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The bad lookout at the movies

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the boys took the babies to the movies but there is a vvery slight problem will they find them

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One day at Nicktoonsville like any other day Jimmy Neutron,Tibs,Jose and Eddy took Tommy,Chuckie,Phil and Lil to the movies.When they got there they get to see the dummi bears on screen."I HATE THE DUMMI BEARS"!Shouted Eddy."Ooh Eddy take it easy".Said Jose."Yeah everything you say comes out of your mouth".Said Tibs."Shhh guys it's starting".Said Jimmy Neutron when the movie started."Ladies and Gentlemen besure to stay in your seat because the movie you're watching is staring right now.Please no talking no text messages and no bulling during this program.Now grab a seat relax and enjoy the show".Said Josh as he walked on stage and left.Tommy,Chuckie,Phil and Lil decided to leave the theater to go see what Tommy wants to see is Reptar.So they got up from the floor and left.During the movie Jimmy Neutron found out that the babies are gone."Eddy Jose come on let's go".Said Jimmy Neutron."You heard the movie guy no talking".Said Eddy."Calm down sweetie".Said Jose."Tibs wake up Tommy,Chuckie,Phil and Lil are gone".Said Jimmy Neutron."Jimmy you heard Josh Nichols no bulling".Said Tibs as he fell back to sleep."fine if you guys don't help me then I'll find them myself".Said Jimmy Neutron as he got up and left."Where is Jimmy going"? Asked Tibs."To find the babies".Said Eddy."And to take them right back all by himself".Said Jose."Ok".Said Tibs."FIND THE BABIES"! They shouted.The three of them got up and left to find both the babies and Jimmy Neutron."Finally they're gone" Said Carly as she started to text Sam Puckett."Uh excuse me but no text messaging in this movie theater I'm afraid I'm gotta ask you to leave".Said Josh."I'M TELLING SAM ON YOU"! Shouted Carly."SECURITY"! Shouted Josh.Meanwhile at the hallway Tibs,Jose and Eddy started to search for them in different theaters."They're not at Theater 2"! Said Eddy as theater 2 shows "Saludos Amigos"."They're not at Theater 5 either".Said Jose as theater 5 show "Rugrats".
"Oooooooh they're not at Theater 15". Said Tibs as theater 15 shows "Big Fat Liar" Starring Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes.Until at last they found Jimmy Neutron."Hey guys deciding to join me"? Said Jimmy Neutron. "Yes". They said.So they went upstairs.And when they got there they saw Tommy,Chuckie,Phil and Lil playing with the prjection moniters that play alot of movies.When they got back to theater 7 everything just happened the dummi bears movie went blank."WHOOO HOOOO"! Said Eddy.When they got home the babies parents are there to pick them up.
Until at last they all went to sleep.And as for Josh Nichols well everybody at the movie theater wanted a refund from him.
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