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Freedom To Stare

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After finishing breakfast, Frank and I sat at the table waiting for the person who was to free us from each other for 15 minutes. Those fifteen minutes would be like dining in heaven. But after those fifteen minutes the table would get ripped out from underneath me only to fall thousands of feet down to hell and be strapped to the devils spawn


Some one knocking on the door broke the awkward silence between frank and me. I walked to the door with frank and peeped through the spy hole. The man standing before the door was tall and lanky. His light brown hair was slightly ruffled atop his head and his thick-rimed spectacles hung off the edge of his noes.

Seeing that he looked like he wouldn’t shoot me in the head, I opened the door.

“Who are you?”I asked the man through the slight crack I had created with the door so that he wouldn’t see frank and I wouldn’t have to explain everything to him.

“My name is Michael Way and I am here to Uncuff you for 15 minutes. Assuming you haven’t tried anything yet?”

“Oh ok come in then”I said standing aside and quickly hitting frank with the door as it came around.

“Fucking bitch”frank mumbled to me


“Its Miss bitch to you turd face!”I turned to the Michael guy and held out my cuffed hand to him expectantly.

“You know you could have come earlier Mikey before things could have happened!”frank said looking at him while rubbing the mark that the door left on his face.

“You know I have a life Frankie and Gee only told me about your situation this morning. Did he really drug you?”

“Yes and Mikey you don’t have a life. Your life consists of work, food, sleep and d and d”

“Pusshfff..No it doesn’t“he scoffed.

“Wait you two know each other?”I asked the two men.

Frank opened his mouth to say something smart no doubt but Mikey interrupted.

“I’m your commanders younger brother and yes I know frank because we went to school together. Therefore because I am known to frank and am trusted by my brother, I am to take care of the hand cuff situation”he replied taking the keys out of his pocket and unlocking the chain.

Once free I was gone. I grabbed my clothes and ran to the shower before frank had the chance to get there before me.

Jumping in under the soothing hot water, I prepared to purify myself of any sent that frank may have left on my skin.

Turning the nozzle off I hoped out of the shower. After drying myself and putting my clothes on I looked in the mirror. My reflection showed an exhausted version of the woman I am. I still had the same bases of my looks. I had an hourglass figure and a heart shaped face, with high cheekbones. However my pale skin was dull and grayish in exhaustion. My sharp green eyes had become glassy. And my butt length chocolate brown locks had become Dull and frayed.

A knock on the door brought me out of my little pity trance.

“Can you hurry up? I want a shower before we have to be together again” frank Snipped

“Okay fine”I shouted back to frank.“I was finished any way,”I continued as I opened the door and walked out to the lounge were that Michael guy was sitting. I sat down in my favourite spot by the TV and turned it on.

“So why do you and frank hate each other so much? I mean he’s not a bad guy. Even though he can get a little carried away sometimes, but he is a nice person”Michael piped up suddenly.

“Look Michael…”

“Please call me Mikey every one else does”

“Okay Mikey then. The fact of the matter is there are a lot of reasons why I hate frank but i am sure that if i were to explain them you wouldn't understand because you and frank are friends so you have a set opinion of him”

“Try me”

God were do I begin?

“Um okay. Well first of all he is a man whore, He is annoying, egotistical, bratty, disgustingly unhygienic, is thick, vile, ignorant, shallow, moronic, a coward, crazy, pea brained, hairy, smelly, midget, freak of nature that takes up more space then he is worth”I said very matter of factly.

Mikey opened his mouth as if about to say something but shut it again.

“But if you must know the real story”I continued in a hushed tone.”He..I cant believe I’m telling you this but…”why was I telling this to the guy I have just met? I think it was because he just looked so…cute? Well he did have some sort of vulnerability to him I guess.

I took a deep breath and continued,“He turned my very strait boyfriend…gay.”

Mikey gave a look as if he was about to explode with laughter but composed himself before replying.

“He turned your boyfriend gay so that’s why you hate him”

“And the other reasons as well..”I mumbled to him.

“Don’t worry I wont tell any one, I promise”he said as he took in the expression on my face.

He moved over to the couch I was sitting on and hesitantly brought me into an awkward hug. I awkwardly hugged him back.

We sat there in our embrace for what felt like a while. Knowing we had to break the awkwardness of it I pulled back.

Looking up I saw frank standing in the doorway of the bathroom in a towel. Looking at us like we both turned into demented creatures and started eating each other.

“Hey frank you might want to get dressed. You have to be joined together again soon.”Mikey said casually.

“God that was something that I didn’t need to see”I said looking at franks bare chest with a disgusted look.

“What jealous?”he asked smirking.

“Of what?”

“My extreme hotness”he explained licking his finger and running it down his chest while making a sizzling sound.

“Frank you have 3 minutes so hurry up or you have to get chained up like that”Mikey intervened sending frank away, which I was very thankful for. I was starting to like this Mikey guy. He just had a cuteness that made you want to hug him and never let anything hurt him.

“So…”Mikey piped up again“did you get the package?”

Thinking about the events of earlier this morning I got up and got the package the carrier man gave to me this morning. I silently brought it back to the couch.

“What is it?”I finally asked.

“Why don’t you open it?”Mickey replied with an embarrassed smile.

I ripped the top layer off and took the lid off. Looking at the contents inside a gasp escaped my lips. You have got to be fucking kidding me.
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