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Chapter 3

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First half of the Way brother's first day at Belleville High School. Will thy make it through without the whole school realizing the truth about Gee's sexuality?

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Sorry I haven't updated in awhile... I like keeping you guys in suspense! Especially my sister-from-another-mister (you know who you are, Emo bear!):) I hope you like the third chapter of 'The only hope for me is...'
I probably won't update until I get at LEAST four reviews... :)(hint hint!)

Frank's POV-
   BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! the alarm clock urged Monday morning. I felt Gerard shift in the bed and the beeping ceased.  I grinned when I felt Gee's light breath in my hair.
   "Why, good morning, little Frankie! Did you sleep well?" he asked not-so-innocently, his sexy voice giving me butterflies.

   "Mmhm..." I mumbled, laying my head on his chest.

   "Good! Now we have to get up so we can go to school and Mikes and I can see this place of wonder that you call Belleville High."

   I giggled, but cut off suddenly when I realized that going to school meant that I would have to deal with the Jocks that were sure to beat on me even more when they realized how much I cared about Gee. And if they found out he was gay, too... I couldn't even comprehend. I couldn't let them hurt him. And to top it all off, I was going to have to go home. Gerard's clothes didn't quite fit, and my mom was sure to call the police if I didn't show up soon.

   "What's wrong, Frankie?" Gee asked, looking me in the eye. I voiced my fears and he smiled, knocking me breathless. "I won't let them touch you," he grinned, and kissed me.


Gerard's POV-
   I followed Frankie up the grounds of a large school campus. He walked with his head down, trying to remain inconspicuous. I gratefully followed suit, treading behind him, looking for any threats to him, and watching his beautiful body walking in front of me, all at once. Suddenly, I heard a sweet voice call out, "Frankie!"
   Frank and I both turned, only to see a girl in a long dress practically run him over with a hug. He winced as her arms squeezed his bandages, but he was smiling broadly.

   The girl planted a kiss on his cheek, one on his lips, and one on his forehead. She then grasped him by the shoulders and looked him in the eye with a slightly agitated, concerned look.

   "Where have you been all weekend? I called you so many times, and when you didn't pick up, I got worried. Why didn't you pick up?"

   "I had another run-in with 'bad parenting skills' this weekend," he answered. The girl leaned over and hugged him again, this time more gently. I saw that she was discreetly feeling the bandages on his back through his thin shirt. I was pretty amazed at her subtlety.

   "I must have left my phone in my room," Frank continued to explain. "I was walking through the rain with Pansy when I ran into my newest friend. Gerard, this is Autumn. Autumn, this is Gerard."
   When the girl- Autumn- turned to face me, she smiled and stuck out her hand. I shook it, and got my first good look at her.

   She was very tall, dwarfing Frank, with shoulder-length brown hair that hung beautifully and shined in the morning sun. She was wearing along whit sundress with a purple zip-up hoodie and white flip-flops. She was very beautiful, and I was sure that of I was straight, I would've been drooling.

   "So you're the new kid everyone's been talking about!" Autumn exclaimed, sizing me up. "And I guess that's your brother over there flirting with Alicia?" she asked, pointing behind me. I  glanced back, and sure enough, there was Mikey.

   "Yep!" I confirmed, smiling. This girl didn't miss a thing. 

   At that moment, a member of the football team stormed past us, shoving Frankie out of his way. He hit a tree with his back, crying out in pain as his scabs split. Autumn and I rushed to his side, me catching him in my arms.

   "Are you okay, Frankie?" I asked urgently, brushing a lock of hair out o his eyes and clutching his hand.

   "Yeah," he mumbled, wincing as he stood.

   All the while during our little exchange, Autumn had been watching Frank and me closely. Suddenly she gasped, her hand flying to her mouth.

   "Are you two... Oh my gosh! I'm so happy for you! I always told Frank that he would find someone, but he never listened to me!" She turned to me. " You are such a lucky man!" she exclaimed. "I had always HOPED that he was at least bi, but he was never interested in girls. I mean, I'm okay with that, but I had still wished... But now he's got you! OhmygoshdidyoutellRayandBob?!??!?!" she all but shouted, her last sentence coming out as one word.

   Before Frankie could answer, or I had the chance to ask who Ray and Bob were, the bell rang up at the school.

