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Operation: Alive

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Vanessa finally posts a new entry in her blog.

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Operation: Alive:


Blog Title: I Made Good on My Word

I did it! I made it! I am actually here to post on this blog. It's close to midnight, but I made it. Yes my fans, I am still alive and typing. Now what to say? Hm... Hm... I guess I will just type out of the air.

Well, Rose has been acting strange lately. She seems a little bit too happy. But then again, I would be happy too if my boyfriend was finalizing his divorce with a tart. So, good for her. Everyone else seems worried for some reason. I don't know. I think she's just trying to relax since this whole stupid project started.

Robyn is also acting weird. I don't even want to go over and ask why. Sakura is still pissed about Adam marrying Carmen. Noriko is upset about not seeing Kenji as much. (Good for us maybe? I'm not going to say it!)

Yawn I'm struggling to stay awake here and I'm running out of things to say. So, I'm going to head to bed now. See y'all in the morning.


Aunt Nessa


Snow Can Wait, I Forgot My Mittens
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