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Dead On Arrival

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"I just wanted a place to live." I said shaking my head at him. "I didn't sign up for this shit."

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A/N: Well I haven't posted anything in forever, but I thought I'd get back on the ball and try to write something, so this is what I came up with. Going to get interesting. Hope you enjoy. Please Rate and Review xo

"How can I put this in a simple way that your tiny brain can are a jackass!" I couldn't help but yell.

"Oh come on, Billie." Frank whined as I shook my head determined.

"I'm not going to pretend to sleep with you just so Jamia will like you!" I replied offended as he rolled his eyes.

"It's not a big deal! And besides, I have no options left." he whined once more as I scoffed and brushed my hair back while I continued to organize the big ass stack of Cd's in front of me.

"Gee Frank, how bout you just grow a pair and tell the chick how you feel?" I said simply, yet sarcastically as I began to seriously evaluate my friendship with Frank. I think I just needed to get away for a while. Maybe Hawaii where it's sandy. Perhaps Japan because of the food, a little expensive, but I'm worth it.

"Because! It'll ruin everything, and what if she doesn't like me?" he replied in a kinder tone while I looked at him with narrow eyes.

"Then she'd be one stupid bitch." I try to comfort as he smiled slightly.

"Come on Billie, it's just for a little while, I'll do anything you want." he begged.

"Oh, anything I want hmm...? How bout you find me a new place to live." I retorted.

"What? Why? Are things going okay with Cassie?" he asked curiously while I shrugged, not wanting to talk about it. I put 2 Smashing Pumpkins Cd's in their place before standing up and sighing while straightening out my broken ass posture.

"I just know when I'm not wanted." I replied simply while he eyed me for a minute before thinking.

"Hey! Well I might have an option." he said in a hopeful tone.

"I'm not crashing with Gerard and Mikey...again." I replied without even having to look back as I felt him smile.

"That wasn't so bad." he offered as I scoffed. He really didn't know the half of it.

"Are you kidding me! Between Gerard's loud ass sex, and Mikey taking up all the God damn hot water, cause Lord only knows his skinny ass needs the retention." I retorted as he laughed his school girl laugh.

"Come on Frank." I said not in the mood anymore as he held his hands up.

"Alright Bill, just listen. My friend Bob is looking for room mates. Real chill dude. Maybe he can help you out." he replied with a shrug as I looked at him carefully.

"Legit?" I asked him slowly as he nodded before he smiled.

"Let's make a deal shall we peach? If you find a place with Bob, you have to help me with Jamia." he replied with a grin as I raised my eyebrow.

"I'll make you a better deal Iero. I'll do it, IF the place isn't shitty, and it's well managed." I retorted as he shrugged with a smile.

"You're in for a surprise Billie Beatrix."

After leaving the record store, I grabbed my bag and hoodie before slugging it over my shoulder. I walked into the crisp New York air with a shiver. I made sure my pepper spray was handy and ready to rock in case something went down. Just because I lived in the nice part of NY, it only made it twice as dangerous if you really thought about it. Like some crackhead could attack rich people because it was just that convenient.

Surprisingly I made it home safe and sound. The occasional cat calls creeped the hell out of me, but every damn alley was occupied with horny cats. I even skipped a little because I was feeling saucy. My happy ass trailed up the flight of stairs, only to have that sudden sauciness die right at my feet. The sight of seeing your bags by the door with a paper on top wasn't too appealing. I walked to my stuff and picked up the folded piece of paper with shaky hands.


Don't know how to tell you this but I'm sorry you're going to have to go. As you know, Ryland and I are trying to move forward with our relationship, and I just think it's best if we have some extra space. I'm really sorry to do this to you. Here's a hundred dollars to help you out some, it's not much, but that's all I have at the moment. Good luck Billie Jean and may you find something better.

- Cass

I crumbled the paper with tears burning my eyes, that stupid nickname. Perhaps I was crying because I was expecting this. I just didn't expect it to hurt so much.

"Cass please! I have no where to go!" I begged and knocked on the door, only silence answered me back. I had no choice but to grab my bags and walk away. Figuring I could buy some time until I figured out a plan, I decided to go Lily's diner and do...I don't know.

"Fucking Cassie." I muttered as I hauled my shit to the diner. I wasn't necessarily pissed at her for some reason. I wasn't that surprised she'd choose her boyfriend over me, we weren't best friends or anything, but we were still pretty close. However, I didn't feel so bad because this wasn't the first time I've had to leave something. I just had to learn how to move on I guess.

I walked into the diner and slumped into the nearest booth before putting my head in my hands and sighing. This was so not ideal.

"I'm a good person, hell I even pay my taxes." I reasoned out loud, gaining a couple stares from the other people as I muttered an apology. I felt like a stupid cliche movie where the girls ends up out on her ass, but eventually some rich handsome guy comes to rescue her. Please.

1. I'm in New York, nobody's that nice. 2. I doubt I'd find my prince charming some time soon. 3. I work at a record store, can't get more real than that. At this point, I'd rather rescue myself.

"Can I get you something warm to eat honey?" a woman asked as I looked up at her. She kind of reminded me of a slightly older Glenda the good witch. Her cherry lipstick was hard to miss.

"I'll just take a coffee." I replied simply as she nodded and smiled at me before walking away as I grabbed my bag. At least Cassie was nice enough to give me most of important stuff I needed. I was only missing, I don't know a bed.

