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just another day at school, and Frankie has good news :)

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(Frank’s POV)

I woke up slowly due to the sun that was only just escaping out of the curtains, squinting a few times while the sun hit my eyes, I sat up, leaning my back on the headboard while yawning and stretching my arms.

I looked down to my side and saw a sleeping Gerard, cuddling into my side with his eyes closed and breathing in and out softly.
Everything from last night just came back to me, and as it did, a small smile tugged at my lips.
This is truly amazing, how can I be so lucky to get someone like Gee.
Knowing that Gerard and I are actually an item now just seems so untrue; I think it might take some time to sink in.

I slid back down facing Gerard, starting to run my hand gently down his arm.
He had his arms tucked under his head and was curled up in a ball, he looks so adorable like that, he’s so amazing, I’m so lucky to have someone care about me as much as Gee does.
Just then Gee fluttered his eyes open slightly, doing the same as what I did when I woke up. He then leant his head on his arm, gazing up at me.

“Morning Frankie,” he said while giving me a lopsided smile, I could tell he was still tired even if it was nearly 12 in the afternoon.

“Morning, did you sleep well?” I asked.

“Hmmm yep defiantly,” he said lazily coming closer to me and placing a soft kiss to my lips. I blushed a little coming away from the kiss, I think I am going to need to get used to this, if we kiss more frequent.

“Are you okay Frankie?" Gee questioned, wearing a concerned face. I could tell that he saw me blush.

“Umm yep,” I smiled; he gave me a questioning look.

“Come on Frankie, what’s wrong? Is it about last night?” He pushed looking worried.

“ it’s not, I’m really happy, this is all new and I suppose it just seems unreal that we’re t...together,” I smiled shyly, he looked up at me and giggled a little.

“Oh Frankie, you’re so cute you know that," he smiled while pulling me down under the covers and snuggling into me.

I smiled as he laced his fingers through my hair, pulling me closer into a deep kiss that I returned.
He slipped his tongue out, gliding it along my lip, licking against the metal of my lip ring asking for access.
I opened my mouth and Gee’s tongue entered, gliding his way around. Soon after my tongue joined in and collided with his, sliding against each other’s. I slipped my hand round his neck moving it towards his hair, while he started to move his hand up my side under my shirt, with his other on my hair.
The heated kiss got deeper as he started to move his way over me straddling my hips, and stating to lift up my shirt.

“Hmm... Gee I...” He interrupted me with another kiss to my lips, I broke the kiss looking up to his glossy hazel eyes, full of confusion and hurt. I bowed my head down as he climbed of me, sitting by my side looking at me with the same expression.

“Gee...I,” He cut me off again.

“I know...I’m sorry, I know I was being to forward, your just to irresistible Frankie,” He looked up at me smirking.

I giggled, “Don’t you think that your irresistible too Gee, it’s just, I want to saviour every moment, I don’t want to rush into things,” I explained, he took my hand and cleared his throat.

“I understand that Frankie, and I’ll wait for you when you’re ready, I promise,” He smiled at me as we Snuggle back into the covers; he leant over and placed a kiss to my jaw.

“I love you Frankie,” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers all through my body.

“I love you too,” I replied as we then settled back into sleep.

I ‘m not sure when we tell Donna and Mikey about us or whether we make this public when we do. This is all new to me and what if people think that it’s not right, because I live with him, and what if they think that we are related because of that, and call us incest, they would turn against us or think it’s wrong, how can love be wrong? I suppose we would have to figure this out when it comes.


We woke up about an hour ago, still in bed even though we weren’t tired, it just felt nice to lie in each other’s arms and not have to worry about the world around us.

“Hey Frankie do you want some coffee?”

“Sure, I’ll come with you,” I said as I jumped out of the bed towards him.
We took to the stairs lazily, and as soon as we reached the end, Gerard sluggishly walked towards the kitchen, where soon after I joined him.

“Morning mom,” Gee spoke to Donna with a drab tone.

“Morning?,” Donna mocked “What kind of time do you call this Gerard?” Donna asked while raising her eyebrows.

