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Chapter 4

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Gerard's PE class... and a bit of love for Frankie. :)

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Hey, for all the people who are following this story, I want to thank you for the reviews. It means alot to me, and I'm sure it would mean alot to Frankie and Gee! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but here's chapter 4, and chapter 5 will be up later today. But I have school, so... :)

BTW, hoping for at least three reviews on chapter four... but I'll post chapter 5 even if I don't get them. It's cool.

Gerard's POV-
I only had one class with Frank after lunch, but I had at least one of the guys in every class except for PE, which was my last class of the day. I didn't have a gym uniform yet, so I stuck out like a big black thumb. While the jocks picked the teams for volleyball, I stood at the back of the crowd chewing my nails.

I was picked last, of course, but the PE instructor took pity on me and put me in server's position. The team captain, a linebacker by the looks of him, shot me a glare and took his place to my right.

I lobbed the ball into the air and spiked it, sending it over the net- and straight to the floor. Everyone looked at me incredulously as the coach gave our team a point and tossed me the ball again.

I proceeded to make three more points with no effort as my team stared in astonishment and the other team scrambled to return the ball. We won the game twelve-to-nothing, and I never left the server's position.

When the bell rang, I was burning up in my black skinny jeans but I was smiling up a storm. As I walked out the door to head to my locker, I distinctly heard one girl, I think her name was Katie, call out, "I call Way for my team tomorrow!" My day was definitely ending on a high note.

Frank's POV-
I met Gee on the front steps of the school building, and we decided to wait for Mikey. Gerard flirted when he was sure no one else could hear, and my stomach felt like I was on the Son of Beast.

While Gerard was making one particularly suggestive comment that had me blushing and giggling like a little girl, Mikey finally exited the building and started towards us. His glasses were askew, his hair was messy, and his tie was undone and hanging around his shoulders. He was breathing heavy and looked as if he'd just run a mile.

"What took you so long?" Gerard asked, taking in his brother's haphazard look.

"I kind of... ran into Alicia and... um..." Mikey mumbled, eyes wide with fear.

"Oh my GOD, please tell me you're still a virgin!" Gerard exclaimed, gripping Mikey by the shoulders and giving him one hard shake.

"Yes!" Mikey gasped, embarrassed. "We didn't- I can't believe you thought- we're at SCHOOL!" Mikey stuttered, turning away and rushing down the steps to where Ray was standing, holding the bookbag that Mikey had left in study hall.

Gee laughed, putting his arm around my shoulders and leading me down the steps. "Time to go home," he muttered.

I froze. I had almost forgotten. I was going to have to face my mother. and Gerard was going to be there.

"Frankie, are you okay?" he whispered, getting me to start walking again. We headed down the road, following Mikey and Ray who were far ahead. When I didn't answer, he stopped and turned to face me. I looked down at the ground.

"Frankie, look at me you sweet boy," Gee whispered, his hand coming up under my chin to raise my eyes up to his. When I looked up, his face was inches from mine. Mikey and Ray had gone up ahead; we were completely alone.

"Frank Anthony Thomas Iero, I want you to listen to me. There is no way that you having a scary mother is going to make me stop loving you. She doesn't scare me, and she's not going to hurt you anymore." We were so close; I could feel his breath on my lips

I turned my head away, breaking eye contact with him. "That's not it. You leaving me isn't the only thing I'm worried about. I'm scared that what happened last time might happen again."

"What happened?" Gerard asked me, anxiety lacing his voice.

I sighed, bowing my head and turning away from him. "It was a few years back. I was seventeen. My mother had just found out about me being gay when she came home to find me lying on my boyfriend's chest. My father had always tried to protect me from the worst of her rants, but that night, he couldn't.

"My mother grabbed her rifle and sh-shot my boyfriend. Then she- she rounded on me. My dad threw himself in front of the bullet. Both of them died.

"Every day since she has blamed me for my father's death. She said that if I hadn't brought HIM home, she would never have shot my father. It was my fault, she says. I don't want to lose you too. If anything ever happened to you... I don't think I could keep living.

"That night, I almost killed myself. My mom had passed out from the alcohol, and Autumn found me in the tub, bleeding from the wrists. She took me to the hospital and refused to leave my side for a month.

"The police came to the house and my mom said that my father had shot my boyfriend for trespassing, and then tried to kill her. She supposedly grabbed the rifle from his hands and killed him in self-defense. She told them I had tried to commit suicide because I had seen two people I loved killed, and was in no state to testify. In a way, I wasn't. The police bought it, and she went back to her old ways of beating me. And my dad was no longer there to protect me." I turned back to Gerard.

"I never again let myself fall in love. Until now," I told him, gazing into his hazel eyes. Gerard stepped closer to me, our eyes still locked. He looked as though he was going to speak, but instead pulled me into him, crushing his lips against mine with great force. I responded desperately, needing him more than air.

He pulled me to the grass, landing on his back with me on top of him. He rolled over so he was straddling me, our lips still locked. He broke away briefly, both of us gasping for air, and forced out, "She will never hurt you again." He then kissed me once again, passionately, our bodies pressed together. I lost myself to his touch and the feel of his lips on mine.

Our kiss deepened, and I gasped as his tongue slid into my mouth. He tasted of coffee and cheap sweetener and... Gerard.

His tongue explored my mouth and I moaned, tangling my hands in his hair. He lay atop me, our bodies perfectly aligned, his hands running up and down my chest. I pulled him towards me, forcing his tongue further into my mouth, before he reached down and unbuttoned my shirt. We broke away, and he laid on top of me, stroking the tattoos on my midriff. I shuddered with pleasure.

His beautiful eyes rose to meet mine as he continued to finger my waist. My stomach twisted as one finger brushed below the waistline of my jeans. He ran his hands along my torso, and another moan escaped my lips. He smiled.

"Man you're beautiful," he told me, stopping his seductive strokes. "Perfect." I smiled back, unable to speak. He was the beautiful one, not me. I was short and inked and scarred, while he was flawless. But my tongue was too uncooperative for me to tell him that.

"I won't ever let her touch you again. You're coming to live with me. Now let's go get your things."
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