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Bring on the baby

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Weeks turned to months, and before we knew it, Ellie was only a week away from her due date. Her stomach was now extreamly noticable, huge against the rest of her skinny frame. We'd all helped with the pregnancy, looking after Ellie. Housing arrangements had changed to. Ellie had moved in with Gerard and Mikey so Gee could be with her, and so he would be there when she went into labour. I had moved into Frabks house after my dad was arrested. He had started a bar fight and ended up stabbing a man, who died. So my dad was in prison and Frank wouldn't let me live on my own, not that I minded living with him! 

We were all at Gerards house, surrounding Elle, taking it in turns to feel the baby kicking against her skin. They had decided not to find out the gender of the baby at the 2nd scan, so it was still a mystery. We had asked about names but they were keeping that a secret. While everyone was with Ellie, Gerard pulled me off to talk to me. 
"Whats up Gee?" I asked
"Im scared"
"Of what? the baby?" I asked him
"Of being a Dad. I have no clue what to do! I mean, what if the baby doesn't like me?! and I'm gonna be hoplessly! I mean, I'll probably end up dropping the poor thing. I'm not cut out to be a dad!" He paniced
"Gee. No one is ever ready. You learn with time. It will all come to you, it's instinctive. Don't worry, the amount of times you've looked after me, you'll be an amazing dad. This baby is lucky" I reassured him. He hugged me and wiped a stray tear from his eyes.
"GERARD!" we heard Ellie scream and we looked at each other in panic. We ran back in to see Ellie doubled up in pain on the floor.
"The babys coming" Frankie said, looking worried. My brain switched off and I went onto auto pilot. We'd planned this. I went straight upstairs and got Ellie's bag, before we piled into the car. Frank drove while me and Gerard sat with Ellie in the back. Mikey Mily ray and bob all followed us in a car behind. Ellie squeezed our hands as another contraction hit her. She leaned her head on Gerards shoulder, exhausted already. 
"Gee, I don't wanna do this, I'm scared" He said and started to cry. Gerard comforted her and stroked her stomach.
"Ellie, I know it's scary now, but soon this will be over and we'll have our beautiful baby to look after. We need to be strong okay?" He whispered and held Ellies hands. She nodded and Kissed him, but promptly pulled away when another contraction hit. We arrived at the hospital and Ellie was placed in a wheel chair and taken in.
"We can only I have two or 3 people in the room" One of the nurses said
"Gee, Emma, Frankie, would you?" Ellie asked and we all nodded. We went into the clean room where Ellie was placed on a bed. Midwives rushed around her, checking and testing and checking again. 
"Okay Ellie, your contractions are quite close together now, so about another 5 minutes and we'll start pushing okay?" One of the midwifes said and Ellie nodded. Her face was pale and scared but Gerard sat on the bed with her. He stroked her cheek and brushed her hair from her face. 
"Your doing amazing honey. Not too much longer and we'll have our beautiful baby, then we can be a family" He said and she nodded. More contractions came until they seemed to all blur into one. I held one of Ellies hands, Gerard the other, and Frank moped her forehead. When The midwifes instructed Ellie to start pushing, Gerard handed Frank Ellies hand and went to stand near the end of the bed. After what looked like moments of agony for Ellie, a tiny cry errupted into the room. Ellie flopped back, exhausted and weeping slightly. 
"We have a beautiful baby Girl" Gerard whispered. He walked towards us, tears in his eyes with a tiny bundle of White cloth. He leaned down and passed his new daughter gently to her mother where Ellie cradled her against her chest. 
"Little Hayley Helena Way" Ellie whispered and we all smiled 
"Thats such a beautiful name" I whispered and Ellie smiled up at me. Hayley opened her eyes and look at us. She had Her mothers bright blue eyes, but her dads Thick black hair that matched perfectly with her pale White skin. 
The restof the guys came in, and everyone took it in turns holding little hayley. She got bigs hugs from her uncle Mikey, who had to pass her on because he was worried she would 'drown in all the tears he was crying'.

Frank held her and she grabbed tightly onto his finger. 
"Hey beautiful. I'm your uncle Frankie aren't I. Your gonna be the most spoilt baby ever" He giggled. It got late and Pretty much everyone fell asleep. Ellie handed Hayley to me before drifting off snuggled up to Gerard who was in the bed next to her. The guys had gone to get coffee and I sat in one of the chairs, cradling Hayley. 
"Lets do it" Frank whispered from next to me.
"Excuse me?"
"Lets get married and have a baby. I'm ready. I think little Hayley would like a cousin" He said and I smiled at him. I kissed his cheek. 
"Im ready to. All you have to do is ask..." I said and he grinned, like he was coming up with a plan. 

Hayley settled In well at her new home in the Way houshold. She kept us entertained for hours.  
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