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Putting the plan in motion.

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(A/N: So here's chapter tres. I might edit later when I have a chance, but hopefully you like it. Now I can really start getting into character. Holds up mirror, I apologize if it sucks, I just needed to get it out. Anyways thanks for reading as always, and PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW as usual. Thanks pals. xo Lila)

The next morning I woke up surprisingly early, considering it was Saturday. I guess when you’re used to getting up early, it kind of just sticks. Whatever the case, I hopped off the bed in desperate search of caffeine, which was weird because I never craved it until the afternoon.

“Keep this up, and you’ll be living in a padded cell.” I scolded myself as I wiped my eyes. At least he stayed out of my dreams for one night. I shook my head and walked out to the kitchen, shivering slightly at the air that seeped through the door. I reached the kitchen and embraced the moment of silence while staring at nothing. Usually I would’ve heard Cassie’s annoying ass radio blaring Britney Spears, but not here. It was almost…calming. Almost.

My stomach rumbled in an embarrassing feat as I looked around and checked to see if Bob was awake yet. I poked my stomach to shut it up before deciding to make breakfast, as well as for Bob, and just not myself…cause that would be rude.

I searched through the fridge and a 150 dollars worth of food, yeah healthy food isn’t the cheapest. It’s like the world wants to bitch about obesity, yet they can’t lower the prices on a damn stalk of celery. I sighed as I settled on eggs, bacon, and some fruit before getting a pan out and heating it up with oil. I hoped Bob didn’t mind I was helping myself to his utensils, but I was making him breakfast, so he really didn’t have a reason to bitch about it.

When the eggs are done, bacon’s nice and crispy, and the fruit is neatly decorated on a plate, I admire my little masterpiece. It amazed me how comforting food was. I popped a piece of kiwi into my mouth before letting the sweet taste coat it as I chewed on my lip and looked around the some what familiar apartment. It would be so much cooler if it just had some color to it.

“Something smells good.” I heard a voice say as I almost jumped while turning around to greet Bob. His cute ginger hair was slightly messy, except his fringe managed to stay in place. His blue eyes looked tired, and I look away immediately as I realized he was in a black shirt and plaid boxers. Bloody hell.

“Y-yeah I hope you don’t mind, I made breakfast for you- I mean us-I mean us both.” I stuttered as I rolled my eyes inside. What was with me every time he appeared out no where. He kindly smiled before walking to the fridge and taking out the orange juice.

“Well that’s sweet of you.” he replied as I blushed. He just called me sweet.

“Yeah, I’d just thought it’d be sort of a ‘thank you’ for letting me stay.” I replied shyly.

“It’s no problem really.” he assured me as I nodded while he grabbed a plate. I didn’t feel right just going through his cabinets. He handed me one anyways, as I thanked him through a smile. I tried not to think about the fact that he was in his boxers, AND he was at least three inches taller than me, he could probably pick me up and throw me if he wanted to. Lord only knows I wasn’t cursed with the curse of curves.

“Well if you don’t mind me asking, why did you need a place to say?” he asked curiously in a tone that told me he wasn’t sure if he should ask such a question. I groaned inside as I knew the question just couldn’t go unasked. I prepared for the inevitable and gave a small sigh.

“Well umm…I was room mates with a girl named Cassie, she came in one day at Generation and we just sort of bonded. She mentioned she was looking for a room mate, and at the time I was staying with Gerard and Mikey, and well I was desperate to get out.” I teased. “Anyways, over some time, she started seeing this guy named Ryland, who’s a total douche nozzle; but she’s too retarded to see that. They we’re on again, off again, we didn’t really get along. He was a jerk to me, but I didn’t care, so I let it go. And I guess he convinced Cassie to drop me. I came home from work, my stuff was at the door.” I replied simply while twirling the strings to my pajamas, my mind going blank. He scratched his beard before making a ‘hmm’ sound.

“Well that really sucks.” he replied bluntly. “I’m sorry that happened to you.” he added as I shrugged.

“Can’t win em’ all.” I smiled trying to lighten up the situation as he nodded. I didn’t want him feeling sorry for me, if he only knew Cassie was the least of my problems.

“You sure can’t. But if it’s any consolation, you can stay here as long as you need.” he offered while I blushed again but smiled.

“Thank you, I don’t want to be a bug.” I replied as he waved his hand up and down.

“You’re not a bug.” he smiled before pouring the orange juice into a plastic green cup.

“Besides, you might not be the only one. Someone else could be moving in too.” he added as I suddenly felt a pang jealously inside me. What if I didn’t want someone else to move in? How could I be so selfish with a person I just met?

“True.” was all I could say as I poked at my bacon before tearing off a piece and chewing it. We somehow moved to the small table nearby while I we ate in silence. I desperately kept my eyes glued to my plate, and not the fact that his muscular arms were in plain view of me. They looked so…toned. I slapped myself mentally once more. I just really couldn’t stop being a dumb ass could I?

