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Awwww frank and gerard, theres no words to describe them really ^^ ALL HAIL FRERARD XD

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(Gerard’s POV)

The kiss felt so right and I knew from that, I had to have more; I had to be with him, be near him.
All these wonderful feelings inside my belly were all meshing into one and that one was love.
I cannot really explain the feelings, it is a load of great feelings into one, it’s hard to keep track of them all at once.

We carried on kissing as I dragged my leg up his, he started to fidget then he pushed me away breaking the kiss.
Shit, I hadn’t been too forward had I? Didn’t he like it? Fuck he probably regrets the whole kiss...I was cut off from my thoughts when frankie called my name.

“Gee look I...”

“Frankie I’m so sorry I...I shouldn’t have...” Frankie cut me off.

“Gerard!, the kiss was, was amazing it’s just...” he paused for a minute and I turned the lamp on so I could see his face, I had to let my eyes adjust to the light and as soon as I did, all I could see was franks locks covering his face. He had a slight blush on his cheeks that I could barely make out.

“F...Frank what’s wrong?” I hesitated.

“’s just I’m not sure I’m truly ready for this Gee...a...and I can’t go through the p...pain and hurt, I want someone who will r...really love me. I mean if you feel pity for me or sympathy I...”

“Frankie,” I cut him off at that point “I would never do that, I wouldn’t do something like this if I didn’t mean it Frankie,” I said as I scooted closer to him and put my hand on his, they were ever so cold.

“You really mean that Gee,’re not just saying that?” He stuttered while still keeping his head down.

“Of course Frankie, you mean so much to me,” I said then squeezed his hand slightly.
He slowly looked up with his cheeks still bright pink. He smiled shyly and leaned his head back on the pillow, sighing lightly.
I crawled down next to him mirroring his action then turning my head, facing him.

“You know Frankie, I... I think I’m in love with you” I tensed while blurting my words out nervously just waiting to hear the worst.

“ love me G...gee?” He questioned quiet shocked with my words.

“Y...yeah I do, I really do Fr... Frank” I said keeping my head down while occupying myself with the strands of my hair. Brushing the ends out which I seemed to do a lot when I was nervous.

“Wow Gee I...I think I love you too” He said while lifting his head up and looking me straight in the eyes, with those striking hazel eyes that made my heart melt.

It was quiet for a couple of seconds, as I just grinned goofily like a fool. I couldn’t stop my smile I was just so relieved that he felt the same way, well...I knew they was something there, I just never thought he would come out and tell me his feelings.
I always thought that he would just shy away from his feelings when it came to relationships.
I’m so thankful that he has come out and told me, no matter how simple it came out he still said it.

We were barley under the covers and Frankie was sitting upright now with his legs crossed Indian style, while his hands were in his lap fiddling with his thumbs.

I could see a slight smile underneath his chocolaty locks. He then moved his hand swiftly to tuck the strands of hair that fell on his face behind his ear. He cleared his throat ready to speak Looking straight at me as our eyes locked.

“Gee” He spoke lightly but still keeping that deep edge to his voice, which I loved.

“Yeah” I responded not able to wipe the smile off my face. I crawled up to him so we were now eye-to-eye.

“Umm,” he hesitated a little before saying what was on his mind “Does this mean your boyfriend now G...gee?” He said looking at me innocently.

I cracked a smile and then mentally slapped myself for being such a lovesick teenager. “Only if you want, Frankie?” I asked.

“Yep, I would like to be y...Your boyfriend” he smiled as he snuggled down into the covers, resting his head back on the pillow.
I sighed with happiness doing the same facing him, he gave me a big smile and it was now my turn to blush. Every time he blushed or laughed when he was with me just made me feel so much more certain of my feelings towards him. The fact that I was the one that made him laugh or smile, just gave me tingles inside.
We just stared at each other for a while, just admiring each other’s presence.

“Gee...c...can I kiss” Frankie whispered, I could barely hear him but I knew what he was saying and it just made me smile all the more.

My lips curled at the corners and my smile grew wider, if that is even possible. I think if I smiled any wider, I would need a bigger head, just so I could fit my eyes and nose on.
I giggled slightly and nodded my head, facing towards him as he leaned in nervously as our lips touched tenderly. He brought a shaky hand round to my back and I slipped my hand in his. The kiss was just as amazing as the first, better even. Though it was slower and softer, it had more passion, and feeling to it, it was not just a kiss but also a gift, showing his love for me, and boy I liked it.
Our hands entwined and it felt so special, good, amazing and, well you know where I am going with this.

I just have never had a kiss that felt this magical; it’s too good to put to words. I have never had anything like this to compare it to.

As soon as I craved more, he stopped the kiss, damn just when I was really getting into it, though I knew he was new to this and needed time, but he was good, so good.
I didn’t think it would feel this right, and make me go all funny and tingling inside like these.
It was truly amazing.

Frankie laid his head on the pillow, looking at me with those eyes I couldn’t resist. Every time I would stare at him or try glancing at him every now and then, I kept telling myself I had to stop. However, I had the feeling that I could stare at him forever now.

“Hey gee” He smiled as we lay there gazing at each other.

“Yes” I sighed happily as I just admired his beauty, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Though I also couldn’t breathe, I was just so nervous and scared that any second I will wake up from this dream, and frank won’t feel the same way.

“I’m going to go to sleep now, I’m so tired, and I think I...I have had enough excitement for the...” He stopped in mid-sentence as he yawned. “Night,” he finished then giggling quietly as his cheeks flushed pink. I smiled and moved a little closer to him, pecking him softly on the lips, which made him giggle again.

“I love you Frankie,” I whispered to him looking him straight in the eyes, trying to be more confident this time even though my nerves were over powering me. I want him to know that I’m here for him and give him love and comfort. He means so much to me and I have to make sure he knows that.

He smiled sheepishly and slipped his hand in mine, at that moment it felt like my insides had just turned out. I did not think one slight touch would affect me this much, even after that kiss we had.
He lifted his head up and gave me a quick smile.

“I love you too gee,” he said in the sweetest way possible, but also with that slight husky edge to his voice which I loved.

I rubbed my thumb gently up and down his hand, as our fingers wound together. I smiled at him before reaching over to turn the lamp off with my other hand, not wanting to let go of Frankie’s hand.

I turned back snuggling us both under the covers some more, and placed another kiss to his lips.
“Goodnight gee,” he whispered into my ear, not expecting him to be that close as I started to get shivers down my spine and making the hairs on my neck stand.

“Goodnight Frankie,” I replied, keeping hold of his hand as it was still entwined with mine. Frankie snuggled his head just under my chin and breathed out slowly, sending chills all through my body, if he only knew the things he did to me. I smiled to myself while my eyes were slowly fluttering closed.

This was perfect, Frankie was perfect. Well, I know that no one is perfect but boy, frank was very close indeed. Having Frankie, this close to me, and knowing that he loved me gave me butterflies in my belly. It was as if their wings were fluttering against my insides. It was an uncontrollable feeling, though I knew even if I had the control to stop it I never would.
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