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Chapter 01- Peace Continues On

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Chapter 01

"Peace Continues On"

(On the Planet Earth)

Bader just return from his trip to China with Amany who had to return to her job. When that was over with, Bader couldn't stop thinking of the family he left behind. So he looks for a job that made him an Amabassador to help with other planets. Bader looks up in the night sky hoping his children were looking at the same moon he was.

Bader whispers to himself: "Jessica... Jabir... I miss you so much..."

He knew that Sophia was watching over him in heaven so he smiled.

(In Outer Space)

Shana teleported from planet from planet 'til she came up to Earth and took a tour then she run into someone she know of. When she walk up to the guy with long Jamaican hair and looks surprise to see him here.

Shana says in a shock way: "Bader!?!"

Of course he didn't heard her so she try to find someone who could talk to like President Taaj. They talked for a while before Taaj indouces the Ambassador to her.

Shana: "Hello I'm from Endiness/Gaia, Mr. President, My name is Shana Hattori."

Taaj: "Welcome to Earth Miss Hattori and please call me Taaj."

Shana nodded: "Thank you Taaj and please call me Shana."

Taaj: "Very well Shana."

Shana: "I got to go back to tell my Brother who is now King Hanzo of Endiness and his wife Queen Jessica."

Taaj: "That will be great you can take our Ambassador with you."

Shana: "That's fine by me."

Taaj called the Ambassador in the office and guess who it was the same guy that Shana run into earlier. The Ambassador looks at Shana and sees those eyes he saw before somewhere.

Ambassador: "Huh? Do I know you?"

Shana look so surprise and think to herself (((What the? Did he totally forgot us? How can that be?))) While Shana gets ready to return home let see how the others are doing.

(On the Planet Endiness)

In the castle that Hanzo's Parents, his Brother and his Brother's Father rule in before him. Now it is his and his Wife Jessica's turn to rule over in. Queen Jessica was standing on the balcony that show off the town Basil and sighs sadly. She miss her Father a lot that made her cried a little bit.

Jessica: "Father, I miss you. Even when Mother told me all the things you done."

Jessica whispers to herself than Hanzo walks up behind her and hug her. He could how sad she was.

Hanzo: "Are you okay Jessica?"

Jessica looks at her Husband before answering him: "Yea I'm fine it's just I miss my Father. I wish he was around for my Brother Jabir and me."

Hanzo: "I know but he told me when I was young that he was'sorry' for not being here for you two."

Jessica: "I know my Mother told me that."

Hanzo smiled at his Wife and was thinking it was time to go visit Tigero and his family also see his little Nephew Bader. So he look at Jessica.

Hanzo: "Want to visit Tigero and our Nephew?"

Jessica: "Sure then we can go visit Jabir at the Temple of Darkness and Light."

Hanzo: "Yea."

So Hanzo and Jessica prepared to go to Donau to visit Tigero and his family. They fly there then land before entering the village, when they enter a little boy who look like his Father and Mother and saw two people enter so he run up to them calling out their names.

Lil Boy: "Uncle Hanzo! Aunt Jessica!"

Hanzo: "Hey there Lil Bader."

Jessica: "Hi Lil Bader. Where's your Father?"

Lil Bader: "In the flower garden behind the Mayor's house come on I'll show you."

Jessica and Hanzo hugged their Nephew then he lead them to his Father who was in the flower garden. Tigero sat on a beanch, smelling the flowers when he saw his Son run up with Hanzo and Jessica his Brother and Sister-in-law following so he stand up to greet them.

Lil Bader: "Daddy! Uncle Hanzo and Aunt Jessica are here."

Tigero hugs his Son then look at Hanzo and Jessica.

Tigero: "Hey Hanzo. Hi Jessica. What's wrong Jess?"

Tigero could tell how sad Jessica was.

Hanzo: "Hey Bro."

Jessica: "Hi Tigero. Oh I can't stop thinking of my Father."

Tigero: "We all can't Jessica so don't worry about it."

Of course Jessica nodded at Tigero. And Tigero, Lil Bader, Hanzo and Jessica smiled at each other.
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