“Oh, speaking of being a bug, how do you know short ass?” he asked curiously as I giggled slightly.

“It’s a long, stupid story.” I replied slowly as he made a hand gesture that motioned for me to go on.

“Well.” I started off again. “Me, Gerard, Frank, and Mikey met in high school. I wasn’t really close to them, but my Frank had a crush on my ex friend Lily. Lily of course didn’t give him the time of day, no mattered how hard he tried. Eventually he gave up, and Lily moved to California. We didn’t speak after that and I never knew why, but it only opened a new door for friendship between Frank and I. We just started talking to each other. We got more close when we moved to New York. I don’t know how it happened.” I answered honestly as he smiled.

“Frank did always like the bitchy ones.” he retorted as I laughed and agreed.

“Hey.” I suddenly said. “How do you know Frank? Did you go to Belleville High?” I asked curiously. Surely I would’ve remembered someone like him. He shook his head.

“No, I’m from Chicago actually. I met Frank and Gerard through some mutual friends, we just sort of clicked.” he shrugged as he continued to eat the food. By the way he enjoyed it, it was obvious he wasn’t used to home cooking like this. The poor thing.

“Oh.” I replied with a nod as I finished the fruit off my plate.

“Yeah. I came to New York when I got my job. Best decision of my life.” I heard him mumble as I smiled at him.

“I know what you mean.”

After I showered and was dressed, I felt my phone go off as I grabbed it off the bed.

Meet me at my place @ 1 pm. We have to practice…buddy. (: it read as I made a face at the message, but replied.

Fine I hit the reply button bitterly as I watched a check mark appear on the screen before shoving my phone into my jean pocket. I looked around the room once more and sighed. The white walls were starting to cramp my style, or therefore lack of style. I guess since I was already meeting short ass, perhaps I could pick up a few things while I’m out. Anything to splash some color onto these walls.

I couldn’t help but wonder what Bob’s room looks like. A thought jumped into my mind as I looked around. Bob had already left to fill in for a band, his presence no where to be seen. A smirk appeared onto my face as I curiously looked at his door. It wouldn’t hurt if I just took a little peek could it?

I slowly tip toed to his door where I shakily reached for the door knob, but I pulled back, my conscious smacking the shit out of me.

“Nosy bitch.” I scolded myself. What was wrong with me? Looking into my room mates room? It was wrong…but so right. I shook the thought away and made myself turn away from the door, go back to the room and get my bag before leaving the apartment to meet short ass.

I walked through the busy streets of New York, grudgingly being pushed against people as I squeezed through. It was only the next moment that was the real cherry on top of a fantastic moment. A person tripping…hot coffee…spilling…onto me. I gasped as the hot liquid seeped through my shirt while I patted it quickly to cool it.

“Hot, hot, hot.” I chanted as the wind helped me out some.

“I’m sorry miss!” I heard some say as I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t be sorry, just watch where your going huh?” I asked sarcastically before continuing my way onto Frank’s. I looked down at my coffee stained and whined. It was my favorite shirt…

I sighed as I made my way up to Frank’s apartment. Unlike me, he had parents who cared. They helped him out with most of it, however they didn’t know Frank’s plan to go to NYU was a crock of shit. I didn’t know what the little bugger was planning, except he kept putting me into the mix of it.

I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. I heard laughter from several voices until the door opened, my glare in full action, dropping when I see it’s not short ass.

“Oh, it’s you.” I replied as Gerard smirked at me.

“Now is that any way to treat a friend?” he asked me as I smiled at him. Despite me moving out of his place, we remained friends. Although the images of Gerard’s many one night stands still tortured me to this day.

“How are you Gee? Got anyone pregnant yet?” I teased.

“Nope, but if I do, I’m sure you’ll see me on Maury.” he replied as I smiled.

“Billie!” someone screamed as I winced, it was obvious who did it.

“You texted me?” I asked sarcastically as he nodded.

“Yes I did. What’s that on your shirt? Still spilling your food again? God Billie, it’s not hard to just use a bib-”

“Shut up Frank! I didn’t spill my food. Someone spilled their coffee on me while I was on my way here.” I snapped while he laughed.

“Tough break.” he replied.

“So.” I retorted cutting to the chase. “Are we going to go over this or what?” I asked as he held his hands out.

“Fine.” he said motioning me to step in as I shut the door behind me with Gerard in tow. I walked to the living room where Mikey was sitting on the couch with his phone in one hand, and the TV remote in the other. How did he do that?

“Mikey.” I said to him as he looked up at me.

“Billie.” he smiled before standing up to hug me.

“How are you?” I asked as he shrugged.

“I’m good. How bout you? Frank said your living with Bob.” he replied as I nodded.

“Yeah. It’s going good.” I replied.