“Umm morning?” Gerard answered a little puzzled.

“No, it’s 2 in the afternoon,” Donna corrected, “You two are so lazy,” She said laughing, with us joining in after.


It’s Thursday morning now and Gerard, Mikey, and I are on our way to school, unfortunately we missed the bus so we had to walk, thus meaning that we are now late.
We all ran up to the school’s reception and signed in, I quickly pecked Gerard on the cheek to which he blushed after, it was a kind of risky thing to do, but luckily no one saw (Or at least I hope).
Mikey and I then left to go to our first lesson, maths. We and took our seats at the back.

“Alright class get your math’s books out and do pages 25 to 30,” Miss Brown announced, while we heard the entire students huff in annoyance. Not exactly what you want to do first thing in the morning.

“This is going to be so fun,” Mikey, said sarcastically while rolling his eyes.

“Yeah I can’t wait.”


We sat through our first periods Maths and History bored out of our skulls, thankfully, we had Music afterwards, and Mikey and I got to chill out in one of the music rooms and just make some tunes.

The day was somewhat boring, though lunch is just around the corner, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Gee and tell him the good news.

The bell had finally rung and I said my goodbyes to Mikey, as he left to catch up on his English in the library. I’m set on going straight to the music room, I ‘m so excited to see how Gerard’s art project has panned out.
I dashed around the corner and headed straight through the doors of the music room, it was so quiet it’s not normally like this on a Thursday. I then opened the door that Gee and I use.

"BOO!," I heard Gerard shout as he jumped right In front of me, nearly knocking me over while laughing hysterically.

“HEY!” I said as I playfully punched his arm “ That was not funny, you fucking scared the living daylights out of me,” I protested while trying to maintain a straight face.
Gee just looked at me for a second and then burst out with laugher once again, I couldn’t keep a straight face now, not when he was laughing in the cutest way ever.

We both then filled the large room with our laugher, hearing our giggles echo in the room.

“Sorry Frankie,” he said while pouting, “Will you forgive me?” he said giving me the best puppy dog eyes he could master, how could I not forgive him?

“Yes I forgive you, but you will have to make it up to me.”

“I can a sure you I will on that one,” he said with a smirk as he came up to me seductively, I had an idea.

He was so close to reaching my lips when I childishly tickled him under his shirt, and anywhere I knew he was most ticklish.

“Frankie...S..Stop it...please,” he said in between laughs, which just made me laugh even more.

“Nope,” I replied cheekily, just then he managed to get out of my grip and started tickling me.

”Oh no.”

“Oh yes,” he smiled “It’s your turn now,” he said while I giggled nonstop. Until we both fell, with me landing on top of him awkwardly on his crotch.

"Ouch," I heard him yelp.

“Shit sorry Gee,” I said as I awkwardly got off of him and brushed away the invisible dust off my shoulders. We stood there for a while in silence until I couldn’t help it and burst out laughing.

“Stop laughing Frankie,” he said as we calmed our laughter.

“Sorry, I think we should make it up to each other later,” I said before kissing him on the lips.

“I’ll agree to that,” he laughed.

“Hey Gee guess what,” I said excitedly.


“I made a new friend,” I said in a childish way, I bet I looked like a little kid on Christmas day, excitingly thinking about all the present I would get, well I’m kind of like that still but I don’t care.

“Really that’s so cool, I’m happy that you have found a friend other than mikey,” he said as he gave me hug, any other person would not care but for me, it is hard to make friends.

“Hey, you should invite him to dinner tonight, I know mom would love to have some company,” Gee suggested.

“And his parents as well?"

“Yeah,” Gee said.



We talked all the way through lunch and I tried to teach Gee how to at least play one note on guitar, but he failed, miserably. However, it was cute watching him.
We then got our lunch and made our way towards the art rooms, so I could see Gerard’s project he has been working extremely hard on the last three days. It was amazing I wish I were as good as him.

We all made our way home now and we actually made it in time for the bus, Gerard had called Donna about having my friend round and she was more than happy about him coming.
She said that she was going to make her ‘special’ spaghetti bolognaise, I can’t wait.
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