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It's hard to say i love you

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ooooolaalaaaa love is in the air

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(Gerard’s POV)

I got up off the floor after about 5 minutes; I turned the shower off and quickly got out, maybe a bit too fast, as I slipped on the bathroom tiles and hit the wall, Ouch.

I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my waist. I went to the sink, grabbed the brush, and brushed my hair, and then I decided to mess it up, it looked better that way.

I went into my room quickly to grab my clothes; I opened the door and saw Frankie sitting on my bed reading one of my magazines.

Shit! I forgot he was in here.

“Hey gee...” He said as he looked up from what he was reading, looking at me a little surprised.

“I’m j...just getting my c...clothes,” I grabbed my clothes and turned back towards the bathroom, I could feel his stare on me, and I got self-conscious. I did not look to see if it was a bad stare or good, it was probably a bad stare. I just couldn’t look at him, I felt to embarrassed.

When I got into the bathroom I put on my clothes, I didn’t really concentrate on finding something particular to wear I just picked anything up.

I put on this gray stripy t-shirt and a black jacket, with some faded denim jeans and some worn out boots, though they looked good like that, I suppose I looked all right. I decided to put a bit of eyeliner on and some cologne, I turned back to my room. I opened the door and Frankie was in the same position as earlier.

“Urhh hey Frankie, aren’t you going to take a shower?” I asked.

“Yeah I won’t be long,” he said as he went to get his clothes and went into the bathroom, why didn’t I think of that.

I only waited about 15 minutes and Frankie was out. He had his black flag t-shirt that I brought for him the other day, I commented and said that it really looked nice on him so I’m glad he wore it. He looked amazing, his hair was a little ruffled, and he had some eyeliner on like me.

“Oh man I think I’m out of eyeliner,” he said as he looked down at his pencil eyeliner that was all gone. “Yep I definitely am.”

“Don’t worry I’ll get you some when we go out,” I said as I took the empty eyeliner out of his grasp and shucked it in the bin.

We went downstairs to my mom and Mikey, as they were just about to leave.

“Hey mom,” I said as I caught her attention.

“Yes honey?” She said as she turned around.

“Could you possibly drop me and Frankie into town please,” I said politely because I know how much she hates it if I ask when she is just about to leave.

She huffed. “Fine come on then,” she said as we all walked out the door, she unlocked the car and we all climbed in and waited as she locked the front door.

When she was done she jumped into the car, started the engine and we were off.


She dropped Frankie and I into town and as soon as we got there, we literally flew to pizza hut, we were so hungry, and luckily, the queue wasn’t that long.

When we got a table, we waited for a waiter to take our orders, and then waited for our food to arrive.

A woman with fake bleach blonde hair tied up in a bun, with one strand coming down brought our pizzas. She had bad fake tan, and let me guess, Fake nails as well.

She looked repulsive; there was nothing attractive about her at all. When she placed the pizzas on our table, she gave us a fake smile, though it was aimed more at Frankie, who was completely oblivious to her. Everything about her was so false it made me cringe; she looks like the kind who would offer 50p a go.

She finally left and Frankie and I were left to eat our meal in peace. I had pepperoni pizza and Frankie had a vegetarian pizza. We talked about school, how Frankie would really like to learn to play the drums. I think it would be awesome if he does. We also talked about a load of random stuff like, if you could spend a whole day with someone famous who would it be. I said David Bowie and Frank said Billie Joe Armstrong that would be awesome. Though spending all day and everyday with Frankie, is much better than spending a day with someone famous. We also ranted on about whether Guitar Hero, is any better than Rock Band, I had to say I preferred Guitar Hero so we agreed that we must buy it.

We finished our pizzas then went to an ice cream parlour.


“Hey gee, isn’t that the park we used to go to when we were kids?” he said as he pointed to it with his ice cream.

“Yeah it is, haven’t you been there since?”

“No,” he said as he put the stick to his ice cream in the bin.

“Well why don’t we go over?”

“Ok,” he said happily, as he walked to the park, he turned around and looked at me “Hey, race ya,” he said smiling.

“You’re on,” I said with a smirk. We raced each other to the park and surprisingly he beat me.

“Wow you can run fast for a little guy with little legs,” I joked teasingly

“Hey,” he said as he nudged my shoulder, “I’m not that short.”

“I’m only joking I meant that in a cute way,” I said only just realising I said that aloud, woops.

“Well that’s okay then” he said cheekily as he smirked and went to the swings. Man he needed to stop being so sexy when he spoke like that, I’m not exactly wearing the correct leg wear for that. I really needed to get round to getting looser jeans.

I joined him by the swings and we swung on them for a while just like kids again. Then we decided to swing at a slower pace so we could talk.

“Oh I love the park, it reminds me of being a kid again,” Frankie said as he looked up to the sky as if he was reminiscing the past.

“Well technically you are still a kid in a way Frankie,” I said then he looked at me with a dumbfounded expression and stuck his tongue out, it was ever so cute I just wanted to smother him.
“Yeah but you know, like a really little kid,” he giggled, I joined in with him. He has one of those contagious laughs, where you have to laugh with him. I love it.

“Hey Urmm Frankie can I ask you something?” I asked nervously, I think I might ask him out I need to tell him how I feel eventually or it will be the death of me. It is killing me being around him every day and not being able to hold him and call him mine, and give him the love that he needs.

“Sure, you can ask me anything,” he said as he turned towards me with those deep hazel eyes.

“Urmm, would you...Urmm,” fuck I cannot tell him it is to fucking hard, I need to show him how I feel about him, but when would be the right time. I do not know “Urmm. Ugh could you help me with ...this song that I’m doing for urhh music?”

