," I answered, trying to avert my eyes from his bare chest and arms. I finally settled my eyes on the guitar that was hanging on the wall.

   "Is that a [\Gibson\]?" I asked incredulously, stroking the body of the instrument.

   "Yup!" Mikey exclaimed, taking it down from the wall and striking chord. "I worked all summer for her!" His hair fell in his eyes as he strummed away.

   Gerard interrupted Mikey's jam session by looking down into a box full of comics and asking, "Where do we start?"

Gerard's POV- 
   After spending all day cleaning Mikey's room, I was in serious need of a shower and a massage. Frank and I had shed our shirts a few hours before due to the heat, and the two of is were sprawled on the couch next to Mikey, sipping soda and chilling out.

   I took a large swig out of my Diet Coke and sighed. I put my arm around Frank, who stiffened immediately, and turned to face my brother.

   "Next time, I am SO not touching your underwear!" I told Mikey, who burst into a fit of giggles. Frank started to laugh too, and he laid his head gently against my shoulder, out of Mikey's line of sight. I grinned but didn't move, so as not to alert Mikey that anything was amiss. I SO did not need my brother figuring out that there was something between me and Frank. I gave him a tight squeeze with my arm and rose to my feet, stretching out.

   "Where are you going?" Frankie asked, a small pleading tone to his voice.

   "I need more soda. You guys want some?" I asked, arching an eyebrow. Frank grinned.

   "Sure!" Mikey exclaimed. "Coke, please!"

   I winked in Frankie's direction, grabbed the empty cans, and made my way out the door.

Mikey's POV-
   I waited until the door had swung shut behind Gerard before glancing at Frank. He had his legs crossed beneath him and his arms folded tight against his chest, and his eyes kept flitting back to me. I yawned and stretched my arm across the back of the couch, my hand lightly brushing Frank's shoulder. I grinned as I felt him tense up.

   Finally, I got up the nerve to speak. "Hey, Frankie?" He turned to face me. "I don't mean to be rude, but when Gerard told us about your mom, he didn't say why she hit you. Is it because you're gay, or is there more than one reason?"

   Frank turned a violent shade of pink and stuttered, trying to speak. "How- how did you- is it that [\obvious?\]"

   I laughed. "No, dude, I can just tell! I live with a gay brother, remember? Also, you kept staring at my chest. I mean, heck, even my girlfriend didn't do that, man!" 

   Frank laughed, the tension in the room finally broken. He untangled his arms and leaned back, seeming more at-ease now that his secret was out.

   "Yeah, sorry dude!" he laughed, looking me in the eye. "It's just- I don't know. You and Gee are so different, and yet so alike. I just couldn't help myself. I mean, you're hot!" he exclaimed, and then blushed yet again.

   I grinned. "I know, right? But you seem more interested in Gee. Am I right?"

   Frank shrugged and nodded, giggling like a lovestruck little girl.

   "Okay, I admit it. I, Frank Iero, am madly in love with your brother, Gerard Way!"

   As he finished his sentence, Gerard burst into the room, carrying three sodas and a few movies. He froze when he heard Frank's words, and Frank looked as if he was going to be ill, his eyes wide. I was pretty sure he had stopped breathing.

   They stayed frozen for a long moment before something snapped. Gee rushed forward, thrust the sodas and stuff at me, threw his arms around Frank, and kissed him with all his might. Frank responded with the same enthusiasm. When Frankie looked as though he was going to yank the rest if my brother's clothes off, I spoke up.

   "Whoa, guys, I'm really happy for you and all, but I really don't want to watch my brother get laid. Especially on [\my\] couch. I'd probably have to burn it."

   Gerard quickly leapt back. A pleased smile on his face. Him and Frank stayed where they were, panting for a moment before they both started to laugh nervously.

   "Sorry, Mikes," Gee said, slowly sitting down between Frank and I. "Couldn't help myself." Frank giggled and snuggled up against Gee, who put his arm around him. "Now how about those sodas and a movie?"

   "Which one?" I asked, glancing at the  pile of DVDs in my lap.

   "How 'bout Night of the Living Dead?" Frank suggested and stuck it in the DVD player. I leaned back against the arm of the couch and took one last look at the happy couple before settling in to watch the show.
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