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"So she's a Keebler elf. Perfect."

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”Billie!” Hendrix yelled as a young girl with brown eyes and black hair laid crying on the floor as she nursed her arm.

“Henny help me!” she cried as he ran to her.

“What happened Billie?” he asked as he lifted her up while she whimpered in pain.

“I f-fell.” she stuttered as he hugged her before observing her arm.

“Can you move it?” he asked as she nodded.

“You're okay Billie, I'm here. It's alright.” he comforted as he kissed her head. She calmed eventually, while he brushed her tears away with his thumb.

“Henny, will you be there when I'm all grown up?” she asked him meekly while he nodded.

“Of course I will Billie, you're my little sister, it's my job.” he replied with a smile while she giggled.

“I love you Henny.”

“I love you too Billie.”

I love you Henny.

My eyes fluttered open and I gasped for breath as I sat up and put a hand to my chest. My forehead felt damp and my hair stuck to my face as I looked around my room. The naked walls staring back at me as I shook my head and got it together.

“Please don't do this to me. Don't make me remember again.” I pleaded with my brain. I didn't want to go back, it was too late for that. I needed to focus on here and the future. It just seemed more practical. I didn't need the extra stress put on me than what I already had.

“Get out of my mind Hendrix.” I mumbled bitterly. I sighed as I felt my phone ring, signaling the alarm as I shut it off with a huff before sliding off the bed and stretching my limbs. I curiously looked out the door for any sign of Bob, I heard movement in the kitchen, so he was obviously awake. I carefully walked out of the room and down the small hallway before stopping when Bob was in my sight as he searched through cabinets.

Note to self : Get food…healthy food. I said in my mind as I wondered how guys could live off a diet of cheez-its, beef jerky, and mountain dew. He stood up on the tip of his toes slightly as I found myself looking downwards until I realized I was checking out his ass. I gasped and looked up as I slapped my forehead. What was wrong with me? He was just some dude willing to give me a room so I wasn't sleeping in an alley. But still…he was just so-

“Oh, morning Billie.” he said as I snapped out of my trance as he was staring at me with a soft expression. I couldn't tell if he was mad or happy, his face was just…I don't know how to put it. His pale face contrasted with his black hoodie and lip ring.

“Good m-morning.” I stuttered slightly.

“Did you need something?” he asked curiously while I shook my head before composing myself.

“Oh I was just wondering…if I could borrow a towel for umm…a shower.” I said awkwardly as he chuckled before nodding.

“Yeah they're in the bathroom.” he replied as I nodded.

“Okay thanks.” I replied quickly before dashing back into my room as I groaned. I couldn't be more of a dumb ass then I already was. I just didn't want him to know that.

“Damn it Billie, get your shit together.” I whispered as I went through the small closet to pick out something to wear. I settled on simple jeans and a black laced top because I just didn't care this morning. I pulled out my flats and placed them by the door while a thought occurred to me. What was I going to use in the shower? I scrambled through my bag and almost got on my hands knees as there was separate bag with my toiletries. I really didn't want to ask Bob if I could use his shit. Thank God Cassie wasn't a complete bitch after all. I grabbed the small bag and clothes before heading into the bathroom and shutting the door quickly. I looked around at the black decorated art inside and raised my eyebrow. The dude has taste.

I searched for a towel inside the cupboard and pulled out a black plush one. I reached inside the shower and turned the water on as it started to steam. I undressed and stepped in while the water cascaded over me and comforted the tension I couldn't seem shake. Between everything that happened in the last couple years, it's amazing I was not an alcoholic or I wasn't alone in apartment with 20, 000 cats. Scratch that, it could still happen.

When I finish bathing myself, I step out and dry myself quickly before dressing into fresh clean clothes. I run a brush through my hair and use cotton swabs to get rid of the irritating sensation of water in your ears. When I'm halfway decent, I walk back to my room and let my hair air dry to its natural waves. I drop my clothes and reach for my purse before putting on what little make up I have. Which was really just eyeliner; some eye shadow, mascara, and lip stick if I'm feeling lucky.

I grab my bag and slip on my shoes and coat before walking out to the kitchen as Bob's watching TV from the kitchen counter. Why wasn't I surprised he was watching cartoons.

“Hello.” I said almost robotic like as I let him know I was in his presence, he smiled his soft smile as I looked away. Resistance really was futile.

“So, was there any other rules we forgot to go over?” I teased while he leaned back against the counter and scratched his short beard.

“Well. You're not allowed to go into the fridge. Don't touch anything in the living room, and don't EVER go in my room.” he replied as I looked at him speechless.

“I'm just messing with you, sheesh.” he smiled. “I'm not that much of a dick. You can do whatever you want, but if you're going to…you know have some `sexy time', just try to keep it down; my room is kind of close to yours.” he replied as I blushed. If he only knew the truth. `Sexy time' does not exist in my vocabulary.

“Oh I assure you, that won't be a problem.” I retorted sarcastically as he nodded.

“Then I think that covers everything.” he smiled.

“Well good.” I blushed once more.

“So you work at Generation Records hmm?” he asked changing the subject, for which I was grateful for, I nodded. I was glad he wouldn't question what I was doing here in the first place. I didn't want to explain my ex room mate kicked me out on my ass because of her sleazy ass boy friend. I think I would just tell everyone I'm in the witness protection program, that sounded good.

“Yeah but just temporary, nothing permanent.” I replied carefully while he nodded.

“That's cool.” he replied. `Cool' must've been his favorite word to use.

“What about you…what do you do?” I asked. Lame, we sound like we're on a date. I mean, I wouldn't have minded it and all, and just shut the fuck up Billie.

