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Friday night… I stood in front on the full mirror, looking at my appearance, my simple white shirt with my black thin tie, my black tight skinny black jeans, my black converses, my small amount eyeliner, I put my lip ring threaded threw my bottom lip and nose piercing rings in, let the metal hit my teeth as I bit on it trying to decide whether or not to change again, or not go at all, I mean I wanted to but I just didn’t feel in that kind of mood for it.
I heard a loud honking sound from outside, I looked out of my window to see the Bob’s car, Pete’s head sticking out of the window looking up at me, then waving.
I smiled and rushed downstairs, grabbing my cigarettes, my phone and my money.

“Mom, I’m off,” I said.

“Okay, be good and don’t get too drunk!” she yelled, I rolled my eyes and went. The cold night air hit me, I rushed over to the car, the loud metal music booming out of the stereos, I got in the back next to Patrick.

“Hey Frankie boy,” Pete said, high on sugar probably as he cheeky smile greeted me.

“Come on then before we get too old,” I said. Bob started to drive, it only took us a few minutes to get there, Bob pulled up, we all left the car and went into the over heated, over packed night club, the lights were low, the music was booming, the bodies were packed in, grinding and making out in different places. We managed to get over to the bar and order our drinks. I just hope I didn’t get drunk.
I feel woozy, god knows how many drinks we’d had, we were sitting down drinking our next drink. Pete and Patrick were hugging and giggling as Patrick tried to get more of his drink but Pete would pull him back of another kiss. Bob was trying to do a drink competition with Ray, I was the ref.

“N-No more,” Ray slurred, resting his head on the table.

“Loser,” Bob slurred as he made a ‘L’ shape with his index finger and thumb, putting his against his forehead and then dropping it down on his lap, with the sound of his hand smacking down on his other arm.

“Come on sexy,” Pete said to Patrick as he literally dragged Patrick out of the club, they were in love, god you’d have to be blind to see it, Patrick was like a love sick fool around him, and the same with Pete, but Pete was more flamboyant, he was more open with his feelings but not with Patrick, he hid them, he was scared of rejection. I guess a few drinks helped them open up, it’s just that I hope that the next morning they don’t end up freaking out and regretting what they did.

“I’m going for a fag,” I slurred a little, I was probably half drunk, I still knew what I was doing, whereas Ray and Bob were pissed out of their minds, flirting with any bimbo that was easy, drinking anything that would make them more happy, I guess they won’t feel that when they are hung over some toilet throwing up their guts.

“You’re gonna have a gay man?” Bob asked confused.

“Cigarette stupid,” I said holding up my box of cigarettes. He nodded and then went back to his beer and having a drunken chat with Ray about stupid things that they’d never remember.

I stumbled to the door, pulling out my cigarettes, slipping one into my parted lips and lighting up, taking a long drag on the cancer stick.

“So what’s a beautiful boy doing outside a night club all alone?” I heard a dark mysterious voice ask me. I looked over to see a muscular tall guy, he was stunning, his black spiked hair that looked so good to tangle your fingers in, it was shiny, silky and nice, his piercing hazel eyes, his defined jaw line and cheek bones, his small lips and kind of pale pigmentation. He had tattoos covering both arms. His muscular arms crossed over his broad chest, he smirked at me.
I shrugged and took another drag on my cigarette.

“You know I could keep you company,” he purred seductively in my ear as he got closer, feeling his cold breath on my skin, just beside my ear.

“Could you?” I asked.

“Yes, if you want me too,” he chuckled.

I took another drag.

“You smell so good,” he growled against my neck.

“Err… thanks?” I asked confused.

He chuckled against my neck.

“God I want to taste you, you smell so good, I bet you taste good too,” he growled as he licked the shell of my ear, his tongue was cold and wet, sending shivers down my spine, for some reason I wanted to just run, run back into the club to Ray and Bob or to run home, to be safe in the comforts of my own home.
I gulped and squeezed my eyes shut, as I felt his lips against my neck, sucking of the flesh, I wanted to run but I seemed to have frozen in this one place, as if my body didn’t want to move, the message from my brain wasn’t been sent about my body.

“P-Please stop,” I choked out. He chuckled against my neck.

“I only want a little taste,” he said, I took a deep breath, suddenly his lips were gone, his presence had left me, I opened my eyes slowly, hoping that I wouldn’t open my eyes to see my nightmare right before me. I saw two bodies on the floor; the one guy was struggling to get out of the tight grip of the other one.

“Get off me!” the one yelled.

Suddenly the other one looked down at the larger man.

“Brian?” he asked, that voice, the voice that I need too well… Gerard.

“Gerard?” I asked nervously, the guy on top looked up at me, it was Gerard, his features weren’t as clear because of the darkness, but I knew it was him, his face turned from me to the other body on the floor, also known as Brian.

“Well, well Gerard, what a pleasant surprise,” Brian said with a smirk on this face, Gerard had a mix emotion showing up on the surface of his face, angry, pain, sadness, surprise.

“Where have you been? Why did you leave me?” Gerard asked quickly, it seemed to be that I was now in the distance, a ghost, watching over, I wasn’t apart of this but I was still stuck where I stood.

“I guess Gerard… I was looking for something new, I mean, you were looking for commitment and I wasn’t, but I can say you were good at satisfying a man, I haven’t found anyone that met your standards,” he said with a playful smirk.

“Y-You just left me,” Gerard choked out, showing his weaker side, the innocent side in him, the one that could get hurt easily.

“As I said, I was looking for something new, I’m guessing this is your new little pet, nice, he smells so good, no wonder you’ll attack anything that’ll try, but I guess it’s easier for me just to go about in the dark and kill whoever,” he said.

“W-What?” I asked.

Gerard’s eyes shot to me.

“The new reports? Oh I guess I do leave my mess about don’t I, they found the bodies quick enough, I guess I’ll have to move around a bit more,” Brian said.

“What’s the matter Gerard? Miss me? That’s not fair on your little pet now is it, stringing him along and just after one thing,” Brian said as he looked at me.

Gerard got off Brian and stood tall, but looked like a ghost, no expression.

“Fuck off Brian,” Gerard said firmly.

“Maybe I don’t want to, as I said I can’t find anyone as good as you, how about we make up for old times sake?” he asked getting up and seductively walking towards Gerard.

“Don’t you dare, you left me heartbroken for too long, leaving me just suddenly like that, I loved you, I made you into something better than this, better than going around killing any innocent person,” Gerard said harshly making the word shoot threw me, like bullets.

“Instead you make them hang on and on like this little human,” he said looking over Gerard’s shoulder to me.

“Don’t bring him into this,” Gerard snapped.

“Why don’t you run along little kid, you’ll just get hurt,” Brian said with a smirk around his smug face.

Gerard looked at me, I stumbled away, trying to breath, search for air, I stumbled my way home, trying to get my head around things. I didn’t understand anything.
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