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Her Now

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Lulu at 16, part one.

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Lulu, Wakka, Yuna - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-05-09 - Updated: 2006-05-10 - 742 words

So that was it. That's how it's done, Lulu thought wistfully. The act itself. Rather unceremonious and graceless. It was sloppy and awkward and had none of the magic it promised. And if there was one thing Lulu knew well, it was magic. It felt good, very good, but there was no magic in it. She looked over at her snoring bedmate and wondered how he could sleep. Half hoping he would awake, she brushed her finger tips through his hair.

How was he sleeping? He looked so damn smug, too. He always looked smug. It probably wasn't even his first time, knowing him. Would he tell Wakka? She felt the blood rise hot to her cheeks. Of course he would tell him, he told his older brother everything. Wakka probably gave him advice. It's like a blitzball match, ya? You just keep going forward 'til she squirms, then you consider your options, change direction. You may not score at first, but you get better with every game, so just do your best. She shuddered. Still, sometimes Lulu wished she had an older sister. She did fine on her own, of course, but it would be nice to have someone.

Yes, there was Yuna, but she was only 11 and lily-pure. As much as a flower as her father. Her pious alchemist aunt wasn't much better, and it would be strange to broach the topic with her. Her aunt had been cold to Lulu since her niece had decided to pursue black magic, claiming it if felt like treason when she'd spent her life perfecting the best healing potions south of Bevelle, only to have her last flesh and blood turn to offensive magics. Lulu pursed her lips in irritation at the thought. Her aunt had convinced Yuna to practice white magic, after all. She even made Yuna promise that she'd recommend Auntie Neneh's Brand Potions, should she ever "make it big." Having the daughter of High Summoner Braska recommend your potions was something, after all.

No, her aunt was a crazy old cave-bat who'd never left the island in all her life, for fear of Sin. Lulu was another person, absolutely, utterly and entirely. Lulu's future would be her own.

And this very moment --this now/, belonged to her just as much as that future. This drowsy and placid /now in which she could feel the weight of his arm, slightly warmer and heavy with sleep, across her waist.

So this is how he slept. She turned to face him then, closing the embrace and closing her eyes.


The curtain was starting to lighten and he'd already left. Disappointing, but not surprising. He liked to train in the mornings, in the warm coastal waters by the beach.

She stepped into her gown, still crumpled near the bed from its nervous and passionate discarding the night before. She still wore that frumpy Besaidian pink gown at sixteen, at her aunt's insistence. She despised pink, even at sixteen.

She smoothed her simple hair straight and lifted the curtain.

"Yuna!" startled Lulu.

The small girl's face brightened with a close-lipped grin that stifled a giggle. "Neneh wants us to go get the boys," she said, referring to Chappu and Wakka. "And we're to take Parri. He needs exercise." Between her and the ubiquitous Kimahri, stood the small yellow dog panting eagerly.

Kimahri found the dog shortly after arriving at Besaid. As a pup, Parri had been abandoned by his mother, due to a stunted foreleg. The dog had fine balance and speed, but was odd to look upon. Kimarhi had left his tribe, shunned for his broken horn. Odd to look upon. At the dying plea of an honorable man, Kimhari had found his way to tropical Besaid, where most had never seen a Ronso before him. Odd to look upon.

They had accepted each other, and that was all that was needed.

"Of course." Lulu nodded her silent greeting to the Ronso. Kimhari liked that Lulu did that. Most treated him like furniture that they must walk around so as avoid to avoid bumping their shins. Most didn't raise their faces to look at Kimahri. Lulu did.

They began to walk, occasionally flicking off a fiend with a deft and cooperative fighting system already established between the trio. Fiends were usually light on the road to the beach, and easy to dispatch for native Besaidains.

Occasionally, however, there came the fierce and rare Garuda.
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