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Chapter 02- Family Reuntied

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Chapter 02

"Family Reuntied"

Tigero lead Jessica and Hanzo to his home so they can meet his Wife her name is Abiola, when they get home Lil Bader run up to his Mother to hug her.

Tigero: "Abiola, Dear we home."

Abiola: "Welcome home Tigero."

Abiola saw two new people of course she forgot who they were.

Abiola: "Hello welcome to our home."

Hanzo: "Thank you Abiola. It has been a while hasn't it."

Jessica: "I agree, thankz Abiola."

Abiola: "Welcome."

Tigero: "Abiola you do remember my Brother Hanzo and his Wife Jessica."

Abiola: "Oh... sorry Hanzo and Jessica it has been awhile."

Hanzo and Jessica told Abiola it was okay. Tigero was wondering why Hanzo and Jessica were here. They all sat down together, Lil Bader sat in his Uncle's lap who was holding him.

Tigero: "So why the visit?"

Hanzo: "Jessica and I thought it was time for us to have afamily reunited after a while."

Abiola looks at her Husband: "I think it would be nice."

Lil Bader jumps down from Hanzo and runs up to Jessica and gets in her lap and wants to go with them.

Lil Bader: "Can I go! Please!!!"

Tigero sighs a little bit: "Why not."

Lil Bader (Ader) hugs Jessica tightly and jumps up to joy. Tigero smiled at his Son.

Jessica: "I guess we better go before Shana contact us or my Brother Jabir."

Tigero and Hanzo nodded: "Yea."

So Tigero, Lil Bader (Ader- A nickname that I'm not sure of), Hanzo and Jessica gets ready to go to Gaia to visit Jabir, besides Abiola didn't want to go with them. Off goes the family of four to Gaia.

(On the Planet Gaia)

Jabir was doing a prayer in the Temple of Darkness and Light when he feel a familer feeling so he walk out in time to see his twin Sister Jessica with her Husband Hanzo, his Brother-in-law Tigero and their Nephew Lil Bader landed after they teleported so Jabir went over to greet them.

Lil Bader: "Uncle Jabir!"

Lil Bader runs up to Jabir while Jessica, Hanzo and Tigero walks up to greet him too.

Jabir: "Hey Lil Bader. Hi Sis. Hello Tigero and Hanzo."

Jessica: "Hi Bro."

Hanzo: "Hello Jabir, it has been a while since Jessica's and my wedding."

Tigero: "Hello Jabir."

Jabir holds Lil Bader in his arms and nodded at his Twin Sister and his Brother-in-laws.

Jabir: "Yea it has been Hanzo. So what are you doing here?"
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