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"Nothing was going to work, there was no way I was getting out of this." pleaseee R&R it would really mean a lot :)

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A/N: Sorry it took soo long, i had the joys of doing my Romeo and Juliet coursework, so exciting....not. Anyway the chapter is here ummmm will this make up for the wait well...........

I knew I couldn’t out run them, but I wasn’t going to just give up. As I was running away from them I felt two large hands grab my shoulders, as I looked over my shoulder I saw a big bulky man with a scar starting from his ear to his lip, he gave me a cruel grin then slung me over his shoulder.
The other man followed in suit as the man carrying me took me to a dark alley way. I was struggling to get free from his tight grip but it was no use, I yelled ,clawed ,bit but nothing was going to work, there was no way I was getting out of this. They were excessively strong I had no chance.

“Let me go, please,” I pleaded, While still on the man’s shoulders. He then threw me down making my back hit the wall harshly.

“You fucking wish,” he spat. He seemed to be the leader of the two, as the other man wasn’t as big but a lot scruffier.

I kneeled down to the floor, resting my head on the wall as they looked down at me disgusted. The largest of the two bent down and grabbed me by my collar, and brought me back up to my feet. He pinned me against the wall smashing his weight against mine, I kept my head down not wanting to meet his gaze, though it was too late when he took my face in his hands and moved my head to look at him, I hesitated to look, but I had no choice.

“Why are you doing this? Just let me go,” I managed to blurt out. Though wishing I never did.

“Who the fuck asked you to speak,” the scruffier man said, now starting to walk closer to me.

“We were bored you prick, and we chose you to play with,” the man who was pinning me down answered.

“Looks like you were out at the wrong time and the wrong place,” the man behind spoke again with the same vicious tone.

“Now you will just have to pay,” the man chuckled. I could see the anger in his eyes rage as he took me by the throat. I began to tense waiting for the blow.

He pulled his fist back and I closed my eyes, his fist pounded into my face hard knocking my balance slightly, and then he lifted me back up to repeat it.

“Please stop, please,” I begged. Though their grin on their faces grew wider as he began to punch me harder, he slammed his fist in my gut and I felt like I was about to be sick. I managed to keep it in somehow. He punched me harder and I screamed in pain as I fell to the floor.

“Shut the fuck up!” he said. After he kicked my side and spat at me.

The both of them kicked me while I lay on the ground, keeping the screams in and trying to make the pain go away the best I could. I felt like I was back home with Steve, it was that bad.

My head was bleeding from the constant bashing on the wall, my face was now bleeding too with a few fresh cuts and probably some bruises that would form later. I was a mess, I knew if I tried to stand that I would just fall again, I was unstable and weak; and nothing I could do.

They had stopped then, I was hoping they were going to go, but my luck soon faded as he grabbed me by the neck and slammed me against the wall again. I kept falling down and he kept kicking me harder, I couldn’t take much more of this it was too much. The scruffier man took my hair and waked my head against the wall, making me look at them through my one eye. As my other was now closing due to the black eye they had gave me.

“Ahhh,” I screamed in agony, regretting it straight away.

“You better shut up you little twat,” The larger man growled. Then pulling something out of his pocket. “Now let me give you a little something you can remember me by,” he grinned.

He took out a little pocket knife, and ran his finger across the blade watching his finger bleed gesturing me to lick it. I pulled my face back and pleaded again but he wasn’t taking any of it and stuck it in my mouth. He then turned to me and placed the blade against my cheek. He gently dragged the blade down my cheek, and then took it away as if deciding where to aim it.

“You know what, I was going to be easy on you, but because of how cheeky you have been to me I’m afraid I can’t be anymore,” he explained while looking at me with big eyes.
I knew something bad was coming for me now, and there was no way to stop it, I can’t believe I was so stupid to come out this late in the dark. I could be snuggled up to Gerard now safe and asleep, not in this situation. Life or death and I think I know what it’s going to be.

“Please don’t, just let me go I won’t call the police I...” I was begging now but he cut me off before I could say anything else.

“You won’t be able to call the police,” he grinned and drew the knife back, I braced myself and closed my eyes. All I could do was wish now that someone would come and find me, maybe Gerard knows that I’m missing, maybe the police are around. Man who am I kidding, it’s too late now I’m going to die, and there is nothing I can do or anyone about that.

I dropped my head down as my tears streamed down my face, I considered kicking and screaming to see if anyone would hear me but that would just make it worst. This was a nightmare and this time I don’t think I was going to get out of it.

He took the knife in his hands and stuck it deep down into my stomach, I screamed loud as all my body went limp. I fall to the floor while I could see the two men running away. I cried for help for anyone but no one was around, I was too weak to stand up never mind walk. This is all my fault if I just stayed at home with Gerard this would have never happened.

I stayed there crying my eyes out until they were bloodshot and sour, I started choking up blood and I began to feel even more worse. The bleeding wasn’t stopping and if I was going to live, I would need to get help , though I don’t think I even want to live anymore, I love Gerard but there is no way I could suffer through this.

I had just remembered that I have brought my phone with me, how could I have forgotten. I searched my pockets and finally came across it, I took it out and flipped it open. I saw that I had 10 missed calls from Gerard. I tried calling back but my head was thumping and everything was going dizzy. I didn’t have the strength to keep my eyes open, and the grip on my phone had gone and had slipped onto the ground. I felt my eyelids getting heavy and my eyes closing, this was it, this is really the end for me.

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