“Good. I hear your going to be Gollum’s girlfriend for the week.” he smiled as I looked at him then Frank before my cheeks felt hot.

“You told them?!” I shouted at Frank as he held his hands out.

“What? It’s not that big of a deal.” he shrugged as I rolled my eyes.

“Does anybody know how to keep secrets around here?” I asked rhetorically, knowing the answer was no.

“Aw come on Bill, don’t bust my balls.” he replied while I shook my head. I didn’t get paid enough for this shit. I didn’t even get paid at all!

“Well can we at least go get some coffee first?” I asked as he nodded.

“Sure.” he shrugged and looked back at Gerard who was playing with his raven black hair.

“Are you coming?” he asked them.

‘Nah, probably not. I got some things to do.”

“Like visit planned parenthood?” I retorted as he flipped me off while I giggled to myself.

“Everyone give a round of applause for Billie. She thinks she’s funny.” he retorted while I smiled.

“I don’t think. I know.” I replied as he stuck his tongue out at me before he gave me a hug. That was the beauty of friendship I guess. You can talk all the shit you want, then the next minute it’s nothing but love. (Enter Circle of Life song here.)

Mikey gave me a hug before he said by to us and both of the Ways were out the door. I turned to Frank as I motioned to my shirt.

“Can I borrow one of yours?” I asked him as he nodded. I watched him walk down the hall to his room until he disappeared for a few minutes. I counted four split ends by the time he came back with a shirt.

Took you long enough I said in my mind as I unfolded the gray shirt. Nirvana. Nice. I took my shirt off and replaced it with the Nirvana shirt. And if you’re wondering, no I just didn’t change in front of my best friend, I was wearing a black spaghetti strap underneath it; which smelled like peppermint mocha by the way.

“Thanks.” I said to him as he smiled while grabbing his keys as we made our way out the door, with him locking it behind me. We trotted down the stairs as I looked at him.

“You know you’re really being dramatic about this.” I teased as he laughed.

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s just all I can come up with. It won’t be too long.” he assured me as I shrugged.

“Whatever you say Iero.”

“Okay, so I think I got it.” I replied as I sipped my coffee. We both sat by the window seats while I watched taxis pass by.

“Shouldn’t be too hard, you know we just pretend. It’s all it is. Pretend.” he assured me while I nodded.

“Okay let’s try it.” he said eagerly. “Just pretend she’s coming through the door and sees us. We act all cute. Maybe you can compliment me.” he added while I laughed.

“Oh Frankie, your lips are so luscious.” I teased as he rolled his eyes.

“Come on.” he replied as I nodded.

“Okay. Okay. Frankie’s desperate act to get a girl take one.” I replied as he scooted the seat next to me. He looked at me before putting an arm around my shoulder and leaning into my ear.

“This is the part where I whisper something seductive in your ear, and you giggle.” he smiled as I laughed slightly before nodding.

“Frankie, stop it.” I said shyly while tapping his shoulder as he nodded in approval.

“Good.” he smiled as I gave him a thumbs up.

“I’ll call you Frankie Bear for depth.” I nodded as he rolled his eyes.

“Please.” he retorted.

“Okay what about this.” he replied placing my hand on the table before lacing it with his. I felt slightly awkward as skin grazed skin while I found myself looking into his green eyes. We stayed like this until he suddenly pulled back and retracted his hand.

“Umm.” he said as I laughed nervously.

“Umm.” I repeated while he smiled.

“Well I think you got the idea right?” he asked me as I nodded.

“Yeah shouldn’t be too h-hard.” I replied quietly, not finding a voice for some reason. The tension only progressed as I heard Frank gasp.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Shoes hear.” he mumbled as I looked at him.

“What?” I asked confused.

She’s here.” he whispered as I looked up and found a girl with noticeably red hair. It was short, down to her shoulders, and her creamy complexion complimented it. Her eyes were a green, the same as Frank’s, and she matched his height. She wasn’t skinny, but she was curvy in a good way, it suited her well. She was pretty. Certainly different than Lily, and the regular big booby girls I’ve seen.

“She’s cute.” I shrugged at him.

“Yeah.” he said dreamily as I rolled my eyes.

“Go say hi.” I said simply.

“What?!” he asked me snapping out of his trance.

“Go. Say. Hi.” I repeated. “Buy her a coffee. Do something.” I motioned to the girl while her eyes scanned the menu list.

“I can’t.” he replied shyly.

“Frank, you ask girls to sleep with you on the spot. You can’t ask the chick if you can buy her a coffee?” I asked seriously while he blushed. I studied him before I gasped.

“You really do like her!” I cooed. “That’s so sweet.” I replied.

“Would you shush?” he whispered huskily.

“But it’s just so adorable!” I smiled.

“Shut up.” he blushed as I looked at him before looking down and laughing. He was so adorably retarded.

I really should charge for my services…
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