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So Gerard meets Mikey's and Frank's friend, and Frank meets some people he wish he never did. pleaseeee rate and review, i need to know what you think

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(Frank’s POV)

Gerard, Mikey, and I came through the door and rushed upstairs, after kissing Donna on the cheek and saying our hellos.

We all desperately needed to tidy our rooms, if he and his parents were coming for dinner this soon. I mean having an untidy room is all right, but now it was getting beyond a joke.
Therefor, Gerard and I started on our room while Mikey did his, Gerard had a lot more drawings and clothes in our room then Mikey did, because he always rushed around and never seemed to have time to keep on top of it.

When we finally tidied up, we all clamped on Mikey’s bed, chilling out while listening to Black flag.
Mikey was the first one to strike a conversation.

“So, what time did you say he was coming Frankie?” he said while facing me.

“Umm, I think his parents said that they would be round for about six,” I told him.

“Oh cool can’t wait; he can play some wicked tunes on the guitar,” Mikey said while beaming with happiness. Mikey also didn’t have much look making friends in school, and to be honest, neither did Gerard. So this could be great for all of us.

“Hey, so guys, you haven’t told me anything about this guy, I don’t even know his name,” Gerard questioned, as he leaned into both of us awaiting an answer.

“Oh yeah sorry, umm his name is ray Toro and he is...” Gerard interrupted me.

“Oh yeah, I know him. He’s the walking tree that sometimes goes to art,” he said, then sniggering after, earning a few laughs from Mikey and I, because it was so true, he was like a walking tree.

“So, you know him them?” I asked him.

“Yeah, kind of.”

“Well that’s cool, he is really nice, and he plays guitar and is a genius with video games. So we should get along,” I said smiling.

“Cool, so when did you meet him?”

“Well, me and Frankie met him on Monday in Science, when we had to work in a group of three,” Mikey said.

“That’s cool, I can’t wait to meet him, he seems like a cool guy,” Gee said smiling.

“He is, I was going to tell you on Monday, but you were so busy with your art project and I didn’t...”

“Hey Frankie its fine, I’m just happy that you both made friends hopefully we will all get on.”

“I’m just going to go to the loo, be back in a minute,” Mikey said as he made his way out to the door.

“Yeah, we didn’t really need to know that,” Gee pointed out with a grin on his face.

“Yeah yeah,” Mikey replied and punched Gerard on the arm playfully.

“Hey bro make us some coffee too,” Gee, shouted down to him as he was making his way down the stairs, he huffed then replied a yes.

“Hey Gee do you t...” Before I could finish my sentence his lips were attached to mine, moving slowly in time with mine, every time he kissed me, sparks would fly, and if we didn’t have to break the kiss for breath, I would kiss him all day. Though Mikey would be coming up any second, so I knew, we had to stop soon.

“Sorry Frankie, I just couldn’t wait any longer to kiss you,” he said smirking at me.

“Don’t say sorry, and I didn’t ask you to stop,” I said, and then I drew him closer by the collar and kissed him passionately on the lips. I know I shouldn’t have, but that kiss he gave me was so good, I craved more.

“You’re getting good at this Frankie,” he muffled in between the kiss as I just giggled softly.
He wrapped his arms around my neck and I placed mine on his waist, caressing the soft skin beneath his shirt.

“Hey guys here is...what the fuck,” I heard mikey gasp as he stood in front of the door with his mouth agape, Gerard swung himself round to face Mikey’s stare while I just sat there in complete embarrassment, as I could feel my cheeks burning, I knew I was definitely blushing now.

It was quiet for a while as we just exchanged shocked stares, though mine was more faced to my hands, while I just fiddled with my thumbs, I don’t know why I felt so bad, I knew Mikey would accept us .

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that, I was just shocked,” Mikey said calmly, while placing the coffees on the side and facing us on the bed.

“It’s okay Mikey,” Gerard replied.

“I am actually, shocked in a good way, you make a good couple,” Mikey said smiling.

Gerard laughed a little. “Thanks bro,” he smiled.

“I mean, it’s about time,” Mikey continued.

“What do you mean?” I asked, slightly confused.

“Isn’t it obvious, Gerard has been crushing on you for...”Gerard cut him off by bringing his hand over his mouth.

“Mikey I think the coffees are getting a little cold now.” Gerard quickly spat out. “Don’t you think?”

“Urmm, well...” Gerard interrupted again.

“Maybe you should make us another one yeah, okay bye,” he said while shoving him out the door, and closing it shut.

Gerard looked over at me and smiled shyly; I smiled back and patted the space next to me on the bed.
He walked over to me and sat there.