"Fuck a duck." I muttered as I grabbed my wallet out and counted all the money I had. It was certainly wasn't enough to pay for an apartment, but it was a start. Glenda the good witch had came back with my coffee as I stirred in creamer and sugar. I don't know why I ordered it when it pretty much sat there until it was less and less warm. My mind went blank and I didn't even feel phased that I was almost broke and homeless. Guess I needed time to let it sink in.

I was digging through my purse once more as I suddenly remembered...Frank? Frank! The little short ass said he had a friend didn't he? I scrambled for the paper with the number on it before finding it and chewing on my lip. I wasn't sure how much I could trust Frank with shit like this. What if his friend was really just a crack monster who liked to play video games all day?

"Still." I whispered. I didn't really have a choice, it was better than having no options at all. I flipped through my wallet, stopping at a picture that I refused to look at. I lifted it with careful fingers and smiled at the boy staring back at me. I chewed on my lip as I knew he couldn't be a boy anymore. I didn't know who he was or where he was. Not knowing was better for me, it hurt less.

"Henny." I mumbled as I shook my head before standing up and tossing a ten dollar bill on the table before grabbing my bags and walking outside. I found a payphone and dialed in the number as I waited anxiously for someone to answer.

"Hello?" a voice asked. It was a guy for sure, but his voice was somewhat calm.

"Is this...Bob?" I asked curiously, knowing that was a dumb ass question.

"Yeah...who's this?" he asked carefully as I twirled the phone cord around my finger.

"Umm, this is Billie. I'm a friend of Frank? He told me you're looking for room mates, is the offer still available?" I asked softly while I heard him turn off something in the background.

"Yes. Yes it is." he replied a little eager as I smiled to myself with hope.

"Umm listen, I don't mean to just rush like this, but is there a chance I can come tonight? I kind of need a place now and I have money." I reasoned, not caring if this place was comparable to me.

"Oh...umm that's cool. Let me give you the address." he replied eagerly once more as I wrote it down.

"Awesome. Well thanks and I'll see you soon." I replied before hanging up and smiling once more. Maybe I might have some luck after all. I grabbed my bags once more and scanned the address. It wasn't too far from Frank's house, I remember seeing it often when I visited the little Gollum.

I made my way up to the apartment buildings and from outside it looked pretty cool. Nice painting and what not. I walked up the stairs before stopping at apartment 13 and knocking softly while straightening out my hair and coughing. I wanted to look somewhat presentable. I still got nervous as I wondered who this 'Bob' was.

The door opened and a guy with blond hair and icy blue eyes answered as I slightly froze. He certainly wasn't a crack monster, and if he happened to be one, then he was hot crack monster.

"Yeah?" he asked curiously as I stood there like an idiot.

"I c-called about the room mate thing? I'm Billie." I replied as he looked confused.

"You are?" he asked slowly as I nodded.

"Am I not what you expected?" I laughed slightly as he nodded.

"Well no, but it's just that I thought you were a dude..." he replied as I raised an eyebrow at him.

"A dude?" I asked confused as I looked at him. My voice didn't sound like a guy!

"Are you implying my voice sounds like a du-..oh..." I trailed off as I remembered now.

"You used the payphone at Lily's diner didn't you?" he laughed as I snapped my head up.

"Yeah, how did you know?" I asked with a smile as he shrugged. I noticed a black lip ring indented into his pink lower lip.

"It's infamous for changing people's voices. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed by now." he said shaking his head as I smiled.

"I know. I can't believe I fell for it again." I said shaking my head as he smiled.

"Well, umm come in." he said opening the door all the way and stepping aside as I walked in. It was surprisingly neat. It didn't have much furniture, just the basics like a couch and TV with a coffee table. I looked around at the paintings on the wall.

"Well this is it. You can look around if you want just in case." he shrugged as I nodded and did so. The kitchen was alright, and once I got the bedrooms, I was ready to take it. There was even a bed and desk in one of them. It seemed good enough for me.

"I'll take it." I teased as he smiled.

"Cool. Umm...well, my other room mate bailed on me at the last minute, so I was hoping to split the rent evenly among everyone. But since it's just me and you, we can split it 50/50. 500 hundred on the first of every month, we split the food, and all that junk, is that cool?" he asked as I nodded. It was a hundred dollars less than what I was paying while living with Cassie, of course it was cool.

"Yeah definitely." I nodded.

"Awesome. Well I guess you can feel free to pick a room, the bathroom's the last door is on the left." he put in.

"Thanks, I really appreciate this. I promise I won't be a bother. I mostly spend my time working. I work at Generation, so...I'll probably be just in my room listening to my iPod." I replied as he laughed.

"Well that And don't thank me, you're helping me out." he retorted while I smiled. He seemed cool. Oh my God, my room mate was a hunk a chunk. He was tall, and he looked muscular. I shook the thoughts as I realized I barely knew him.

"I'll let you get settled in. If you have any questions, or whatever, just ask. I'll be in my room."

"Okay. Thanks Bob." I replied.

"No problem...Billie." he smiled before walking down the hall as I went into my room while tossing my shit on the bed. With a little time and money, I could fix this room up until I figured out something else. Until then, I would have to make do.

Once I had everything set up, I plopped down on the bed and sighed as the bed was pretty comfy. How did I end up from one place to next? I was just a floater. I pondered the idea of showering, but I was still a little shy to walk out where Bob was. For once the short ass didn't let me down.

"Short ass?" I said out loud as I groaned. Great. Short ass won the deal we made earlier.

"Damn it." I muttered as I knew I would have to tell him sooner or later. Oh well, it couldn't be too bad...could it?
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