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Chapter 13

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It had been a month since we had discovered our fate. I was lay on our bed staring at my belly - I had put on alot of weight, I sighed and stroked my belly. It soothed me instantly. I was in a pair of Gerard's boxers and one of his tees - he said he liked me wearing his clothes. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and sighed, the morning sickness had gone but I was dreading telling Donna I was pregnant. What would she think of me !? Messing up my life, Gerard, the baby we were bringing into the world and her life too. I stared down at my belly and sighed again. Please only be a small baby bump. I mentally begged to myself. I looked up to see Gerard walk into the room, he was wearing only his boxers and he looked amazing. He grinned when he saw me rubbing my belly and walked over. He kissed my lips gently before lying on his side next to me and propping himself up on his right elbow. He watched my stomach and gently brought his left hand to it. He slowly caressed my bare skin as I lay my head back and sighed happily. His cool fingers stroked patterns on my stomach as I closed my eyes.
"Gerard, w-when are we going to tell Donna ?" I asked worriedly. Gerard gazed up at me with a relaxed expression.
"I'm not sure, she will start to get suspicious soon." I nodded and cuddled up to him, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. Suddenly I began crying - I felt like complete shit, I had ruined everyones lives.
"Honey whats wrong !?" He asked as he stroked my cheek, wiping away my tears.
"I have fucked up everyone's lives getting pregnant yours, mine, the baby's, Donna's ... everyones - I'm so sorry.."I cried into his chest.
He lifted my chin up so I was looking straight into his eyes.
"Now listen Ellie, it's my fault if anything - I didn't wear protection - I came onto you first, so if someones to get the finger pointed at them - it should be me."
I sobbed into his chest until tears were all shed and I felt exhausted.
"I love you so much Ellie." He whispered to me, I smiled and hugged him tighter.
"I love you too Gee Gee." I whispered back.
I heard him chuckle, " Gee Gee ? ... I like it." I smiled at the fact he liked his nickname I made for him. I buried my face into his chest and drifted into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the feeling of someone stroking my belly, I smiled when I saw Gerard tracing a detailed picture onto my flesh. He looked up at me and smiled when he realised I was awake.
"Morning mommy." He giggled.
"Morning Daddy." I replied grinning. He smiled back and held his hand out to pull me up. Once I was up we strolled down the stairs together, everyone was sat down and eating when we arrived.
"Morning love birds." Donna greeted us, I smiled sheepishly and sat down in my place next to Gerard. He held onto my hand underneath the table.
"Momma ... w-we have something to tell you.." Gerard stuttered. Fuck, I wasn't ready for her to know yet. I bowed my head and blinked the tears back.
"W-we ... I got Ellie --"
"I'm pregnant - I-i'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner." I sobbed, Gerard pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.
It was complete silence as we waited for Donna's reply.
"Finally you decide to tell me !" She cried out happily. Wait - What !? Me and Gerard looked at her in confusion.
"I saw the pregnancy test when I was emptying the bins - I didn't know whether you were going to keep it quiet from me. I'm so glad you finally told me!"
I was completely stunned, it was official. Donna was the most laid back parent I have ever met.
"So how far along are you ?" She asked excitedly.
gerard had his arms wrapped around me tightly as he fed me and himself pancakes.
"Three and a half months." I grinned.
Donna clapped happily, I glanced over at Frank and Mikey - they both seemed shocked and happy.
"Trust Gerard to knock her up within the first few weeks of knowing her." Frank tutted grinning. I giggled whilst Gerard glared at him.
"Who cares !? We're gonna be uncles !" Cried Mikey happily, punching the air and causing half of his food to go flying. Donna sighed and began tidying up.
"Come on." Gerard whispered in my ear and he took my hand and led me up the stairs.
"Get dressed beautiful." He said as he began picking himself an outfit.
"Why ?" I asked confused.