“So,” I smiled. “You’ve had a crush on me then,” I said, not able to wipe the grin off my face.

“Well, yeah,” he blushed. “I know it’s kind of pansyfied and all but...” I cut him off with a kiss to his lips.

“I don’t think so,” I smiled.


(Gerard’s POV)

So, Ray and his parents are now here and we were all having dinner at the table, I was somewhat nervous to begin with, because I didn’t know what to expect from his parents, but it turned out that they are just as awesome as Ray.

Once we finished our dinner, all four of use excused our self from the table, leaving Ray’s parents and mine and Mikey’s mom, to talk amongst them self.

We all ran straight to my room, because it was the biggest and plus I think it is more comfortable anyway.

“Ray, your parents are the best,” Mikey started.

“Well, I trained them well,” he laughed. “And anyway, your mom is awesome, her spaghetti bolognaise was delicious,”

“Thanks,” I replied. “So, we know you play guitar...”

“Yeah he is awesome Gerard, hey Ray, why don’t you play for us,” Mikey asked.

“Urmm if you want,” he smiled.

“Yeah you should Ray, mush it in Gerard’s face, it’s the best game ever, I call it ‘mush it in Gerard’s face’ you should really try it,” Frank joked, while giggling, as the others joined in.

“Wow frank, I love your imagination,” Mikey said sarcasticly with a bit too much enthusiasm, making is all laugh.

“So, you can’t play the guitar then?” Ray questioned, as if not already knowing the answer.

“Well,” I said thoughtfully, as Mikey and Frankie just sat their raising their eyebrows. “No,” I said pouting, as they all laughed. “Hey, no need to pick on me,” I said, while they laughed once more.

“Okay, I will play a little then, ‘mush it in Gerard’s face’ seem like a very fun game,” Ray smiled.

We sat their listening to Ray play his guitar, and soon after Mikey and Frank played theirs.
Ray was shredding on his guitar like mad, he was amazing, he maybe needed a few tweaks looking at here and there, but who was I to judge I can’t play an instrument what so ever. On the other hand, I was able to show off my drawing skills, so that was cool.

“Hey Ray, you fancy playing a bit of guitar hero?” Frank asked.

“Sure,” he said while getting up off the sofa stretching. “Let’s do this.”

“You up for it too Gee? Or are you too scared that you might lose,” Franks smirked, putting on a sad face.

“Oh, you’re on,” I said picking up the guitar.

“Okay, there are only two guitars, so Frank and Gerard can team and me and Ray can,” Mikey said.

“Okay then,” I replied. “And the losers, have to...walk on the street wearing tutus,” I laughed.

“And where are you going to get the tutus from?” Mikey questioned, lifting an eyebrow up. “Is there something you’re not telling us Gerard?”

“No, you will buy them.”

“And what makes you think you two, will win anyway,” Mikey said with his hand on his hip.

“Because we are awesome, isn’t it obvious,” Frank blurted out, wailing his hands out in the air.

“Ok, we will see about that then,” Ray says.

We played Guitar Hero and me and Frank won, as if it wasn’t obvious, we are the champions of guitar hero. Although I can’t play a real guitar I am wicked at Guitar Hero, even If I say so myself.

“No!” Mikey shouts defeated, with his arms waling in the air.

“Haha, we are the winners,” Frank said, as we both laughed in their faces.

“That is fixed,” Ray protests.

“No, we are winners, your just sore losers, now go to the shop and walk around in little tutus, like little fairy’s you are,” Frank jokes, while sticking his tongue out.

Mikey huffed “Fine.”

Frank and I watched, as Ray and Mikey bought the tutus from the local shop around the corner, and walked around the streets in their tutus.
Frank and I doubled over with laughter, we couldn’t control our self’s it was too funny, we even took pictures and made sure to keep them for good use later.


Ray and his parents had now left, and the three of use decided to watch some movie on TV. Friday was just around the corner, and I had planned to ask Frank out on a date, I haven’t asked him yet though, I don’t know if he would be comfortable going out as a couple in public, but it was worth a shot.

“Today was fun,” Frank said looking at me.

“Yeah it was, definitely when Mikey and Ray wore those tutus,” We laughed.

“Hey, I am here you know,” Mikey yelled playfully. “And for the 4th time, shut up about that, you have already taken proof.”

“Oh yes,” Frank giggled. “And don’t you forget that.”

My mom walked in the room and sat by us on the sofa, “You know that Ray is a nice boy, very talented also,” She said pleased.

“How do you know?” I said.

“Come on Gerard, the shredding upstairs, I have never heard anyone rock that hard on a guitar,” She laughed.

