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A/N: hey guys can i just say... thank you soo fucking much for the reviewss XD it has totally made my day :)sooo thank you for that. Enjoy this chapter....if you can XD

(Frank’s POV)

“Frankie...Frankie...wake up, Frankie,” I faintly heard someone say, they sounded a lot like Gerard. I fully opened my eyes and came across a blurry figure.

“G...Gerard?,” I questioned rubbing my eyes seeing a clearer Gerard looking down at me.

“Frank,” he cheered, coming down and giving me a massive hug.


“Oh sorry Frankie, I’m just so glad you’re awake,” he smiled.

That’s when it hit me, I’m awake I actually made it, I thought I was dead and now I’m here, I am alive in... Wait where am I?

“Urmm Gerard where am I?”

“You’re in hospital Frankie, you have lost loads of blood,” he spoke softly.

“Oh, what happened?” I questioned, just thinking of how horrible I must look and how bad I must have looked last night.

“Well, last night I realised you weren’t beside me, so I looked in the house for you and you weren’t there, so I got really worried. I called you a bunch of times but you didn’t answer,” he said looking down to his hands twiddling with his thumbs. “The next thing we did was look for you and we saw you on the floor bleeding like hell, it was horrible,” he said looking up at me.

“I...I’m sorry you had to see me like that Gerard I...” he cut me off.

“No Frankie, you don’t need to say sorry, it wasn’t your fault.”

“I know, but I was stupid to go out in the dark,” I said mentally slapping myself for ending in this situation.

“Well, what happened Frankie?” he said with a puzzled face taking my hand in his.

I told him everything from the phone call to where the men stabbed me, he looked as if he was about to cry, and then he looked really angry. It was a mix of hatred and sympathy.
I felt so bad for doing this, how could I have been so stupid, and seeing Gerard’s face just made it even worst.

“I can’t believe that Frankie Wh...what sick bastards, I hope they get what they deserve,” he said before giving me a soft comfy hug and a kiss to my shoulder. “Don’t ever do that to me again, ok?”

“I Will never do that again, I promise,” I said and gave him another hug, it felt so great to be back in his arms, it was cosy and warm as I melted into it.


“Yes?” he answered as he pulled away to look at me.

“Am I going to live?”

“Frankie don’t say that, of course you will, the doctors will make sure of that.”

“I hope so Gee, I really don’t want to lose you,” I spoke softly to him, leaning my head into his shoulder for comfort, while he cupped the back of my head and stroked my hair gently.

“That will never happen Frankie, I will always be with you,” he said lifting my head up to meet his gaze.


“Well unless you go chasing me with a hammer and try to murder me or some...”

“Yeah yeah cocky, I get it,” I laughed at him while punching him on his shoulder playfully.

“Well it’s true, I won’t be happy if you do that,” he joked. “But I’m being serious, I love you Frankie and I will always stay with you, until my last breath,” he said while starting to lean into me. I brought my hand round to his neck, cupping his neck and inching further in as he cupped my face and brought are lips together, fitting together perfectly like a jigsaw. He placed his hand on my chest gently starting to glide his hand down.

Just then Donna came into the room, she didn’t seem as shocked as I thought. I immediately pulled away from Gerard and he turned around to see who I was looking at.

I pulled him by my side and quickly whispered in his ear.”Urhh Gerard, does your family have a thing about entering in at the wrong time?”

He replied with a slight nervous laugh. He then quickly stood up beginning to talk.

“Umm look mom I wanted to tell you but...”

“Oh Gerard.” She sighed. “I already knew,” She smiled.

“You did?” I shouted, completely in shock.

She laughed again before she spoke. “Of course I did, I knew that something was up from the stares you gave each other. I mean come on I am your mom Gerard, I know things. Anyway I’m really happy for you both,” She smiled. “I’ll leave you guys to it, I can see that frank is okay,” And with that she was gone.

Gerard and I were just gob smacked, how she knew all along and didn’t say anything was beyond me.

“Well that’s a surprise,” Gerard smiled at me.

“Yeah, but I’m glad she knows, at least we haven’t had to tell her,” I replied with a smile, finishing the kiss we started.

(Gerard’s POV)

So, Frank had stayed in the hospital two nights so far, the doctors said he will have to stay for a week or more due to his injuries.

I’m so lucky he is still alive, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have him. From now on I am making sure to lock all the doors and windows and hide the key. There is no way I could have him running away like that. I am pretty sure he won’t, but I just want to make sure he defiantly won’t, just for a while at least.

I had stayed the two nights, just sleeping on the chair beside Frankie’s bed. I wasn’t very comfortable at all, my back is aching still from last night, but I just wanted to be with Frankie. Though he insisted that I go home and get some proper sleep in my bed, so I don’t get all crippled and end up in hospital as well.

So I agreed, though I really wanted to be with Frankie, I wanted to be able to cuddle him in bed. Though I suppose it’s for the best and he will be out soon.


It was the day to collect Frankie from the hospital, and I have been looking forward to this all week. Things haven’t been the same without frank around, even though I have been to see him every day after school, we have all missed his cute and childish ways.

We all got ready and I had brought Frankie some really nice red roses, they smelt so nice I hope he likes them. Mom had baked him some cookies, and for some reason mikey made sure to get him some grape. I think he has been watching too many films.

When we got to the hospital and reached Frankie’s room, I was the first to enter, I couldn’t wait any longer to see his healthier form and beautiful fresh face.

However, what I saw was not what I expected.
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