“Oh I'm a sound tech for bands, occasionally a fill in drummer. I work with local bands sometimes, but I'd like to work with `famous' bands, go on tour and stuff.” he replied casually while I nodded and clutched my bag tighter.

“Sweet, that sounds really cool.” I replied with genuine interest and not a fake `oh that's awesome' when really it's shitty.

Wait…did he just say drummer? Cause he can certainly bang my drum. Oh my God. I need to get out of here.

“Hey, well it's about time I get to leaving.” I said quickly while slinging my bag on my shoulder.

“Yeah I should too.” he replied before clicking the TV off and sticking his `man items' into his pocket like a wallet and stuff…? I didn't know what men had in their pockets okay?

“Oh and if you don't mind, I'll be bringing home some groceries, just because…” I teased slightly as he laughed.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I mostly just eat at work with the bands and such, but feel free to put some color into the fridge.” he shrugged.

“Will do.” I replied and smile while he looked at me before nodding.

“Great. I'll umm see you later?” he asked as I nodded.

“Most definitely.” I said pointing my arm like a lame ass. He waved before walking the opposite way as my eyes traveled down his back. Oh God, there goes that ass again…

“Ah!” I yelled as I shook my head and looked away.

I was so going to hell.

Billie Jean is not my lover; she's just a girl who claims that I've got a gun. ” I heard someone sing as I looked up to see Frank walking in as I rolled my eyes.

“Those are not the lyrics, what the hell do you want, and stop calling me Billie Jean! I was named after my great grandfather, not a damn whore who slept with Michael Jackson!” I yelled at him as he smiled and stopped at the counter where I was organizing receipts and other shit.

“But it's just so fun, and you're certainly no Billie Joe Armstrong.” He retorted.

“Shut up.” I retorted as he grinned.

“So how'd it go with Bob?” Frank asked curiously while picking up a Misfits CD as I looked at him very confused.

“How do you know?” I ask as he shrugged.

“Bob's my friend? I called him.” he replied simply.

“Nosy ass!” I retorted as he laughed and put the CD down.

“Whatever, so what happened?” he pushed as I fake smiled at him.

“Well, it went really…well. We have a lot in common! And he's sooooooo hot. We talked for a long time, but I think he must've put something in my drink, cause when I woke up I was naked and in his bed.” I replied with a confused tone as he looked sort of speechless while I giggled.

“It went good, okay? He seems like a cool dude, kind of quiet. Surprisingly he didn't seem like a complete dipstick like someone I know.” I added as he faked being hurt.

“You know it's hurtful when you don't trust me.” He replied.

“Then give me a reason to trust you!” I retorted as he shrugged.

“I guess. Anyways I told you so.” He replied. Of course he couldn't let it go. I ignored him for a few minutes while trying to finish my work until he had the urge to break the silence.

“Oh Ms. Billie, remember our deal yesterday?” he sang as I rolled my eyes.

“Yes.” I snapped as he smiled.

“So…will you help me?” he asked again as I slammed my book down on the counter while waiting for my break to end.

“Just out of curiosity.” I replied while leaning on the counter. “What is it about this chick? Because you have never been one to do something like this for a girl. Does she live in a Skittle tree or something?” I asked as he glared.

“NO.” he retorted while I held my hands out as if to say enlighten me.

“She's just…different.” he shrugged.

“That's so lame Iero.” I retorted as he blushed.

“Well what? She's just…I don't know. She's really pretty and stuff. And she's nice to people.” he reasoned while I rolled my eyes.

“So she's a Keebler elf, perfect.” I replied.

“Shush, will you just help me?” he asked once more.

“I just don't understand why I have to do this? Can't you just hire someone?” I asked curiously.

“Why would I waste my money, when I know you'll do it for free?” he smirked as I held my middle finger up proudly at him.

“Before I agree, where exactly is this going to get us? Like let's say she does fall for the trick, we just pretend like nothing ever happened?” I asked.

“Pretty much.” He nodded as I took a moment to think about it.

“Nothing more, nothing less.” he added.

“Good enough for me.” I replied with a shrug.

“So you'll help me?!” he half whispered/half shouted as I tapped the glass counter; before he stuck out his bottom lip as I rolled my eyes.

“Fuck, fine. Just stop doing that. Please.” I begged while he smiled and returned to his normal self.

“Thanks Billie! You are the best!” he screamed loudly on purpose as I glared at him.

“Get out.” I hissed. “It's bad enough you harass me at work like every day.” I replied.

“I don't harass you, I keep you company. Besides.” He said holding up a Misfits CD. “I'm a paying customer so you can't tell me shiiit.” he replied in a mock gangster voice as I shook my head.

“Yeah I'd love to see you walk out that door even more.” I replied while he smiled.

“Fine, fine, I've got to go anyways. But before I go, I think we should practice and stuff. You know about the whole Jamia situation.” he pointed out.

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“Cause if we don't, she'll know we're lying, duh.” he explained.

“But we are lying. Duh.” I retorted.

“Yes, but does she have to know that? Nooo.”

“Fine.” I said waving my hand as I didn't care anymore. This whole thing was stupid, but a deal was a deal and I actually did like where I lived now, so whatever.

“Whatever. When do you want to practice?”

“Umm…well I'm kind of busy tonight, so tomorrow? It's the weekend.” he offered while I shrugged.

“Yeah. Sounds good.” I said nodding.

“Cool beans. Check you later Billie.” he replied tapping the glass before leaving while I watched the short ass leave the store as I sighed and looked at the huge pile of CDs before I groaned and let my head rest against the counter. I was living with a stranger (who`s ass I couldn`t stop checking out), I'm going to pretend to be my desperate best friend's girlfriend, and I still work at a fucking record store.

What had my life come to?

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