"We're going for your first scan!" Gerard cried out excitedly. Oh my god. We were going to see out baby. Shiiittt. It would be weird seing a little person, living and forming inside of me. I nodded and walked over to the wardrobe and chose and outfit. I had bright blue skinny jeans on, a black iron fist tee, one of Gerard's black hoodies and my black converses. I walked into the bathroom and sorted my hair, makeup and deoderant. I walked out feeling nice and clean, to see a drop dead gorgeous Gerard stood waiting for me. He held out his hand for me to take as he guided me to the stairs. I held his hand tight as we walked down the stairs, he grabbed Donna's car keys and headed out the door. The air was cool and crisp against my cold skin - typical march weather. He opened my car door for me as I hopped into the passenger seat, I couldn't control my excitement and nerves. Gerard started the engine and gave me a warm smile. As we pulled out the drive I let myself get lost in my thoughts.
I felt the car come to a stop and as I looked around I realised we were in the hospital carpark. I gulped loudly as Gerard opened my car door and helped me out. He slipped his arm around my waist and massaged my side as we walked towards the hospital. My heart was going insane as we stopped at the receptionist.
"Hello we have an appointment with Mr.Portan." Gerard spoke politely.
"Sure just turn left down the hall - rooms got his name on." The receptionist replied as she filed her nails. We nodded in thanks and made away towards the door.
I rested my hand on the handle and Gerard kissed me gently on the lips, I smiled and walked in with him behind me.
The hospital was bright white and had a disinfectant smell hanging in the air. An old aged man turned from his computer.
"Ah! Hello there.. Ellie is it ?" He welcomed me. I nodded shyly.
"Please just sit yourself on here and lift your shirt up so we can see your stomach." I obdiantly did as I was told. I shivered at the contact of the cold gel, I held Gerard's hand tightly as he leaned forward - his eyes glued to the monitor.
Dr.Portan put his scanner on my stomach and started to adjust it. Then I saw it. Our baby. I gasped and cried tears of happiness when I saw it happily sleeping. I turned to Gerard who had tears of joy in his eyes.
"Would you like to know the sex ?" The doctor asked, I turned to Gerard who shrugged.
"Shall we leave as a surprise ?" He asked me, I simply nodded - too over whelmed to speak.
"Okay, but if you change yur minds, you can come find out anytime. Oh and your baby is perfectly healthy."
I felt the tears pour down my cheeks, "How far along am I ?" I asked through the tears.
"I would say your about 3 and a half months - nearly four, which means your bump will begin to show soon.Although I must say - this baby is quite big for its age, so it will be healthy and strong." I turned to Gerard who was grinning his head off, I couldn't help but giggle with excitement. Know that I had seen our baby - it made me want to hold them and love them even more. The doctor handed us a photo of the baby in the scan and left me to pull my tee down and leave.
"Oh my god I cant wait to meet them !" I cried out squealing happily ! Gerard laughing and hugged me tight.
"Me neither, I cant believe we're going to be parents !" He cried out excitedly. He took my hand and led me out the hospital and to the car. We sang along to all the songs on the radio on the way home. When we pulled up infront of the house Gerard helped me out of the car and held my hand all the way into the house. We walked into the living room to see Donna, Mikey and Frank watching a programme on the television.
"Look at the new edition to our clan!" Gerard squealed as he passed the photo around. Everyone squealed and snatched at the photo excitedly, Gerard sat on the sofa grinning and pulled me onto his knee. He held me tight and buried his face into my neck. I sighed happily and kissed his forehead lightly.
"Do you know what sex it is ?" Donna asked whilst Frank and Mikey squealed over the fact they were uncles.
"No we want it to be a surprise." I smiled, Donna leaned forward and kissed the top of my head and hugged me.
"I'm so pleased for you both, even thought your young - your both mature enough to take care of this baby, even if it doesn't seem like you can." I smiled at her kind words and followed Gerard up into our room, clutching the photo of our baby.

Gerard has gone round to hid house to get us a film to watch, so I have some peace and quiet time to update the story :') xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Much love and thanks xxx Ellie Frank xxxx
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