“Very true.”

“Well it was a nice evening, and the Toro’s are welcome here anytime.”

“Thanks Donna,” Frank said happy with Donnas reaction.

“Anyway boys, it’s 11 now, so I am off to bed, and I think you guys should do the same.”

“Oh but mom, the film is half way through, and it is really good and...”She cut him off.

“Fine, but as soon as it’s finished you go upstairs, lights out ok,”

“We aren’t little kids you know,” Mikey replied.

“Well, I just hate to see you growing up so fast, and I want you to get your sleep,” She said and gave us a kiss on the head, and headed upstairs.

We both said good night and carried on watching the film, it was an action film and started off really good, but then it got really boring, so we decided to go up to bed.

(Frank’s POV)

“Urmm, Mikey,” I called after him before he reached his room.

“You know about me and Gerard being together?” I said nervously.


“Well, how do we tell Donna, because I’m kind of nervous to tell her,” I asked.

“Frankie, don’t worry, I’m not bothered about you two being a couple, I think it’s good for you both and I’m really happy for you, and Donna will be the same, I can assure you that, ok,” he said reassuring.

“Ok,” I nodded.

“Don’t worry, she knows how much Gerard has missed you ever since you left, so she will understand, plus you will have Gerard to tell her with you”

“Yeah your right, I’m being stupid,”

“No you’re not Frankie, I know how hard you have had it, and I know you’re used to getting rejected but you will not be here,” he said smiling at me and giving me a hug. “Good night Frankie.”


I went to Gerard’s room and mine and plonked myself on the bed looking up at Gerard.

“Had a good day?” he said, as he plonked himself beside me on the bed.

“Yeah, it was a brilliant day, I’m so glad things are looking up,” I smiled at him.

“Yeah me to,” he said as he entwined our fingers together.
He leaned forward until his lips were touching mine; I moved my lips slipping my tongue in, tasting a mixture of cherry and his own taste.

He moved his hand round to cup my neck, pulling me closer to the kiss; he then started to drag his other hand down my chest amorously, sending tingles over my skin, with his every touch.

I kissed him with more passion as he returned it by biting and tugging at my lip ring playfully, enjoying the kiss more, he nibbled my jaw and kissed his way down my neck, I leaned my head back moving into the touch and giving him better access. While I heard faint moans coming from him, which I also returned.

“Good night Frankie, I love you,” he said giving me a final kiss on my lips.

“I love you too,” I said as I curled myself into his chest, and slowly fell asleep.


I suddenly woke up to the sound of, ‘today’ from the smashing pumpkins on my phone and realised it was only 12 o’clock, there was no caller ID, I hesitated to answer it, but I did anyway. I drew the phone to my ear and said a groggy hello.

“Hi frank, do you remember me.” A familiar yet distant voice, spoke harshly down the phone.

“W...W...What, who are you?”

“Don’t play games with me Frank, you know who I am and I know where you live, you think you could get away from me that easy,” he laughed. “Well... you are terribly mistaken.” That was his final word, until the line went dead.

I know that voice, that laugh, but how did he have have my number? how does he know where I live? I thought I would be safe.

I need to get away, I need to hide, and if I stay here I could risk Donna, Mikey and a...and... Gee in danger, I could never do that, though I know what he is like, he doesn’t stop until he has succeeded, and staying here is dangerous. I have no choice but to leave, or at least just run away for a while until he is far away from here, I don’t even know what to do; I need to just leave here for a bit, clear my head, even if it is 12 o’clock in the morning.

I pulled on some jeans, an old black t-shirt and a jacket, I decided to go out the window, as it was the only option, luckily, Gerard has some weird rope in his bedroom that he uses when he is stressed out and needs a walk, so I used that to sail myself down.
I crept down quietly and made my way around the garden, to the gate, and sneakily jumped over the gate being as quite as possible. As soon as I was out of the houses sight, I walked normally down the street heading for the park Gerard had taken me to.

I didn’t even know why I was doing this, it’s more dangerous coming outside this dark at 12 in the morning, but it’s these things that get me by, and if I was sleeping on the streets for a week when I left home, I think I can handle this.

As I was on my way to the park, I could hear faint foot steps behind me, maybe just a couple of feet away, though I can still hear them. I could feel a slight shiver creep over me, I looked behind me, which was probably a bad idea, though as I did, I could see two large men , who looked to be in their late 30’s and were very large built. I decided to walk a little faster, then I heard their footsteps getting louder and quicker, and I found myself running for my life.

Maybe that trip to the park wasn’t such a good idea.
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