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I was glad Frank had convinced me to come back to the house, instead of running off like a drama queen. Once we got back inside, I made my apologies to my family, and dinner continued, though it wasn’t quite the same, afterwards, before she left, Grandma wanted a word with me.

“Gerard.” she said, taking my hand into her small on as we sat alone at the dinner table. “I know this is a struggle for you, seeing as you have reached early adulthood, but I want you to please, please try and believe in yourself.” she asked with loving eyes.

“Grandma, I’ll try.” I said quietly.

“Gerard Arthur Way.” she said. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you will try.”

I looked her in her aging blue eyes that had surely shined brightly years ago. “I will try Grandma.”

“That’s better.” she sighed, giving my hand a squeeze. “I love you, grandson. I think you have found a very special friend in Frank.”

“I…Grandma, it’s not like that.”

She smiled. “I know you Gerard, I see the way you looked at him early, the same way I looked at boys when I was your age.”

“Grandma! He’s Mikey’s best friend! He’s 16!”

“Quiet down,” she laughed. “So? Your Grandpa was 5 years older than me, and I still outlived him.”

“Grandma, please?” I said, I didn’t need this right now, I had enough on my mind, and I didn’t need to keep thinking about Frank.

“Alright.” she said, getting up and gathering her purse and her coat. “Take care of yourself Gerard.” she gave me a warm hug. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” I told her, before going to my room for the night.


I threw down the Xbox controller, this was getting to be boring, and Mikey had fallen asleep an hour ago, and it was only midnight. Leaving his bedroom, I walked downstairs to the kitchen, to fine something to eat when-

“Fuck!” I cursed walking face first into a very busty chest, then a body.

“Ow shit!” he swore, turning on the light. “What are you doing?’ Gerard asked, his face going red with embarrassment.

“Just hungry, sorry I ran into your…..well, they cushioned the blow.” I said lightly and went to the refrigerator, pulling out a red apple and biting into it. “You ok?” I asked him.

He shrugged. “I’m fine.” getting a soda from the fridge. “Can’t really sleep.”

“Same here, and Mikey is so easy to crash.”

“Would you……wanna come down to my room and watch a movie?” Gerard asked me a little hesitantly.

“Sure.” I shrugged, grabbing my own soda and following him down the basement steps. He chose night of the living dead, a movie I loved, and he put it in, and flicked off the lights, we sat cross legged on his bed.

“Gerard?” I asked.


“You did it to guard yourself, keep people away and for them not to find you attractive.”

“What?” he said dumbfounded.

“You gained back the weight.” I said simply, he was quiet for a long time. “That’s what I thought.” I said softly. “But you can’t just guard yourself forever Gerard.”

“Frank!” he sighed , frustrated, falling back to lay on his bed. “I don’t want to talk about this.”

“Maybe it needs talking about.” I said, moving up on the bed so I could talk with him.

“No, it doesn’t.” he muttered, looking up at me, even in the dark, with the shadows of the TV screen, I still found him intriguing. I slowly reached out and brushed my fingertips along his cheek.

“Your beautiful.” I whispered. “It’s a shame you can’t see that.” And then it washed over me, this overwhelming feeling to comfort him, to show him….

I leaned down and softly pressed my lips to his.

“Frank!” he gasped harshly, sitting straight up on the bed. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Gerard, I just-”

“What the fuck are you playing at Frank!” he said loudly. “What am I? Some sort of fucking charity case or obligation, did my brother put you up to this?”

“Gerard no!” I grabbed his arm before he could get up from the bed. “I did it because I fucking wanted to! Can’t you see that? I said your beautiful because I believe it!”

“You do?” he whispered.

“That’s what I said.”

“But why did you kiss me?” he asked nervously.

“I wanted to.” I said. “I’m sorry Gerard.”

“But, your not even gay?” he said, more like asking a question.

“Gerard, I’m not sure what I am, but I’m strangely attracted to you.” There, I said it, not denying it anymore. “But you’re my best friends brother, does that make it awkward?”

“Possibly.” he shrugged. “Frank?”


“Besides Halloween, which I’m not even going to count- I’ve never kissed anyone, you were my first.”

“Really? 21 years?” I asked surprised. “I’m sorry.” I said, feeling a little guilty, I wasn’t a virgin either.

“Yes.” he said. “I don’t know how to kiss either, I’m guess I’m stupid.”

I shook my head. “No, your not stupid, those things don’t really matter Gerard, want to get back to watching the movie now?” I yawned.

“Sure.” he said, lying down comfortably and fixing his eyes on the screen, I slowly lay next to him, but not touching him. But then I began to get cold, it was a basement after all. “Cold? He asked, pulling the blanket up around us, enveloping me in warn heat. By the end of the movie, I could hear Gerard softly breathing beside me, I looked over and he was sleeping. I turned off the TV with the remote and snuggled up to him.

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