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The Hell That Loves Me So

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Discovering Frank and his powers...[Written by thatjerokid]

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The Hell That Loves Me So
By yours truly, Frank Iero.

Standing at the foot of the cast iron gates that create an image of the entrance to Hell in my mind, I inhale deeply before entering this damned place called high school. In amongst the sea of kids I spot an unfamiliar one with shocking neon green hair and eyeliner making his already prominent hazel eyes stand out even further. Giving the needed once over, I notice the Iron Maiden shirt and grey skinny jeans and come to the conclusion he might not be all bad. Watching him glance back and forth between his surroundings and school map with a confused expression on his face I can only assume he’s new. Having made my decision about my stance on him, I walk over and casually ask if he needs a hand finding anything. He pauses for a moment to look me over and replies “Uh yeah, I’m Gerard and uh, I’m new here and can’t seem to find the admin building.” I give him a soft smile and reply “I’m Frank,” and offer my hand to him, which he promptly shakes, “Come on and I’ll take you up that way.” He quickly stows his map away before following me through the school yard to the admin building. The walk there is silent and I get the impression there’s a lot more to this Gerard than he lets on, making me wonder if he’s different like me. See, I can freeze time with no more effort than blinking.

He scans the crowds both carefully and nervously, trying to decipher the groups that make up the school. Fortunately, there aren’t that many. We’ve got the standard Jerk Jocks, Bipolar Bitches, Petty Preps, Stupid Stoners, Manic Meatheads and then my group, the ‘Castaways’ who dared to differ from the societal norm of bright coloured clothes and over commercialized mainstream music. We had piercings, tattoos, dark clothes, listened to all the punk and metal bands that scared most people, and we liked it that way. Finished with his quick surveyance of the groups, he looks at me and asks “Are there more people here who are….like us?” I quickly freeze the time around us before replying “When you say, like us, do you mean with powers or non-conformists?” a paralytic stunned expression forms over his face for a few seconds before he replies “How did you know I have…powers?” I smirk at him and reply “I saw you scrawl on your arm when you were standing in the yard, and then as we were walking over here I noticed that the words ‘people who won’t like me will leave me alone today’ written on your arm and observed that none of the usual dickheads in this place were bothering either of us.” The stunned look still on his face, I return time to its normal effect and keep walking towards the admin block thinking to myself I knew he was different, a small smirk quickly spreads across my face as I watch Gerard try to take in that he’d been found out in less than five minutes.
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