“Urmm sure gee if you like,” he smiled.

I know I’m being such a wimp, but I think it’s better if I show him what my feelings are towards him. It would either be completely perfect or a complete disaster, though I had to do it. It was a complete lie; I could not keep backing out from telling him. Well I did have a song that was unfinished but, it was not for music at school and I did not need help with it.

“Hey gee can we go home now?” he asked while looking at me.

“Yeah if you want Frankie”

We started to make our way home, and I stopped at one of the chemists on the way to get Frankie some more eyeliner.
I heard my phone vibrate and I looked to see who it was, it was Mikey. I got a text from him saying that he is staying at one of his friends tonight. This could give me more time with Frankie now, yippee.
“Hey Frankie, mikey is at a friend’s tonight so it will just be me and you probably.”
“Okay,” he said giving me a quick smile
“Hey why don’t we get a film, some popcorn, and goodies?” I asked looking his way.
“Yeah that sounds cool,” He smiled.
So then, we made our way to the DVD store and got a really scary film and some goodies, then we made our way back home.


It was time for Mikey to leave for his friends tonight, though I was beginning to wonder that this ‘friend’ is more than that. Which I am actually quite glad, because than he won’t bug me so much for being a love sick teenager for Frankie.

We hung around with Mikey for a while until he had to leave; my mom just stayed downstairs talking to her friend on the phone, leaving Frankie and I to our own devices.

We were in my room just chilling out to music for a while, because it was still somewhat early and it’s always best to watch a horror later in the night.

Two hours went by and I decided it was time to watch the film. Frankie got the goodies from downstairs; I put the DVD in and set everything up to be more comfortable.

Frankie came up with the popcorn, two cans of coke, and some gummy bears in his hands.

I helped him with the stuff and we sat down on the bed and got comfortable. I turned the film on to play and we settled down.

We were half way through the film and I was so engrossed , that I didn’t even notice how scared Frankie was beside me, until he clutched my arm. He must of slowly but surely crept closer to me, as he had his one arm clutching a pillow and the other wrapped tightly around my arm. I stared at him maybe a little longer than I should have, because Frankie noticed and looked straight into my eyes. He looked ever so scared; he was even shaking a little. It was so adorable I just wanted to scoop him up in my arms.

“Sorry gee,” he said as he moved away, I could see a slight blush on his face when he said that.
I was a little sad from the loss of heat as he moved away.

“It’s okay Frankie, if you’re scared I’m here,” I said softly looking into his eyes “You don’t have to watch the film if you don’t want to?”

“No I do gee, there isn’t much left anyway, I’m just a little scared that’s all,” he said while looking down, I scooted next to him and whispered in his ear.

“You can use me as a pillow if you want to, again,” he giggled and said yes.

He curled his arm around mine and lay his head on my chest, which he did a lot lately, while watching the rest of the film.


The film had finished and it was late now, so we agreed to go to sleep. I turned off the light and slid into bed.

“Thanks gee,” Frankie whispered next to me.

“For what Frankie?” I said puzzled.

“For protecting me earlier when the film was on,” he giggled and I did to.

“Oh Frankie you’re so cute,” I laughed.

“No I’m not I’m a wimp who needs a shoulder to clutch and pillow while watching a horror film,” he giggled.

“Well that’s what makes you so cute Frankie,” I told him.

“Yeah because I’m a baby,” he giggled jokingly.

I sighed and turned sideways facing Frankie, even though I could not see him clearly I could tell he was still smiling.

“You know Frankie, your laugh is the cutest thing I have ever heard,” I said softly I think I had more confidence now that it was dark, it didn’t feel so difficult to tell him how I felt.

“Really?” he said surprised.

I laughed “Of course I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, I love it. In fact, I think I might be in love with it,” I said smiling.

“You’re in love with my laugh?” he questioned as he tried to stop himself from laughing.

“Well, it’s more of a giggle, but I love it.”

“Aww thanks gee,” he said as he hugged me, I got tingles all over, I never wanted him to let go. It was so cosy and warm I feel like I belong there, there in his arms.

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me thanks,” he smiled at me and looked into my eyes.

I laughed, “You don’t need to say thanks you prune.” I joked.

“Hey,” he slapped my arm playfully “You call me cute and now I’m a prune?”

“Oh shut up Frankie,” I teased.
“Oh so now you’re telling me to shut up,” he huffed “You can’t tell someone to shut up unless you can make...what are you doing?” he asked puzzled probably because I had my hand on his face.

“I’m looking for the snooze button,” I giggled and he joined in.

“You won’t find the...hey that’s my eye gee” he scoffed.


“There is no point apologising; you will pay for that later.”

“Oh is it that way now,” I said cheekily, I mean it’s only fair he has been talking like that for ages and things were going well.

“Yes, and you won’t find a snooze button here,” he said pointing to his face.

“So I can’t shut you up?”

“No.” he said, as I could smell his fresh strawberry breath, from the strawberry sweets we had eaten earlier.

“Oh can’t I?” I said seductively and that just set me off, he smelt so good and I just couldn’t help myself, I cupped my hands on his face and leaned forward and pressed my lips to his gently on the lips.

I heard him make a funny noise, probably from shock, but he soon melted into the kiss. I stroked the side of his face with my hand, whilst making little circles with my thumb.

I twined my finger through his hair and heard him moan softly in pleasure. He started to kiss me back and wrapped his arm around my waist nervously. I drew my arm around his neck to pull him closer and let the kiss deepen, Still weaving my fingers through his hair.

This is what I wanted, to show him how I feel, how I really feel about him.

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