   "Well, I gotta go. Nice meeting you, Gerard. And YOU," she added, turning to Frank with faux anger. "At lunch, you're telling the guys! See you then!" With that, Autumn flounced away.

   I sighed exhaustedly. Her constant energy was draining. "Well, she's unique!" I laughed.

   "She's awesome," Frank grinned, watching her purple sweatshirt disappear through the crowd. I silently agreed. Autumn WAS awesome.

Frank's POV-
   The first half of the day passed rather uneventfully after the collision with the tree. Gerard and I had the same schedules until after lunch, so we stuck together, hiding in the corners of the classrooms. We had a bit of harassment from a cheerleader worn fake boobs, but other than that, no one paid much attention to the new 'Emo fag' and his friend.

   As I walked into the cafeteria with Gee trailing close behind, clutching his tray like a lifeline, I was relieved to see that Mikey was having no trouble adjusting to the new school. He was sitting with the rest of my gang, having obviously been introduced by Autumn. On his right sat a girl that I recognized as Alicia Simmons. She had never gone our of her way to be nice to me, but she had never been cruel, either. Her and I had spoken politely, nodded our acknowledgements in the hallways, but never really talked. It was going to be interesting getting to know her.

   The younger Way brother was deep into a conversation with Bob Bryar, his glasses slipping down his nose in excitement as he gaped at him in utter disbelief. I never found out what was so astounding, because as Gerard and I passed the cheerleader's table, we heard a sing-song voice call out, "Wait! Stop!"

   I kept my head down and kept walking, saying, " Fuck off," in her direction. I immediately regretted it when I looked up and saw that the girl was not a cheerleader, bur an unfortunate relative of one. She looked hurt.

   "I-I'm sorry, I thought you were-" I stammered, turning red. Gerard got the hint and saved me.

   "Hi. Now who wants to kill and/or threaten me already?" he asked, his voice light.

   Now it was the girl's turn to blush. She raised her hands in defense.

   "No, no, that's not it, I swear! My sister- she said- well," the girl gulped, looking tiny and scared next to Gerard. "She said she doesn't care that you hug out with a f-fag on the first day," se stuttered, looking at me apologetically as if she did not approve of her sister's views on gays, "and if you'll ditch him, she'll go out with you." the girl swallowed again, looking like she wanted to cry.

   Gerard grinned. He put his arm around her shoulders, leaned down, and whispered, "Well you can tell your sister that I will date her the day she stops being a bitchy control-freak. No, wait, even then I wouldn't. And tell her," he smirked, " to stop treating her sister like a slave before I beat her ass. Okay?" He smiled at her and she smiled back. He brushed a kiss across her cheek and whispered, "Go on." She rushed off.

   "I'm jealous," I told Gee as we continued toward our table where our concerned posse was waiting. 

   "Of what?"

   "Of the girl. You could kiss her in public." I smiled sheepishly.

   "Yeeeeeesss..." Gerard agreed as we took our places at the table, too wrapped up in our own conversation to notice that all eyes at the table were on us. 

   "But with her," he continued, "as with any girl, I feel nothing. Unlike when I do this." He slipped his hand into mine under the table. I blushed scarlet, turning my face from Gee, only to notice that the table was still silent. I froze.

   It was Ray who spoke first. "Autumn said you had good news. I guess we just figured it out! Good for you, man!" Rag winked at me and leaned over to shake Gee's hand, which he reluctantly removed from my grip. "I'm Ray. Ray Toro."

   "Gerard Way."

   "Well Gerard, this is Bob Bryar, Alicia Simmons, and you already know Autumn Pitney," he waved his hand in he general direction of each person as he named them. "Welcome to the Black Parade."

   "You changed the name!" Bob exclaimed, smiling.

   "Mikey's idea." Mikey grinned.

   "I like it! Now what's on your mind, Ray?" I asked, addressing the way that he was fiddling with his fork and running his fingers through his fro.

   Ray laughed. "I guess I can't hide it forever, huh? Do you guys believe in love at first sight?"

   "Yes," Gee and I agreed simultaneously, Gee placing his hand on my thigh. I knew it was goof to be nigh on impossible to listen to Ray with Gerard's hand rubbing circles on my leg. However, before I tuned out to the feel of Gerard's fingers, I managed to catch, "Her name is Christa..."
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